Thursday, January 05, 2012

Peeps are Flakes

 Hey, Cotton here.  This is my first post of 2012.  We had a nice Christmas and holiday season.  Hope 2012 entered peacefully for you and will be a good year for all of us. 
2012 entered quietly around here, but Monday, the 2nd, turned into one of those what else could go wrong days? By evening, Jan was so frustrated she nearly threw our tv out the door.cause she had reached the "if it doesn't work, it's trash" limit.  She did finally get it working again so we do have a tv.  Sort of.  We only get one major channel, one oldies channel and PBS (Public Broadcasing).  But that's all we got before Jan "fixed" it, so we figure we came out even on that.

The problem was a cable had disconnected and Jan couldn't figure out where it went, not even with the directions (diagrams) to the tv and to the converter.  The threat to throw the tv out the door came after she tripped over the cord to the light she was using while trying to reach the magnifying glass and went sailing across the living room  Ouch! When she finally got the cable hooked up, she realized the reason she couldn't find the cables in the converter diagram was because they belonged to the antenna, a totally separate piece of equipment.  

After laughing at Jan's frantic phone messages, her brother came by the next day and set up the DVD player he gave her.  We think he was protecting it from flying out the door since the instructions were a diagram but Jan had no idea how to decode it.  It ended up plugged into the front of the tv and it works by pressing "GAME" for the tv and getting a separate screen.  Jan admits she wouldn't have figured that out.  She didn't even know "GAME" was on the remote.

What inspired us to write this was reading about the My Peep Is A Flake Contest going on in Blogville right now.  This story isn't entered, but believe us, our peep is a flake too! (We mean this in a most loving way, of course, because Jan rarely does anything flaky!  **wink, wink**) We've written enough stories about her mishaps.

We stopped by Sarge's blog and read why his dad is a flake and .. well, you have got to read it.  Percy almost rolled off the desk from laughing. 

And yesterday we read why Puddles Mum Is A Flake. Her story reminded us of the time Jan's keys got hooked on what she loaded into the back of the station wagon and she ended up locked out.  Fortunately, she had forgotten to lock the driver's door earlier, so she was able to crawl over the seats to reach her keys. Puddle's story is funnier.

We're going to nap until Jan is ready to clean closets or something equally dangerous.  (There isn't much work space.)  She did manage to dig out her winter clothes yesterday.  (Didn't winter start last month?)  We'll see what entertainment she provides today. 

Have a fun day. 

PS - Oh, and be sure to read Sparkle's post on Desperate Situation at PurrEver Ranch Sanctuary! These folks and the cats at the sanctuary have become a target for cat-hating neighbors.  Some have been killed by dogs or shot on their own property.  They are in desperate need of an immediate place to move the cats. Even if you can't help, you can pass on the link because someone somewhere can help.  Thanks.

PPS -  We were very sorry to learn Stryder of Kellykat's Korner was helped to the bridge yesterday.  We were sad that Kelly stopped blogging after Sugar died, but sometimes humans lose heart after a loss.  Even though she isn't blogging anymore, a message can be left on her blog. 


  1. We'll have to go check out those stories. Of course humans are flakes. We lost count of all the dumb things our human does in the run of a week.

    BTW, our TV died over the holidays...Well, there was only pale blue and red left for colour. It was only 11 years old, too. We have a new TV now, courtesy of Boxing Day/week sales (BIG in Canada, like your Black Friday) and our grandpa, who sent the money for a new one.

  2. Our Peeps are Flakes too. We're sure they don't want us telling any stories!

    We are glad you had an otherwise uneventful holiday!

  3. Poor Jan good thing she has the funny farmers to look out for her //

  4. Awwwww Jan is just fabulous! You kitties and woofies look after her now - not more tripping up over wires and things! LOL!

    Me and Charlie are so horrified to read about this poor shelter surrounded by evil neighbours. :-(
    We truly wish the shelter and the kitties and all the lovely people who help these kitties all the best in the face of such adversary.

    We are off to visit Kelly's blog now. Take care

  5. We are sads too bout Stryder going over the bridge, specially after losing Sugar.

    Den dis shelter being attacked by neighbors.... dats causes fur a few Katie Too Slaps!!

