Monday, January 07, 2013

Reverse Motivation

When we stopped by da Tabbies o Trout Towne, we found they made a slew of Rezzo Lou Shunz. And then we realized the object of this is to only make ones you can't and won't keep. Kind of reverse motivation.  We can do that! 

JFF: So our first rezzo lou shun is to never pick on Jan again because she's perfect.

And we individually resolve to...

 Percy: ... stop picking on Micah and welcome him into the funny farmers..

Micah: ... stand up to psycho Percy and punch him in the snooter!

Rusty: ... share my doghouse  / clubhouse with the dogs.

Cyndi:  ...I can't think of anything.  Guess I'll have to resolve to make lots of rezzo lou shunz.

Cameron:  ... be the perfect kitty living on a funny farm.  Oh, wait, I am perfect.  I know.  I'll learn to count past my toes.

Buddy: ...stop leading Merci and Sam in a howling spree whenever the phone rings so Jan can hear and callers don't think they've dialed the wrong number and reached Riot Central.

Merci: ...stop wagging my tail and putting out the heater pilot lights.  Oh, I haven't done that this year.  How about if I start listening to Jan when she calls me to go out and when she calls me to come in, I'll stop staring into the distance as if she doesn't exist?

Sam: ... stop staring pitifully at Jan as if I haven't been fed in a week whenever she sits down to eat. I guess I should give up eating cat toys too.  *  What, Jan?*  Oh, okay, I promise not to eat any more bedding until I can afford to purchase a replacement from my own funds.

Well, now that's done we can set about not keeping them.  We had no idea we were missing so much fun every year.  So what rezzo lou shunz did you make to break?

Oh, and Percy, Rusty & Micah posted their New Year resolves at the Tabby Cat Club Friday.  Want to know what they're up to?  Go read what they plan to do in 2013.

Graphic by Zoolatry
Prayers for Mr. Pip, who continues to have serious health problems. Stop by with a kind word. 


  1. OMD....I think that very same termite snuck into my house too!

  2. I has no idea why ya'll would consider not makin' fun of Jan, it always cracks me up. Would dat mean I would have to resolve to NOT make fun of my mum too?


  3. theeze bee grate rezz oh lou shunz everee one...N sam....never add mit ta takin blame for stuff ewe dinna due ore did due; coz itz all ways de naybor dawgs fault who sneek inta de houze even if they haza ta get past a sea cure a tee dee vise....

    chew on !!!

  4. Thank you so much for your nice comments on our blog. We are following you now!


  5. So funny! No wonder you are the Funny Farmers.

  6. I love this and think your mum will be happy if some of it comes off.. MOL.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. I haven´t made any rezzo lou shunz this year either :)
    So i guess I can do anything I wan´t to ??

  8. Wez hazen't made any newz yearz resolutionz but wez still gonna pick on our Mommy, it'z gweat fun, getting her'z all strezzed..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Bowsers, beds don't last long in your house.

  10. Oh I love this post! And I also loved your comment about a memorial service for the lamp! Made mom and me smile big this morning.


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