Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tiki Noms

Cyndi:  We are finally able to start this post and all our paws are crossed that nothing else happens, computer or weather-wise, to delay it again.


Micah:  Here I am cleaning up the last of my breakfast.  Mmm, mmmm good.

Rusty:  It's tuna and crab. This is what it looked like before Jan spooned it into our bowls. 


Percy:  It's good.  I'm licking up the last of my portion. 

Cameron:  We're taste testing Tiki Cat.  They have a nice variety of flavors to choose from.  For example, there is Tuna on rice with talapia.  It's 5% rice.  What is talapia, you ask?  (We didn't know either.)  It's freshwater fish from the cichlid family. We're glad we're not from that family since we would forget how to spell our name.

Rusty:  Do you need some help eating your portion, Cameron?

Cameron:  No!

Rusty:  This is what sardine cutlets look like. They were good too.

Micah:   According to the company, Tiki Cat Premium Food formulas are made with the highest quality human-grade, all natural ingredients and do not contain any compromised inferior nutrition sources.

Made without  Corn, Wheat or Soy.  Gluten Free. Limited Ingredient Diet.  Low Glycemic.  Grain-Free. Commonly recommended for cats with UTI, CRF, IBS, or diabetes.  Can be fed on its own or used to add hydration and protein to kibble.

Cyndi:  Move the camera, Jan, I'm eating!


Rusty:  I've been cleaning my bowl for each flavor we've tried.  So have the others.

Cameron:  We're glad we got to taste test Tiki Cat. Jan should feed us like this every day.  

Percy:  Chewy.com provided us with the Tiki Cat.  We were not paid for this review, nor influenced in what we posted.


  1. Are you sure ya dint get tricked inta eatin some noodles?

  2. Me too wonder if you wasn´t tricked to eat noodles *mol*


  3. We're reading good things about this Tiki Cat food. We're not sure it's in our area in Canada yet, but our human will keep her eyes open for it!

  4. Great job, kitties! Is it dog proof?! BOL!!!

  5. That sure looks like some nice bowls of yum!

  6. Oh man! That looks homemade
    Lily & Edward

  7. Me and Stanley want to try out some cat food. It looks pretty good to us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Mom has been wanting to try us on that brand. It looks tasty!

  9. OMC! Pipo is drooling! That's hatd to do...make him drool that is, MOL!
    Minko gave it a sniff...and mewed maybe...he eats with the pickiest ap-purr-tite. Maybe he would eat that food, got to try & find some.

    (Thanks fur the emails, meowmy hasn't had a chance to answer her regular emails since us furs keep her out of there, mostly...plus all the pre-holiday preps...)

  10. OMC Dat looks delishus. Weez gotta twy dat fur owselves. And weez gotta figger out how to get in wiff Chewy. Da blogospere is full of kitties dat get sum gweat stuffs fwum them. So glad yous liked it.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  11. Efuryone is talking about Tiki. Mommy has no green papers left for me to try this. Actually, there is no green papers for some of her medicines either. She says it's doughnut hole time. I though she didn't eat them. How do I get the Chewy peoples to send me some to try?

  12. guys...tiki cat iz good food ....we getted a couple oh cans a few bak frum de dood in red!! N any time ya haza wee questhsunz bout fish....ya noe who two tern two !!

  13. Crikey that sure looks good. I love sardines!! I wouldn't mind having a go at that sardine cutlet one. What happens if a dog eats cat food?? Would I be able to climb trees like you blokes??

    Hey ...... it seems to be working. I can comment. Ive done nothing to change anything so I don't know how it's working but it is, aye??

  14. Yum-m-m!

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    Noodle and crew

  15. I'm glad the kitties got to taste that yummy food!!! I have never heard of them before!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  16. We're sampling our Tiki Cat foods this week and we love them. We had a little different variety, but even Brulee is cleaning her plate!


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