Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Protect Your Online Rights

We are against any material being copied, stolen, appropriated - whichever you call it.  But we are also against the type of censorship law about to be passed in the US.  This would effect all of us..Yes, you and us - bloggers, tweeters, YouTube video posters, Facebook and other social website users. 

Here is a short video on the proposed legislation from Fight for the Future.

If this video doesn't play, click here.

Yes, bloggers, you might blog for fun, but there is a bill in Congress that will affect your rights on the web and will censor all web sites, blogs, etc.  In a nutshell :

SOPA explicitly states that companies will be liable for everything their users post. Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Wikipedia, or any sites that allow user generated content CANNOT exist under these laws. Immediately after this bill is passed, you will see the media mafia (MPIAA, RIAA, etc) replacing websites like Wikipedia with commercialized encyclopedia software. Mainstream media outlets will not cover this bill because they are the ones lobbying for it.

If you want to know more - Google created a doc to read and inform - SOPA for Dummies.

To help you do this stop by Fight the Wall  and connect with your Representative!

There is more on stopping American censorship with SOPA and PIPA on

Your Senators need to hear from you now.  Today.  The bill will be passed in just a few days if you don't act. 

If you would like the Stop SOPA and Stop PIPA black banners at the top of our page for your Blogger blog (Wordpress already has a plugin for you), you can get the code here and put it in an HTML/Javascript widget.  


  1. Jan, Milo and Alfie have a post today, joining in -- WordPress has settings that will allow you to put a banner across your page, etc. Are you aware of anything like this for Blogger? I'm looking, can't find anything similar in my own blogger dashboard.


  2. I thinks I'm screwed then...they would gets in big trubles from some of my posts.
    Sometimes I just don't understand hoomans...or da govn't.


  3. We support you and have posted today. xx

  4. Whatever happened to the freedom our forefathers fought for?

  5. I have a jumbo litter box we can put that SOPA thingy in!

  6. Hoorah!!!! United we stand!! Yay! Take care

  7. There is a link to find the script to black out a blogger blog but it requires changing the html in blogger in the header--for those who are interested.

    Imagine an Internet without Chey! I have a name that is a copyright infringement--it was my name before blogging and I came with it. Under SOPA I could have to change my name or I could be censored!

  8. We are protesting today too!! Power to the Feline!! ::raising paws in the air::

  9. Really. Sometimes I really wonder if our government have nothing else better to do.
    I hope they listen and do the right thing.

  10. I hope we can prevent this from passing!

  11. thanks for posting! We just "stole" a video to post about it too but left ours "wordless" other than the video!

    We credited Scarlett & Melly (where we first saw the video) so we are hoping we don't end up in jail :)

  12. Thanks for helping the SOPA and PIPA protest today!

  13. Couldn't agree with you more on this one. I've signed the petition, and so can you :) Check out this link:
    I hope for all of our sakes that this does not get passed! Thanks for passing the word along!


    All4UrPet Representative

    Check out the App store for Android and iPhone to download our mobile application! Simply search All4UrPet.

  14. Thanks for joining in today - a VIP cause!

  15. Great post, and video!

    Thanks for stopping by our place, and for calling our graphic, that we used, for our report on this issue, cute! :-D

  16. Thank you for posting about this, you guys. We have signed the petition!

  17. We agree, Jan. It's ridiculous the powers these bozos want to give themselves.

    BTW, Target is much better. Thanks for the purrs!

  18. We wrote our congressman today!!!

    Thanks for the support for our auction and for Mom Paula.

  19. Thank you for supporting the cause! We signed the petition, and wrote to our congress members, too.

  20. Dear Jan and the Funny Farmers
    me gived yous the Pawsome Blogger Award today, because yous is PAWSOME! Stop by my blog and pick it up!

  21. We agree with you about Sopa and we hope that Congress agrees.

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and warm purrs. I am back from the Vet, resting, still not eating but doing better. Momma is praying I will eat tomorrow so I don't have to go back to Vet Jail.

  22. Thanks for fighting this! I signed the petition and called my Reps! This better not pass or our little business we just started (see blog post) is sunk!


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