Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Meowers and Ellen Minus Snap

Hey, Merci here.  The sun has finally come out after days of rain, clouds and even fog.  We woofies were antsy and stiff from spending so much time indoors and walkless.  Is walkless a word?  Well, it tells it like it was.  We were walkless or short-walked.  We were raring to go this morning.

We Funny Farmers would like to thank Meowers from Missouri for their funny post on Jan yesterday.  We were kind of hoping Ed was calling Jan "Foghorn Leghorn" so she doesn't get a swelled head, but, alas, Ed was talking to Igmu. 

We are all astounded that Ellen Degeneres, an animal lover, will be launching vegan pet food.   Although a vegan diet might be healthy for Ellen, dogs and cats are carnivores and require meat protein.  Unfortunately, because of her popularity, many pet owners will buy into this.

UPDATE from Jan:  We're getting comments that Halo, the pet food company Ellen has dealings with, has denied they will be introducing vegan pet food. but this is a post of vegan pet food from the Halo blog.  We totally disagree with the idea!  Just because dogs will eat anything does not mean anything is good for them. 

We mention this because we think the subject is important, but you can do a web search and find lots of information on Ellen's new pet food, so we're going in a different direction.  Facebook.

How do we get from vegan diet to Facebook?  That's easy.  We don't have a GPS so we can wander anywhere we want. 

We don't have a Facebook account.  We share Jan's.  Only Jan won't let us post much personal information.  Or her photo.  Well, she did post the Mexican hat and sunglasses birthday photo, but she hates to have her picture taken, so we can't find any fun ones to post on her.  But the same can't be said for some folks. 

Are you starting to see where we're going with this?  You guessed it.  Facebook photos from the Ellen Degeneres Show.  Not Facebook photos of Ellen, but embarrassing Facebook photos of a few of the audience.  So we suggest you check your privacy settings and consider whether you'd like to see your photo on national television before you post it.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Oh, if any of you have anything on your blog from snap DOT com (we don't want to advertise them so we're using DOT), you might want to take a closer look at them.  They are not (yet) classed as spyware, but companies can and do change policies.

It opens a little box when you try to click on a link, a photo and even comments.  It wants you to use their search box, to use the link in their box to visit the link in the post, to use them to view the photos on the blog.  And by this they track you and your visitors not only around the site but around the web.

We had never heard of it before yesterday, and it's a long story, but Jan was very unhappy with what she found when she was helping a blogger who used snap DOT com.  The blogger found the program annoying so was happy to be rid of it. You might be too.

Have a good day. 


  1. Vegan cat food, in particular, is particularly scary. Do the words "obligate carnivore" not mean anything to her? We suggest she look them up.

    Boy, the mom's glad she doesn't do FB. Actually, she doesn't watch Ellen, either--and is glad of that too!

    There are one or two CBers that either have snap DOT com or something similar and it's VERY irritating and annoying to visit their pages and leave comments. We didn't really know what it was, though.

  2. I know that Ellen is coming from a good place but it's misguided and like you said Jan there will be people who do it just because they like her.
    Mom has no FB, she is scared of all the rip offs and scams and bad things that are happening. She simply refuses to learn another social networking site. Especially since she found out they won't allow animals on there.
    Ummmm regarding snap...Mom has a rather bland blog but this is another example of why. She keeps reading how putting things on the blog from a third party application can land you in a bad place or even your followers. Not good. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I am screaming at that woman with the golf shot! LOL!!!!!! HOW EMBARRASSING!!! Why on earth did she put that pic on FB! !?!?!? LOL!!

    Oh my oh my!! Thanks for sharing this clip - such fun - but yay too that Ellen gave them some prize monies!

    Gosh Charlie spits at me even if I think of giving him something like "chicken with peas" - like some cat food pouches have! LOL!

    Take care

  4. I like chicken and steak. I hope my hoomans keep giving me that. :)

  5. Vegan cat food is just not on!!!

    Thanks for the info about snap thingy. I've always been wary of third party stuff on my blog, so don't even do adverts!

    Will watch the video when I'm feeling stronger lol

  6. Thanks for all the info Jan! Your comments are always so well researched. And who told Ellen that us cats could be vegans!

  7. We never knew cats could be vegans? Thats pretty cool! Moms a vegaterian.

    XOXO ~ Cape Cod Crew

  8. I thought there was a discussion on Facebook that said that she isn't actually doing that--that there was some misprint on it?

  9. Our human didn't know about vegan cat food. Doubt we want to eat it!

  10. What, are you kitten! No meat! The only meat that can't come in our door is beef....other than that it's every boy for himself!
    We do have a veggie eater among us.....TINKER! He will eat almost any veggie, string beans, broccoli, carrots.....no corn though, and he loves pumpkin.
    Hey, maybe we should all post one of these circles with the line over a veggie and under it say, no way Ellen!!=^Y^=

  11. Vegan cat food is just crazy! And thanks for the info on snap. Yuk! There is so much on the internet to be wary of.

    Thanks so much fur your purrs for Taffy. Her eye is looking a bit better, from the salve the V-E-T Rxd Monday.

    Since we only have dial up now, we don't get to visit around as much as we'd like.

  12. Some great information for everyone here. Thanks for all that. Oh,and extra thanks for your kind words!!

  13. Thanks for all the great info -- you do have to be very careful when posting stuffz online... you never know who's gonna see it.

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  14. Vegan cat food is B-A-D and will kill your pet sooner rather than later. They will be malnourised and who knows what diseases and malfunctions will reslut. THANK YOU Jan. Thank you thank you. I knew all this but I had no knowledge of Ellen and her pet food company. How irresponsible!

  15. Even if Jan does eat bugs, she is very smart...I'z wondering if I could hire her as my Head of Security?

  16. I hope I'm not going to cause controversy by saying that I thought dogs were often described as omnivorous rather than specifically carnivorous. One of those issues that goes round and round.

    Like any diet - the key is to get the correct nutritional balance. Many pet food manufacturers have been making cat and dog vegetarian/vegan food for some considerable time now, and probably some of the ingredients are preferable to the watery slop that comes in the so-called meat-based products.

    The issue with cats is primarily taurin, but given that it is synthetically manufactured as well, and half of that goes into pet food, it's not the huge issue that it once was.

    In common with many aspects around animal care, diet can become an emotive issue. So long as the person has done their research and tried to provide good quality, well balanced food - that the animals enjoy - that should be good enough.

  17. Sage advice - thanks.


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