Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Helping Jan Clean

Hey, Rusty here

I've been having fun rolling in the dirt  and then leaving a trail of leaves behind me as I walked through the house afterward.  We've enjoyed a few rainy but warm winter days.  The weather is about to change, but I'll have fun memories to tide me over till spring. 

And you know what happens when we kitties eat grass? Yep, we hurl!  So I'm pretty proud of myself for single-handedly ... um, I mean single-pawedly keeping Jan busy cleaning up after me.  

Now that I've got Jan somewhat trained to clean up after me, I think I deserve a snooze.  Training a human is hard work!

But first, a little news.
The Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere auction blog is putting together an auction for Sallie, who recently was rushed to an emergency vet with severe complications from diabetes.  She is blind but home now.  Her mom Dawn needs some help with the high vet bills. 

The auction will begin next Monday, January 21st.  If you would have an item or two you'd like to donate to the auction, send a photo with a brief description and a suggested starting bid to Marg (be sure to convert this to the proper email format) margaretmsan AT gmail DOT com.

We finished the graphics yesterday, so feel free to grab this auction graphic for your sidebar and / or a post and help spread the news.  Thanks.


  1. Awwwww yay for yummy grass! LOL!! And thanks for the news of the CB auction for sweet Sallie! Will check it out! Take care

  2. Hey....we can't let our Mom's slack off. Gotta keep them busy all the time!

    We will definitely be at the auction to shop. Mom looked high and low for something crocheted to put in the auction but we donated all our crocheted stuff to the last auction and Mom hasn't had time to work on any more stuff with everything that's been happening at our house. :(

  3. That looked fun especially the leaf bit.. Mum is spreading the word for you about the auction.. Hugs GJ xx

  4. It sounds like Jan is very easily trained, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Rusty you are very good at spreading the LEAF Litter. We could take some pointers from you.

  6. We like to toss our cookies whether we have been outside or not.
    Thanks a bunch for advertising the auction. Have a great Wednesday.

  7. way ta go rusty !!! hurl on, uh we meen rock on !!! we like hurlin grazz two; all most az much az hurlin hairballs...tho that kinda makes R stomach like ugh for a wee while.....

    sorree ta lurn bout yur friend sallie; we hope de blindness bee temporary....sumtimes it iz in cases like blessings oh st francis two her XO

  8. I hurled on the carpet the other day, nice pwesent for the Humom in the morning.. MOL Uz Cats are so clever at training :) Happy Wednesday to you all xxx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  9. Yum, yack, then yum some more!

  10. Rusty
    I think you are doing a good service gotta keep the Mom's on their toes! Thanks for the info about Sallie.

  11. Good job keeping Kan on her toes, Rusty!

    Thank you for letting everyone know about the auction for Sallie. She sure is a wonderful woofie.


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