Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cyndi Flexes Claws, Purrs and Orlando

Hey, Cyndi here with today's post.     Do I look like I need calming?  I think I look all sweet and docile.  And I am ... sometimes. Just don't try to mess with my claws! 

Jan accepted an offer for us to review Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming chews for cats but we haven't been under any extra stress lately so we haven't had need of calming. 

Tonight Jan thought she'd try one on me to see if she could clip my nails. I scarfed it down.  And she gave me a second chewy for good measure.

About ten minutes later she tried to cut my nails.  Oh, I was lovey, purring and climbing her shoulder to groom her hair, but every time she tried to see my nails, I blocked her view with my head and voiced my displeasure. She tried again a little while later.  And again.  And again.  And guess what?  All but two of my long, razor-sharp claws are still intact.   

Jan has had a couple of serious bites  (not from any of us).  One ripped a vein, she lost a lot of blood and nearly ended up in the hospital with an infected hand, so when we're uncooperative, she's chicken mush.  Perhaps she needs to give me more calming chews at a time?  Or on a daily basis for a while prior to approaching with the clippers again? Okay by me!  They taste good.  (The calming chews, not the clippers.)
Or maybe she needs to try a handful of the calming chews herself. 

The reason she was interested in trying them on us is because they're made from natural ingredients.  They contain brewers yeast (which she gives us anyway) lecithin, colostrum and L-theanine (an amino acid found in green tea and known to be a natural stress reliever).

A few days ago Jan opened the package and gave Cotton a calming chew.  Cotton wasn't upset but she's the oldest, so Jan wondered how she would react to something new.

Uh-oh, Jan put it down for Cotton and look who's trying to beat Cotton to it?  (Yes, it's me.) 

Cotton beat me to it.  **Crunch, crunch, mmmmm.**

Cotton searched for seconds, or at least leftover crumbs.

Jan said she'd sure love to try some of the dog calming chews on Buddy because of his separation anxiety. He has taught Sam and Merci to cry while he howls if Jan is on the opposite side of the door from him.

Pet Naturals of Vermont will send a free trial size of Calming for Cats and a coupon to the first 500 cat lovers that sign up on their website.  Those signing up after the 500 limit is reached will receive a first-time discount coupon.  Stop by to sign up.

We were given a sample of the calming chews to try but were not paid for this review. This is our experience with the product.

Graphic by Zoolatry

Milo and Alfie's dad has a very important appointment with a specialist today (Thursday) to save his failing eyesight. Please remember him in your prayers. 

 Graphic by KC of CB
And Orlando from Diva Kitty & Fiona's blog has gone to the bridge.  We send comforting purrs and woofs to his family.


  1. We were so very distressed about Orlando Bun.

  2. I am glad you like the calming chews, but sad that they didn't calm you enough for Mom to clip your claws. I hope that all goes well for Milo and Alfie's Dad. I am very sad about Orlando Bun. I have known him for a long time.

  3. Poor Orlando Bun! Always so sad when a furry one passes.

    Hey, don't' bite your mummy. She's the one with the oppose-able thumbs and the comfy lap.

  4. Oh brave Jan!! But she did it and now you have lovely trimmed claws adorable Cyndi!

    Yay for these treats too!

    Take care

  5. Hmmmmm...I tinks dat maybe dos calming chews are really for da peeps and not da cats. Me needs to get some for da Momma.

    Gots my paws crossed for Milo and Alfie's Dad.

    Very sorry to hear bout Orlando. Yes, run young and free again at the Bridge.

  6. Mom says there aren't enough calming treats in the world that would help her trim Ivy's nails - MOL!! She resorts to the towel over Ivy's head method. But it would be nice if those worked on Spud and Tommy...

  7. Trimming claws??? That's what scratching posts are supposed to do!
    Jan might try the "bundle in a big towel" trick. Hey, it works for babies with ear mites!
    Not telling where that camed from, either.

  8. Cindy, yous is a Cat From hell! Yous should has a badge.
    Hmmm, Calming chews, Mommy better get some of thos for me! It could help with my nail trimming but me thinks me would need to eat the whole box for a vet visit!

  9. It would be interesting to know if Calming Chews can help Cosmo and Ling calm their nerves (they frighten easily). Though it may be difficult as I can't predict when something will frighten them (door bell, something falling, blah blah).

  10. I love getting my claws trimmed! I was sad teo hear about that sweet little Orlando and have been by.

  11. Your mum managed it and thats good. I dont like the sound of your mums hand and I hope its ok.. Nice to see you all.. HUgs GJ xx

  12. All of us cats are laid back and calm here but clipping nails...they haven't made the thing yet to calm us that much. Mumsy would love to try some calming chews with Chancy he has separation anxiety bad. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. Mom has those calming treats and she wanted to get them for Ping, he was at first interested and then not so much. But Maybe I should try them on Abby and trim her nails, she HATES for me to do that. Great idea.
    We were so sorry to hear about Orlando....sad eyes....


  14. Oh my gosh the top picture of you is so adorable! I can't get over how beautiful your coloring is... so unique and lovely! Anyways, thanks for the update Cyndi! Looks like you had an eventful day with Cotton... sorry he beat you to the calming chew, but I think he probably needed it more than you did (with such a calm composure in the first picture, I can't imagine you ever being a little crazy!).. hehe. Looking forward to your next update!


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  15. Oh man I would love to have some for my next baby. By the way I may come and catnap your babies!!!

  16. Glad you liked the treats.
    Sorry to know about your friend Orlando.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Those treats look tasty. Sorry about your friend
    Benny & Lily

  18. Um, yeah, we know about clippy-claws. We just wont let him do it. Its not that we bite or annything, we just push and wriggle and struggle.

    We allow a lot of "handling", but not that. Its that his hands shake. Sort of like bein treated by a drunken dentist. No, we arent taking that chance.

  19. Your treat look tasty. Sorry to hear about your friend Orlando.
    Poor Jan she sounds like she has been in the wars. Do take good care of her!
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  20. Thanks for coming by to wish me a Happy Gotcha day. It was Jan. 4, but mom din't put the post up for me until late. Whatcha gonna do wif beans?



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