Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sam is Waiting on Apology

Hey, Sam here. I am waiting on my apology. 

Jan said Buddy and Sam (that's me) tore up Merci's new dog bed in 9 days.  You can read Buddy and Sam in Doghouse if you missed it.  Sam (that's me) does NOT tear up dog beds because I do not dig in my bedding. I admit I helped stretch Merci's bed but I dig holes in the lawn, not bedding.  Buddy and Merci dig in their bedding.  Merci is too small to be destructive and she never got to sleep in her new bed anyway, so she didn't tear up the bed.  Who does that leave as the true, one and only culprit?  You guessed it.  Not me!

Don't believe a word Buddy writes.  He's not sorry he tore up the bed or got me into trouble.  He's only sorry Jan threw out the bed after he made it just perfect to sleep on.  Perfect for him anyway.  The rest of us like lots of padding between us and the cold floor.  And Jan prefers the floor not be littered with stuffing.

He's my brother.  I love him.  And I'll forgive him.  Eventually.  But I want to set the record straight.  I was not guilty as charged!

We saw this on Loldogs and it seems appropriate today.  Jan was too upset to take a picture of what was left of Merci's bed, but you get the idea. 

AttieCattie's boyfriend Lautrec is very ill and his mom is worried about the possibility of losing him.  Please send prayers, purrs and woofs for him and his mom. 

Our friend Mr. Pip is also ill with hearth problems and K has cancer of the bone and Parker and Ginger Jasper and  .... There is such a long list of cat and dog bloggers with serious illnesses that we can't even list them all.  But our thoughts and prayers are with each one's family. 


  1. We believe you Sam - we don't think you could have had anything to do with that bed. :)

  2. We believe you Sam and we hopes you get an apology from Jan soon. Fenris tears up his bed(s) so Mommy gave them all to the cats. We are pleased with the arrangement. ~The Cats

  3. We believe you Sam and we hopes you get an apology from Jan soon. Fenris tears up his bed(s) so Mommy gave them all to the cats. We are pleased with the arrangement. ~The Cats

  4. MINE beloved Dr Buddy would NEFUR do anfing bad! HE'S a miracle werker - he saved mine brain!!!! - Billy

  5. We believe you Sam. It's not fair to get blamed for something you didn't do.

  6. Sam, not for one moment would we ever think you would tear up a bed! We hope your apology comes with copious quantities of treats.

    We're purring for both Lolo and Mr. Pip--yes, too many kitties and woofies are ill, this is not the way we want 2012 to start!

  7. Oh no, getting blames already that is not a good way to start the new year!

  8. You said yurself, Sam, it was Knot Mee! Knot Mee does lots of bad fings an kittehs an goggies get blamed! Jan should skold Knot Mee an gif you treats.
    Victor & Nina

  9. Well guys Mom doesn't like fluff on the floors either...we are so sorry about the bed.
    Oh dear more ill kitties we are rev'ing up our motors...


  10. Our Mom is just so sad with the long list of sick furries. Too much, really gets depressing. Wehave our paws crossed for all.

    Lightning tried to chew our beds but got reprimanded and stopped - wow, how did that happen? Mom says she feels very lucky when it comes to dog beds, but not so much with toys.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. Aww... Sam fancy being blamed and it wasn't you!
    We have all our paws crossed for all our fur friends who are sick.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  12. Awwww Poor Sam....:( We know you would nefur do such a bad thin ^..^

    So Sad fur all da sick babiez...., we send purayerz & Soft puurz fur All ov dem ~
    Happy New Year Y'all ~

  13. Awwww lovely Sam!! Me and Charlie hope you got your apawlogy! :-) Aww but Buddy is too cute! Hugs to lovely Merci!

    Awww we purr and pray for all our ill furriends too! Take care

  14. Innocent unitl proven guilty, Sam … even if you did do it!!! lol

  15. ooohhh poor bed... dats not goods.... don't looks at me. i not do dat!!!

    Sam, plz finds Jan and see if hurs amz alrites. Hur has not wrote to us lately.

    Katie Ann Kitty Too.

  16. The tore up bed is kind of, a little, funny, I do have to say.

  17. Ok...you be forgiven! :o)

    We had hoped for a much better 2012 for Blogville, but with all this illness, it isn't starting out too well. Our paws are all crossed!

  18. Sam sumtimes its hard to be the one who isnt guilty and gits blamed fer it.

    Buddy yoo is pawsome in our book!


    Peeeeeeee sssss - Shana digs up the sofa and I is Jake! gits blamed fer it too!! MOL

  19. We believe you Sam. With those eyes, you can't be guilty of anything!

  20. Oh, sweet Sam we hope you got that apology. Hugs and nose kisses

  21. Sam! my hairy slobbery sister Bob has one blue eye too! And on the right!
    And she would never so anthing like that either!

  22. Happy new year. let's start this year with our hearts ready to forgive. Sam hope you accept that apology...

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    Pet Solutions
    Its All About Bichon

  23. Uh Sam, that Buddy boy looks pretty darn convincing in that photo of his...I'll have to do some pondering on this. In the meantime, Happy New Year! We wish you a 2012 filled with many blessings.

  24. Awww! We believe you.
    But you better call a lawyer.

  25. We sure hope you get that apology soon, Sam. It stinks being accused of a crime you didn't commit (hey ... you're like the "A-Team").

    We're purring and praying for Mr. Pip and Lolo.

    Happy New Year, dear friends!

  26. I believes you Sam...I am very disheartened to knows dat Jan blamed you as being involved in such a travesty. Perhaps her was just havin' a bad day. I mean it prolly looked like it had snowed IN your house so I'll gives her da benefit of a bad day.
    Personally, I likes to dig in da bed, couch, yard, carpet, blankies, crate, etc...it has to be perfect you knows.


  27. Harooo, thank you for visiting my blog, I will add you to my roll. Blog roll, not bed roll. I don't have a bed to chew. Not that dogs chew beds anyway. I would blame it all on cats myself. Oh I see we have the notorious JB as a catpal in common.


  28. I believe you too Sam. And Buddy's face made me smile because he is in NO way sorry!

    I know about the CB babies and they have all my love and prayers. xoxox

    Mom C

  29. Greetings,

    We are sorry to learn that someone was not nice and destroyed the bedding. However we are concerned that some of the others are under the weather and not feeling well. So we send our prayers and well wishes for a quick recovery.

    Ms Kitty and dad

  30. I have also been falsely accused before.... good luck getting that apology... *sigh*

  31. We love your sweet face, Sam! You couldn't ever destroy Merci's new bed, because you a a well mannered woofie friend.


  32. Digging in the bed is superfun Sam, you should ask Buddy to teach you how!

    Happy 2012, Elsie x


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