Monday, November 10, 2014

A Thief and Pig

Rusty:  Marcus is in big time trouble!  He was busted stealing our breakfast Sunday. 

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Buddy:  For once it isn't me that's in trouble over food. 

Sam:  Or me.  Jan is a bit upset with me for tossing the big water bowl around and soaking the wood floor and carpet just as she was leaving for church yesterday, but that was an accident.  My tag caught the underside of the bowl and it scared me when I tried to walk away.

Cameron:  So that's who made the wet mess in the living room.  Glad I missed that.

Merci:  At least you missed the heater.  You'd be wearing the Guilty Hat too if you had doused the pilot light after Jan finally turned on the heat.

Marcus:  Hey, why do I get blamed for everything?  How do you know it wasn't Merci who ate your food, guys?

Cyndi:  Don't try to shift the blame.  Merci is too short to reach the table.  And Jan caught you red-pawed!

Marcus:  It wasn't me.  It must have been my doppelgänger. 

Micah:  You don't have a dapple hanger or whatever you said.  You're so bad none would want to be associated with you. 

Percy:  Tell the truth, Marcus.  Jan mixes our canned food and goodies all in one bowl.  She hit the wrong buttons on the microwave and boiled the water she was going to add.  While it cooled, she left the room for a minute to find something and when she returned your front paws were on the table and you were licking your chops.

Rusty:  Our bowl of our food was empty.  You ate your own breakfast and the breakfast of 5 cats. 

Cameron:  I was on top of the fridge, so I'm a witness.  You're a thief and a pig, Marcus! You deserve to wear the Guilty Hat of shame. 

Buddy:  *drops a paw on Marcus' shoulder*  Marcus, Sam and I have taught you well.  But don't ever forget you can steal food anywhere and anytime ... unless it's in Sam's or my bowl.


  1. Ruh roh! BOL. We get in trouble around here over food every now and then as well.

  2. Wow. Always something exciting going on at your house.

  3. Marcus we are to short to get up on the table but since you gave us that idea, next time we will push the chair over to it and climb on up...great morning lesson.
    stella rose

  4. It is a Clear Cut case.... ALL Jan's Fault... SHE boiled the water... SHE left the food where it could have SPOILED unless consumed Instantly.

  5. We agree with Frankie and Ernie!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Those doppelgangers cause a lot of trouble for doggies. hehehe

  7. Squirrels...some one let in a gaggle of food stealing squirrels for sure!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  8. OMC Marcus, we can't believ yous did dat. Whatcha fink da poor kitties posed to eat now? Yous not look like yous missin' any meals and dat cat food ain't weally all dat good fur ya'. Weez kno it be much tastier than what might be in yous plate, but still... MOL Hav a pawaum day and twy not to steal anyfin' els. MOL

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  9. Marcus you are all in the clear...always remember its all Jan's fault. MOL

  10. Stealing breakfast...tossing the water bowl!!! Never a dull moment on the Funny Farm!

  11. Never trust a woffie around food... Especially since cat food is better than woofie food.

  12. Hmmm, our den is boring by comparison, BOL/MOL!

    MJF loves to snag him some kitty noms.
    Kitties? No they only eat their own. MOL!

  13. You have a lot of excuses, haha. I love the excuse of a doppelgänger. Too funny :)

  14. hello marcus its dennis the vizsla dog hay never yoo wurry abowt wot evrywun sez i hav it on gud awthority frum tucker that the best fud is the fud wot is stolen frum sumbuddy else!!! ok bye


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