Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Coyote and Marcus Writes

Cameron:  You probably didn't notice but we've been among the missing for a few days. 

Cyndi: Jan had a rough few days and we've had to keep an eye on her, but we think we're back. 

Buddy:  Sam and I had an interesting encounter when we walked Jan mid-morning Friday. We saw our first ever live, up close and personal coyote. 

Sam:  It was standing very still hoping we wouldn't notice it and we were rushing so we were all the way down the hill before we did. When we walked over to the fence for a better view, it was still as a statue about 4 or 5 yards away from us. 

Buddy:  It was weird.  We all just stood and stared at each other.  Then the coyote turned slowly and loped away up the hill.  It was beautiful with the sun shining on its coat. 

Sam:  I know, you're probably thinking, so what, I've seen lots of wild animals when I've hiked the trails.  But this coyote was not in the woods or in the rural county.  We know there are coyotes in the county.  He was on our daily walking route - in the city!

Merci:  Jan said if there is a coyote living at the mill or in the vicinity, that could explain why we haven't seen any feral cats on our walks this year.  We used to see oodles of ferals along that stretch of woods across from the mill and we'd watch the kittens grow up.  But this year, no cats   Or it could be the coyote was just passing through. 

Percy:  On another subject, Marcus has some exciting news.  I'll let him tell you.

Marcus:  Thanks, Percy.  I finished my first solo review and it published yesterday.

Rusty:  Now, I know you're all about to say, but you (meaning we ... us .. oh, you know who we are)  didn't publish a post yesterday.

Micah:  And you're correct.  We didn't post yesterday.  But Marcus did.

Marcus:  Yes, I taste tested the new Canidae grain free puppy food and then told Canidae what I thought of it for their blog.  Many of you know Julia Williams from Purr Therapy.  She writes for the Canidae blog.  You can read New Canidae Grain Free Puppy Food Passes Taste Test by Marcus Price, Canine Guest Blogger on the Responsible Pet Ownership blog.  Let me know how you like my humor.  I'm thinking of becoming a humor writer.  (Jan says no one would take me seriously because of my big ears.)

Oh, and just for the record, Canidae provided the kibble, but I wasn't paid. 


  1. A coyote guys sounds amazing! and I can imagine the beautiful image so well..so sad if poor ferals are being eaten and such a sad thing that there are many kitties and pups that are left to fend against the wilderness...and yum..new foodables sounds pretty good to me! pee ess I think your ears are perfect :) hugs Fozziemum ..hope Jans back is getting better from the table debacle!

  2. We've heard of coyotes showing up in strange places lately like New York City and Los Angeles.

  3. We have coyotes in our back woods. That's why our cats are indoor only. They cut down so many woods that they are now among the houses hiding in what they can find.

  4. We've had fox in our area, but not a coyote yet anyway. M feels bad for all those critters, but she not want them in or anywhere near our yard. I guess as cities keep expanding more and more into the country, those poor critters end up visiting us in the city.

  5. That sounds like a very Wiley coyote! It knew he was no match for the Funny Farm gang! We have coyotes in the woods by our house in the burbs. They sound eerie at night. We don't care to see one though.

  6. Oh dear we hope the Coyote goes back to wherever his home is. We hope Jan is feeling better. Marcus that is great you got to do your own review!

  7. guys...we had a coyote runnin thru de naybor hood a few bak while fire werks wuz shootin off...him wuz that scared N lookin fora place ta hide...

  8. We hope the coyote enjoyed getting to see all of you but we do hope he finds a more suitable place to live. Sure Jan is feeling much better now. We will go check out your review sweet Marcus. Hugs and nose kisses

  9. You're probably right about the coyote and feral cats. Hope Jan is on the mend :-0

  10. EEK! That's a little to close for comfort eh?
    Congrats to Marcus!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. Sending healing purrs to Jan; our paws are crossed that she will soon feel much better.
    Purrs ... Rainbow

  12. Purrs to Jan from all of us. Yep, those coyotes kill cats.

  13. Wow, lots happening over here...big purrs to Jan, we hope that she feels better very soon. Marcus, congrats on your future writing career, that's so cool! Yikes about the coyote...And a very Happy Belated Birthday to Percy!

  14. We hope Jan is feeling better. We knows you woofies and kitties are taking good care of her!

    Be careful of that coyote. Mom bean says they are usually nervous around beans but when they aren't it can be a disease or they are furry hungry. We don't want any of you to gets hurt!

    Concats Marcus on your review! Great work!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  15. How neat to see a coyote like that! We've never seen one before. Glad Mom Jan is feeling better, and congrats on your first published article, Marcus!!

  16. Marcus, you did a very fine job on your first article! Methinks you may have found your calling!


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