    Now deerest Jan we waz wundering if you turned da lights on fore u tripped on dem cables. Our Mom finks hur am a cat and kin see in da dark! Hur am alwayz trying ta do fings wifout da light on and tripping on us kittiez!!

    Katie Ann Kitty Too

  6. Oh we guess they are all flakes, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  7. Thanks for sharing about PurrEver Ranch - they need a place that's a REAL sanctuary, far away from mean humans like the ones that are currently living near them!

  8. Oh my gosh, that's awful about PurrEver Ranch. Can any of the cats being transferred out to other sanctuaries or homes?

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Mommy is a geek, but she hates all the TV stuff, she says that's what Daddy is for. And we was going to writes about Momy being a flake, but wes could not make our minds. We is not blogging tomorrw, so me guesses, we will has to save that for a different day (even if we is not in the contest we thinks it is too good a idea to gives up).
    Kisses to everybody at your house, sepecially your poor Mommy

  10. Mom has had days like that too, heehee She does not have the best patience ;) heehee
    Right now we have no TV as we do not have cable or a digital TV and live in a dead zone(big hills around us)so the antenna does not work :/
    Thank heavens for computers ;) Books work well for Mom too, heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ
    Mom says "Thank You for the B'Day wishes"

  11. I had a good laugh reading your story!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. **in hushed whisper** Our mom is a total flake too but we are at her mercy cos we depend on her for food/treats/updating our blog and we think twice about sharing her embarassing stories!!

    Poor Jan, we are glad everything got sorted out eventually.

    HAPPY 2012!!

  13. We loved Jan's stories! Mainly cuz TBT just changed Cable/Internet/Phone service and is havin his OWN problems, an cuz we overheard TBT tellin a friend on the phone about the time he locked the car keys in the trunk an hadda remove the back seat ta get at them!

  14. There is a flake or two lives here! LOL
    Poor Jan...When the new TV & DVD arrived there we wires and leads all over. Not to mention some very bad words!LOL

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  15. I got cables that don't lead anywhere and am now wondering if they should be plugged in somewhere? Oh well!

    Flake? I thought that was a chocolate bar!

  16. Sounds like that will make some good reading! Maybe I should have entered Mum!

  17. Cables can be complicated.... Sorry to hear about Stryder....

  18. Aaaaaaand ya'll didn't gets ANY of dis on video? OMD...dat would have been HILARIOUS to sees Jan trippin' all overs da place...ahem, sorry Jan.
    Jan, sorry dat I is laughin' at you too...okay, not really.


  19. Mommy still has a split screen on the dvd player. We see the movies twice!!
    We need an eight year old to come fix everything.
    It once took her two hours to fix the cable (and two times hanging up on the cable beans before she said naughty things). She made a call to a "techy" friend (who has since moved away) and fixed everything in 5 mintutes!!!!!

  20. Our hooooman is a gigantic flake, that is for sure. We probably would have threatened to throw the TV our the window too. Your Mom is just lucky to have a brother to help her fix the TV. Besides, our Mom couldn't possibly lift the TV to throw, she is so old. Have a great week end.

  21. Are you watching Downton Abbey?!?! Fabulous ... I'm a flake too!

  22. Just yesterday Mom went to print something and NOTHING. She started doing all kinds of weird things on the computer. NOTHING. She worked on it for a few hours and then she remembered she had done an printer update a few days ago. BINGO. Restart the computer and she can print again. Mom is a total non geek yet she is supposed to be in charge of all the geeky stuff around here. *sigh* that is dangerous.


  23. Hey what a fun idea! Thing is - sooooo many stories to chose from! that's people, they're nothing as smart as us cats.

  24. Technology and my humans just don't mix. So, we try to keep life simple and hope nothing comes loose (except a few screws) and nothing breaks down! LOL

    We're keeping track of what happens at the Ranch, too. We hope there will be happy endings for all, especially with a new place to live.

    We'll visit Kelly in just a bit.

    Happy Saturday, Jan!

    Tom, mom Julie & Mittens


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