Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Picture Is Worth

Rusty:  Well, yesterday we were going to write a proper post for today, but life happened and now Jan is hopping mad!

Marcus:  Hopping mad?  I haven't seen her hopping.  Creaking and groaning in this too-cold weather, yes, but not hopping.

Sam:  That's just an expression, Marcus.  It means Jan is very upset about something.  She's not actually jumping up and down, red-faced and shouting swear words.

Marcus:  She's not hopping mad because I ripped a hole in the brand new mattress for my crate and pulled out the stuffing while she was gone yesterday, is she? 

Cameron:  Let's just say you are lucky she has something else to concentrate on.  She is very unhappy with you.

Marcus:  So what is she hopping mad about?

Percy:  After she started the computer and downloaded email yesterday, she left the room, came back and our DSL modem was dead.  She did everything to revive it but it had lilies growing out of its chest.  It was that dead!

Marcus:  Why would she be hopping because the modem died.  It wasn't faking, was it?  I mean, when it's your time, it's your time, whether you're a lamp or a modem.

Micah:  Jan knows things die all the time.  Usually when you need them the most, but she's not hopping mad because it died.

Merci:  Ordinarily she would have to order a new modem and wait for it to arrive so we could get back online, but, fortunately, she had a reconditioned backup available.  This one didn't have a software CD with it, so Jan was relieved she wouldn't have to install our Internet Service Provider's (ISP which shall remain nameless for the moment) software like she did in 2005.  It caused her a bunch of problems and she uninstalled it many years ago.

Marcus:  I still don't see what the problem is.  It sounds like everything worked out well.

Buddy:  Jan started to install the modem and decided to call tech support to walk her through it since she didn't have any instructions.  She reached a nice lady who told her that although our ISP  COULD set us up without their software, they won't unless the software won't install.  So Jan was forced to download their software from the internet.

Marcus:  I still don't see the problem.

Cyndi:  It opened IE.  Jan never uses IE, only Firefox and then not only did the software not install, it sent the computer into toxic shock and it went black, gray, had flashing icons in the tray, opened Firefox and Thunderbird, tried to get Jan to take her av bar off IE, etc., etc., etc.

Marcus:  So what happened then?

Percy:  The lady said, "It's locked up your computer.  You're going to have to do a hard shutdown."  (Translation - crash!)   There were problems getting it back up again since it didn't shut down properly.

Buddy:  And after it was up, the lady cheerfully said, "This has never happened before."  Really?  So why do they only do set up from their end when the software won't install?  You guessed it.  She finished the setup (without the software) while Jan checked to be sure the ISP's software was NOT installed on the computer.

Rusty:  Jan is hopping mad because she went through their software problems in 2005 with a different computer.  How up to date is their technology and why do they try to force their software onto customers' computers when it isn't necessary and can wreak such havoc?

Buddy:  Jan won't let us repeat what she said she'd like to do to our ISP for this needless terrifying experience.  But she did say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Note:  Earl and his human mom were featured in Dog's Monthly magazine in May and thus are 1 of 12 entries in the Best Friend contest regarding their special bond and story.  We all know how strong the bond is between a dog and his human.  If you would, please stop by and read his short post and vote for Earl and his human.  All it takes is a one-time short email.  The information is there.  The prize is a 6 month supply of dog food, which he will donate to a dog rescue.  His blog is Earl's World.  (He doesn't know we are adding this to our post, but we think it would be wonderful if he won.)


  1. So sorry Jan. Hope things run more smoothly today.

  2. Jan has had some truly unfortunate bad luck with all things computers.

  3. Mom would be jumping mad
    Lily & Edward

  4. We went over to vote for Earl. Hope those computer issues are solved


    PS our beans had Border Terriers before us cats came along.

  5. yep sometimes there is hopping mad and sometimes there is really hopping mad...neither is a pretty picture at our house.
    stella rose

  6. Computer frustrations are the worst things humans can have. Almost.

  7. We have had lots of mechanical mishaps in our house lately. Must be a full moon or something.

    Hope things look up soon.

  8. OMD OMD OMD THAT mess would have had OUR mom in TEARS and SCREAMING HBO Words... Poor Jan... Please cut her some SLACK... she Needs it right now... Just sayin.

  9. We're sorry for Jan ! Mum would have been crazy and yelling lots of HBO words ! We hope the problem can be solved as easily as possible ! Purrs

  10. Seriously?!?! How much bad computer luck can one funny farmer take? Good grief! We bought a new modem a few months back after spending 3 hours on the phone with tech support only to be told, "Oh this one won't work." GRRRR!

  11. Poor Jan....maybe you should just give her an extra snuggle or two tonight...
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  12. Oh dear! Sounds like the computer gremlins are out to get you!

    Noodle and crew

  13. UGH!! More computer nonsense!! No fun!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  14. Sometimes these confusers are so furry bmaddening...not to mention the other junk thta is supposed to make them funtion better...what , better? oops...more like make them unfunctional.

    Sorry you are going through all these frazzling trials.

  15. There is not much else more frustrating than a computer. I hope yours behaves better for you.

  16. We think it would be wonderful if Earl won too. We will go vote for him.

    sorry your computer is giving you fits, the same thing happened to our Grandparents and for them it is really scary because Grandpa is hard of hearing and has a special phone that needs the computer and an Internet Connection to work. But the ISP's software causes problems with it.

    Happy Birthday Buddy!!!!!!!!

  17. I'm assumin' that the words used were a little stronger than, MOUSES!, huh? Hmmm... MOUSES!


    PS. Buddy, is today your big day? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! purrs

  18. Yikes! We sure hope today is much, much better day for Jan, and we hope that Buddy has a wonderful birthday!

  19. Ugh. We can understand why poor Jan is hopping mad. We would be, too! Paws crossed that things get resolved...

    We'll go vote for Earl now.

    P.S. Happy birthday, Buddy!

  20. That's the kind of thing that would make The Staff spit tacks!! Me? Not so much!! Here's hoping everything is sorted and working smoothly again!!

  21. Meowser, Jan has had a lot of troubles with the tippy tap masheen lately. We hopes it is all fixed now!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

    Pee Ess: Mom bean says she won't use IE either, but uses Chrome instead. Not that she really unnerstands it, but that's what the bean brofur recommended and he knows tippy tap masheens.

  22. I am a new visitor and found you through the Pet Parade. Come visit me on

  23. Oh how horribly frustrating & stressful! And I don't see any new posts this week, so I'm worried! I hope Jan is taking a much needed break, not that the computer melted away completely. Hoping you all have a nice relaxing weekend and leave the stuffing inside your mattresses from now on. ~Rascal and Rocco

  24. Oh Hissssss.
    That sounds like one weird ISP you have there. Dad is thinking of changing so hope that never happens so us. We refuse any kind of bloat-ware.

  25. Crikey ...... poor Jan ..... when my Mum has those sorts of problems steam comes out her ears. I'm heading over to vote for Earl!!


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