Monday, January 30, 2012

Cyndi Reports

Hey, Cyndi here.  We'd all like to thank you for your words of comfort on the demise of our non-whistling whistling tea kettle.  We are still in shock and have decided to hold off on replacing it until we have recovered from the shock.  It's just too soon to think about bringing another one into our home.  :(

We had planned a different post for today, but life happens and plans get changed, so today we'll just pass on some snippets.

The CB was going to hold an auction for Baker's medical needs but he passed away Friday, so the auction will be held in his memory to help his littermates and other kitties Mary Anne of Feral Cat Behavior is helping.  Jan redecorated the auction blog and made this graphic for any who would like to put in a post or their blog sidebar.  Stop by Furriends of the CB Auction to check out the items available.  Marg is the auctioneer, so if you would like to donate an item(s), her contact information is in the sidebar of the auction blog.

Last night we read the news that sweet Maggie was helped to the bridge Saturday.  We are sad for Mitch and their humans.  You can visit and leave a message on their blog Maggie and Mitch the Airedales.

 graphic by ML of CB
We were also sad to learn Sarge Charlie passed away.  He and his wife Bee have been an inspiration to us with their positive outlook throughout his long battle with cancer.

Our friend Amber DaWeenie gave us the Pawsome Blogger Award on her and her Odder Brother Max's birthday. How neat, we got a present on their birthday.  Since we already passed it on to 3 bloggers a week ago, we will just say thank you, Amber. 


  1. that is a sweet intro picture. Very Cute!!!

    and an infromative post.

  2. We are so sad to hear about Sarge ~ but there will be a party in Heaven today. xx

  3. Hope you all get a whistling tea kettle soon!

    Take care

  4. We are sending you more condolences on the demise of your tea kettle:)

    And on a more serious note, we were all very saddened to learn of Maggie's crossing. We don't know Baker or Sarge but our deepest sympathy to their families too.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Thank you for your kind remarks over our loss. It seems there are so many sad occurrences at the moment! We keep our chins up & soldier on, but a piece of our hearts are gone. Take care.

  6. So many sad fings all at once! We want to add purrs for Kaze, Latte, Chase, an fambly as their BIG sister Snap is to be put down today. Dat's the horsie vershun of goin to the bridge. ::sigh:: Sad purrs,
    Victor & Nina

  7. Brian sent us. Always happy to discover new CB blogs.

  8. We were very sorry to hear about Sarge.

    Congratulations on your award!

  9. We were very sad to hear about Baker, Maggie and Sarge. I hope you are able to give a forever home to a new homeless tea kettle soon.

  10. We didn't know about Maggie. We will have to go over there. It was very sad about Sarge and Baker. And the teapot too. Hope all of you have a great day.

  11. WE felt the same way when our George Foreman fat-less grill fell off the counter top and broke in two.

  12. So much sadness. We're so sad about Sarge and Baker. We didn't know Maggie but we are sad for her family.

    And, of course, for the teapot!!

    The Florida Furkids

  13. Just completely sadden by the so sudden loss of Sgt. I have followed Bee and Sgt for years, admired them both, and just never thought things would accelerate this quickly.
    so very sad.

  14. CongaRats on the awardie and I am so so sorry about all who flew away including Sarge and his valiant battle. Much love to their families and to all of YOU on the FunnyFarm. xoxoxoxox

  15. That is so sad about Maggie, Sarge and Baker. We are purring and praying for all the loved ones they left behind.

  16. Nice pic but all sad news :-( We're purring for those left behind.

    MOL over your kettle! Sorry, but we're British and we didn't realise whistling kettles needed instructions. Another example of the Great Divide!

  17. Hi Cyndi :)
    We liked all the news.Thanks !!
    We are also sorry to hear about your kettle. Back to a plain old pot we suppose :/
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  18. What a lovely tribute to special friends.
    There just seems to be so much sadness about at the moment. heyho

    Congratulations on you award!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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