Sunday, March 06, 2011

Cyndi is Newsy

Hi, It's Cyndi again. Please excuse me but I'm checking out the wrapper of a package I think contained some goodies. And Jan must be hogging them cause we haven't had a nibble of them yet. Yeah, computer hog, goodies hog - she's racking up some points in the minus range here.

As soon as I finish this post, I'm headed back to a warm bed for a snooze. It's a bit chilly and damp in here today, but we're not having sleet, so we're not complaining. Just snuggling.

We have an inter-species video for you today, an antelope in Africa grooming a cat. That's not something most of us are likely to see up close and personal in our lifetime.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

As we mentioned the other day, Jan had to make a small change to some of our older Zazzle designs, so as long as she had to delete them and re-post them for sale, she redesigned some of them. She said we could post samples here but we didn't know she would actually write "sample" on them. I hope she never takes a picture of one of us in the litter box because she'd probably write "pee" or "poop" across it for all of you to read.

This is one Jan needs to memorize but the wisdom leaks through the holes in her head ... um, we mean it leaks through her ears.

This is one we live by. We don't worry, just relax and let our cares float away

We still like this one of Merci and Buddy. They were the canine "Odd Couple" when Buddy was a puppy. Merci was a neat freak and Buddy was ... well, messy. Jan would make them a neat bed and Merci would collect all the cat and dog toys into a neat pile, then Buddy would "straighten up."

Buddy has always been the clown of the Funny Farmers. But he just didn't know his own strength in this one.

Cotton says that when your human messes up, they should apologize to another human with flowers because flowers speak volumes. We furries, however, would prefer treats.

We just have to feature Sam's handsome face and blue eye.

Sam also has a sense of humor. He's quite the clown competition for Buddy.

And this one is for anyone who has misplaced their memory. Our celebrated brain surgeon Dr. Buddy can help! Well, he can help anyone but Jan. She says it's not good practice for any surgeon to operate on a family member.

These and other designs are available at our Zazzle store.


  1. I think that Antelope finds that kitty quite tasty. But my oh my, it sure has a very long tongue! It almost licked its own eyeballs! It should totally enter Anna the GSD's tongue-tastic contest. It could win!

  2. The mom thinks the videos is awfully sweet. We'll pass on being groomed by an antelope, though.

    The mom also needs to learn to stop worrying about yesterday....Maybe it's a human thing? Glad we're not human!

    -Nicki and Derry

  3. That kitty seemed to enjoy getting groomed with that long tongue. Did you ever get any of those treats you suspect were in that wrapper? Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Awww Cyndi!!! Please snuggle and stay warm!! Yay!!

    Awwww what a wonderful clip!! That's so amazing!!! Me and Charlie love how these two animals are totally relaxed with each other - yay!!!! Brilliant!!!

    Jan is a very talented creative designer!!!!! We adore the bag we got (floral design) but oh, Sam's many faces just crack us up!! Yay!! Take care

  5. That antelope is way cool, we should all have one, it would save a lot of work!

  6. Nice to see they get along :)

    Thank you for sharing

  7. We can't find a cat that will let us groom them. I mean which is better an Antelope or a Dog tongue?

  8. And the kitty really liked it!
    I wonder why humans worry all the time!
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Mom never let us have her snacks either. Really like your header picture and also all your sample pictures. Wonder if the antelope's tongue is rough like ours?? Looks like the kitty enjoyed it.


  10. Cyndi, were you licking good stuff from the Beins counter containers? We get ta do that. Best is the plastic the ham comes in!!!

  11. So, have woo found the video of the Siberian grooming the khat?

    PeeEssWoo: Great stuff woo've done fur Jan!

  12. As long as hers don't write SAMPLE across da pee and poop...bwhahahaha!

    And Cyndi, I feels your pain bouts bein' chilly. And to answers ya'll question...heck no I ain't sharin'! Brudder and Sissy has long hair so they don't gets as cold as ME. I prolly should gets a wig.


  13. That was a great video - I want one of them Antelopes - then I dont have to struggle real hard on those hard to reach areas.

    Your new designs crack me up - you guys are so funny.



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