Monday, January 14, 2013

A Wootty Bed for Merci

Hey, it's me, Merci.  I wanted to show you the neat bed Jan made for me this year.  She used to make this for Rusty but Rusty's a cat and cats are fickle, so he'd just claim it and sleep anywhere else he felt like it.

So this year the bed is mine.  And I have dubbed it a Wootty Bed.  That's a woofie / kitty bed cause sometimes one of the kitties does borrow it.  But it's a perfect size for me and it's got nice warm blankies in it for me to scrunch up into the perfect mattress. 

But sometimes I like to sleep on one of the big woofie beds, like the one in this photo with the big chunk of material missing.  Jan was going to sew a sheet together for a new cover until she saw teeth marks in the stuffing.  Yep, Sam was starting to eat the stuffing too and that stuff swells when swallowed, so she had to throw the whole bed away.  We really miss it since we're now a bed short, but Jan didn't want to have to bury our resident barking hog who eats anything.  We're all kind of fond of Sam, even if he does have a strange appetite.

To be honest, all our beds are Wootty Beds since cats have no concept of this is mine and that is yours, only this is mine and that's mine too.  We'd borrow theirs but none of us woofies can fit in a dishpan bed.

We're rushing to get this post up cause we haven't eaten yet, so we're going to post 2 prayer requests and use Ann of Zoolatry's words.  (Ann made the lovely graphics.)

Many of you know long-time blogger, Catrina of Cat's Cats.  For several months now Cat has battled against breast cancer.  Previous treatments and surgeries have not brought much success ... she is now about to face major surgery.  

We hope, and we pray, that this time will the cancer will be successfully attacked!  We personally know, all too well, how difficult the fight against cancers are, and hope that along with us, you will visit (it is an older post on her blog) and offer your prayers and your support.  Thank you.

Our dear sweet furriend Lucy, of the blog Hannah and Lucy has been battling serious dental issues for many weeks now.  She's a tiny little girl, so all the dental problems and extractions have also interfered with proper eating.  Lucy will again see the vet today and she, and her Mom Sue and sisfur Hannah need our purrs and prayer and crossed paws.  We Love Lucy!   Please visit to share good thoughts ...


  1. Yay for Wootty beds!! And we're glad Sam is not buried with the bedding! LOL!! Take care

  2. um, that bed, it's mine. Love Sammy
    Pee Ess: everything is MINE

  3. That bed is awsome, I wouldn't fit in one of those though :( xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. I love that bed and it looks roomy and comfy!

  5. You might need to decorate the outside of that gorgeous bed
    Benny & Lily

  6. We like your wootty bed.
    We are purring for Cat and for Lucy.

  7. ewe knead purrayers; we got em; ewe knead de blessings oh st francis; we got em...we hope cat and lucy see thru this and both bee on de road ta ree coveree sew fast they gets speedin tickets


  8. Love the Wootty bed! We completely understand the concept of this is mine and that's mine too. MOL! That's everyday and everywhere here! That's pawsome that you understand it too. Purrs from your friends at

  9. Merci
    We like that wotty beds. That is just perfect. We are keeping both Cat and Lucy in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Those are purrfect kitty/woofie beddies. And we saw about sweet Kat and Ande and we are sharing those graphices too.


  11. Aww. So cute in your bed!

    P.S. Thank you so much for all the love and support and for putting me on your sidebar. We will go visit the others!


  12. Yep! If there is cats in the house, all the beds is cats beds!
    So sayeth Nellie

  13. That's a mighty fine Wootty bed, if you ask us, sweet Merci! :)

    We are definitely purring and praying for our friends Cat and Lucy.

  14. That is a pawsome looking bed.


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