Thursday, November 13, 2014

Halloween Confusion

Micah:  Why are we posting this picture again?  Halloween is over.

Marcus:  That's okay.  I don't mind.  Don't I look neat and handsome?

Cyndi:  Neat?  You destroyed the wig because you were too busy playing soccer to pose.

Rusty:  That's water under the bridge now.  We posted the picture again because we want to tell a story about Halloween.

Marcus:  A story?  How short is the story?

Cameron:  What does it matter how short it is?

Marcus:  I have to pee.  So it matters a lot. 

Sam:  Go ask Jan to let you outside and hurry back.

Marcus:  *races for the back door*  Okay.  Don't start without me!

Buddy:  Now that there are no distractions, we would like to go back to earlier in October when we held a giveaway sponsored by Entirely Pets. (If you missed that, you can read about it in Clown Soccer.)The two winners would each get to pick a Halloween costume.

Marcus:  Hey, I thought you were going to wait for me.

Merci:  You're just in time.  Buddy was just introducing the story.

Percy:  When the giveaway ended, we used to pick two winners and they sent us their information and which costume they would like.  (B&W Selfie Smile Winners)  But they never received their prizes.

Micah:  Oh, that isn't good.  Why didn't they send the costumes to the winners?

Sam:  Do you really need to ask?  It was Jan's fault.  Entirely Jan's fault!

Cyndi:  Well, not entirely Jan's fault.  She had some help.

Merci:  Yes, that was during the period when our computer was crashing and doing strange things.

Rusty:  And then one morning Jan was working on emails, the computer crashed and the hard drive died.

Cameron:  We were without a computer for about a week.  When we got online again we were missing all of the emails on our computer for about 3 weeks. Jan emailed Entirely Pets to check on the costumes and Halloween costumes had already been shipped.

Percy:  Jan was busy trying to reconstruct those missing three weeks of work.  Just before Halloween she checked our online gmail account and could find all the Entirely Pets correspondence EXCEPT the email she wrote with the winners' information.  Evidently she wrote it and the computer crashed before she could send it. 

Buddy:  Jan felt terrible.  It was her fault so she determined she should be the one to provide different prizes.  But Mr. David from Entirely Pets insisted on providing each winner with an alternative prize. 

Merci:  Mr. David, thank you and Entirely Pets for rescuing Jan and us from this situation.  It was kind, merciful and generous.  As of last night, both winners have received an alternative prize. 

Sam:  We would also like to thank Dory's Backyard and Miley's Daily Scoop for their understanding and patience. 

Cameron:  And we do apologize to everyone for Jan.  She's hard to train but perhaps one day ...

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  1. Well I don´t think it´s Jan´s fault that the compooter crashed or is it :)
    Glad that Entirely Pets got some alternative prize sent to the winners instead :)


  2. It is great that it turned out all right in the end, but humans, one way or another, always manage to mess things up *sigh*

  3. Humans always blame computers for everything. So convenient.

  4. computers often control our lives.....bahhaha
    stella rose

  5. Oh noes this isn't Jan's fault it's been one big kerfuffle with the hard drive! We are so glad it worked out so well!

  6. Dat's pawsum. Mommy sez stuff happens and puters didn't make evewyfin' better or easier. Weez do luv ow puter and awe so gwateful fur it, but it will nevew take da place of face to face or voice to voice innewaction. Glad evewyfin' worked out.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  7. That's ok, I could look at you in that costume a million times!
    Thanks for linking up to Thoughtless Thursday!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Without a computer for a week! No fun! But all ended well...and we love seeing that picture again!

  9. It was definitely worth the wait!! Bilbo is enjoying his bed BUNCHES!!
    (in fact we posted about it today too!!)

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. We agree with Dory, it was definitely worth the wait! Thanks again!!

  11. Computer crashies are as maddening as Evil Skwerls!

  12. We saw their prizes and are certain they are tail wagging happy and didn't mind the wait. Thanks for being thoughtless with us!
    P.S. I have only co-hosted for about a month so you haven't been too behind the news. ☺

  13.'s a love hate relationship!

    Noodle and crew

  14. PepiSmartDog: oh what a sticky situation!
    Sure the prize winners understood when they heard about your computer breaking.
    Glad you got it all sorted out. :=o)
    Very nice of the company to provide alternative prizes. Yayyyy!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    I always appreciate you talking time to join our hop and enjoy reading your posts. *waves paw* :=o)


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