Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A Smile, Tear and Challenge

Hey, Rusty here with today's post.  Jan's rushing me so if I type anything in catspeak, just ask for a translation. I have a smile, a tear and a challenge for you today.  And if you think you don't need the challenge, remember our tea kettle meltdown last week.  Things happen when you're not paying attention.  Well, at least when Jan's not paying attention.

We enjoy Maru in a box videos.  This one had us laughing.  Maru didn't like his Kamakura house.  But then it was placed on his favorite chair.  And ... watch what happens. Yep, he's a typical cat.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Graphic by KC of the CB
This is Ah Wong of A Desperate, Reluctant Housewife blog.  He was originally called "Orange."  He appeared out of nowhere on December 6, 2011 and ran into the house.  He had mange and serious health problems.  He was given a name, a home and medical care, but he died on January 22nd.  He was once someone's pet (neutered), then he was homeless, and then he was loved.  RIP, Ah Wong.

Last summer, as Hurricane Irene approached New York City and several coastal neighborhoods were evacuated, many pet owners were confronted with the issue of what to do with their pets. As a pet owner, do you have a plan for your pet if there is an emergency?

The Ad Council and the New York City Office of Emergency Management’s (OEM) Ready New York are campaigning to encourage individuals (including pet owners!) and families to Resolve to be Ready in 2012. Test yourself with Ready New York’s latest online tool, the Readiness Challenge, which takes users through a real-life emergency situation that forces them to make quick decisions at every turn. Once users have completed the scenarios, they can refer to various Ready New York resources to create an emergency plan.

We have been wanting to post on the NYC Readiness Challenge for a while but since we're not posting daily, we get a backlog and it keeps getting bumped from the list.  We don't live in NYC, however, it's a short but thought-provoking challenge, no matter where you live.  Check it out.

In an emergency, your furries depend on you, so be prepared.


  1. Great post guys!
    Me thinks yous should always be prepared and has a plan.

  2. We don't have hurricanes or earthquakes here in the UK ~ BUT mom and dad have an evacuation plan in case of a fire or gas leak etc.
    PLAN: Dad phones emerjancy services while mom gets the PTUs which are kept handy (near the bedroom). Each knows which kit to grab (mom gets Alfie and Dad gets Milo) and then we all escape together down a portable fire escape ladder (approved by the fire service and kept in the bedroom wardrobe) if we're upstairs ~ or through a window or door if we're downstairs. Mom said EVERY person with animals should work out a plan ~ just in case.
    You hope to never have to use your plan ... but sometimes tragic things happen.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Mommy says she does have a plan but it never hurts to go over it regularly.
    We love Maru and his antics too! And we're glad Ah Wong was loved before he ran for the bridge.

  4. You covered so much in this post. Love the video. Mum and dad both said I would be the first thing they would get in an emergency or maybe the only thing as I am the most inportant. I was so glad that Ah Wong got to know some loving care before he died.Hugs GJ xx

  5. Maru just cracks us up. We love that cat. :)

    We're so sorry to hear about Ah Wong. We are sending purrs and prayers of comfort to those he left behind. We are glad he knew love before he went to the Bridge.

    Great message about preparedness. THANKS!

  6. We are so gonna checks dat site out, thanks fur tellin' us bouts it! We thinks we has a plan but afters checkin' da site, we may not be.

    May Ah Wong RIP, I am glad to knows he was loved before passin' away. So sad.


  7. Being prepared is always important.

  8. We love that silly Maru! Let's all hope for no emergencies!

  9. I'm still in shock about Ah Wong! :-( I didn't see Bin's blog post about Ah Wong running off to the bridge until a week later and I'm so so upset! Poor kitty! I truly thought he'd be ok. It;s so sad :-(

    Oh Maru!! Sweet Maru!! He is such a wonderful kitty - love him!!

    Hi gorgeous Rusty!! Yay for the info about how to plan for emergencies (with what to do about pets included!). Take care

  10. That Maru looks like a tortoise at the end!!

    I think Ah Wong had a safe place at the end. So sad though :(

    Re: Emergency. Austin has charge of me and I will do as I’m told .. so he says!

  11. We love Maru -- can't imagine anyone not loving him!
    We were so sad to hear about Ah Wong.
    And we agree whole heartedly about readiness.


  12. This is such a great reminder. We should all have a plan in place to protect our furry and peep family members.

    Your pal, Pip

  13. BOL...Dat kitty looks like he needs a bigger house! :o)

    Living in Florida we always think we're prepared, but in a real emergency, I don't know! Scary thought!

  14. What an excellent post to promote preparedness!

  15. Oh, we haf a plan and we'z glad dad stopped making us praktiss it at 3 dark 30 in da morning. Really, he useta make mom nuts by waking up at weerd hours and MAKING DA FIRE ALARM GO OFF. Den he would kriteek how fast we all gots outta da house. Now dat he is kinda "lame" he don't do it anymore, but, mom added how to gets him outta da house too.

  16. Loved the video. Really a cute kittie, don't see how he fits in his little nest though let alone getting into it while the chair is moving. If I hadn't of seen it with my own eyes.
    So sad about Orange. Just breaks my heart. Though I didn't know him the tears are flowing from my typist.
    Your information about a back up plan is something everyone should think about even if you don't live in hard hit area that risk emerengy situations. Also, have a plan for when the folks go to the bridge. That is a must.
    Love to all at youor place.

  17. Oh I read this and feel so guilty about not having a proper plan or practising one apart from getting the heck out of wherever. Which includes grabbing Pippa but nothing else as everything else is replaceable.

    Actually I came over to say that ... yet again, blogger has locked me out. This time out of my own account :( Honestly I am sick of this. So, as you said you didn't have a cell phone, make sure you can use a friends, or migrate the blog as well, just in case. There is no email contact for them, and there is no help - just 'give us your number.'

    I apologise if I'm sounding off (OK I am) - but it fits with your theme about having a plan. Get a number and/or migrate as a back-up, while leaving this blog extant.

    Hope that helps. Horrid google/blogger :D

  18. That Maru was very determined to get in that cute container (we're not quite sure what it is).

    We were sad to learn of Ah Wongs early passage to the Bridge. At least he had a nice home at the end of his journeys.

    We have an emergency plan. It's:

    "When in Danger or in Doubt
    Run in circles, scream and shout"!

  19. When Jen bought her car, her first concern was to see if there was enough room for cat carriers and us dogs in case we all had to leave out in an emergency. It may seem silly to some, but ya never know.

    So sad about Orange. When Malachi showed up, he was is horrible shape and Jen didn't think he'd live, but he did. Then we found out he was neutered and around 8 years old (so NOT feral). How sad for these animals, but at least Orange is at peace, and Malachi got another chance.


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