Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sam wants to help Apollo

Hi, Sam here with some serious news about a dog in need.

If you haven't heard about it yet, Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe are hosting a blogathon/fundraiser for Apollo, a black lab mix that was rescued by Almost Home Foundation and adopted into a new home before it was discovered he was born with a serious medical condition. You can read the details on their blog. The fundraiser runs through March 15, so stop by and check it out.

Here is the link to Apollo's story on his Chip In page.


  1. w00fs, i wish i could help, but i am brokeee ...they cut my check 200.00 and 275.00 light bill killed me this month...

    b safe,

  2. So good that you are helping a fur friend in need, we will pop accross there now. Hugs GJ xx

  3. Such a sweetie-pie Apollo is fur sure!

  4. Sam, it was very nice of you to help Apollo, we will help spread the word too.

  5. Will go over there now! Thanks lovely Sam!! Take care

  6. I wish I could help too but I am nearly broke and have overdue bills to pay! Thanks for sharing the info about that poor dog though!

  7. Thanks for telling us Sam - we will ask mum to get her money out.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. We're broke too with vet bills and unpaid invoices :-(

  9. I hope they get enough moneys for his treatment!
    You are sooo good!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs


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