Friday, March 11, 2011

Percy Sniffs and Cotton Checks

Hi, it's me, Percy. It's my turn to do a post and today I am going to pretend to be Buddy at work. You all know our Buddy. He's a hound and his favorite pastime is to drag Jan down the road as he follows a scent.

Now I am not going to drag Jan around, but, yes, I am going to follow a scent to sniff out pet odors on our drapes. I don't normally go around sniffing drapes, but we do have litter pans indoors, and since it will make Jan happy ... (I hope making Jan happy will translate into treats.)

Jan is trying to use less chemicals in our house and she was just about to go to the Clean+Green site to see if they have a fabric freshener when we received an email asking if we would like to test their Furniture Refresher.

"The product is formulated to tackle tough pet stain and odor sources, but works beautifully on soft surfaces (couches/furniture, bedspreads, curtains and more) in any home. Clean+Green uses a patented Advanced Encapsulation Technology(tm) and an Advanced Eliminator3 Formula that naturally encapsulate and eliminate stain and odor on contact - even skunk odor! - by naturally biodegrading the stain/odor source. The all natural formula - ingredients are cane sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose, purified water and a natural aerosol propellant (nitrogen) delivers instant results in a safe, non-toxic,
eco-friendly solution."

The first can they sent was probably dropped on its head in transit and it suffered some major head trauma, so Clean+Green sent us a healthy can. We Funny Farmers would test the product all by ourselves but we lack the ability to shake the can and properly point the nozzle to spray. So we have enlisted Jan's help. All she has to do is point and shoot spray. We hope she is up to the task.

Our first project was the bedroom. Buddy and Sam are wimps and like to sleep on the bed at night. I sniffed the top blanket and Jan sprayed it. Then I sniffed the drapes and Jan sprayed them. So far, so good. I might not fire her.

But what's that smell? It was a bit perplexing. The Furniture Refresher is "fragrance free'" however, there was definitely an unusual odor arising from the blanket and drapes. Not stinky, just unusual.

Next we went to the porch where the litter pans are kept. I sniffed the drapes there and then the set in the bathroom. Jan sprayed all the drapes. Again, that unusual odor.

I waited a while and then made the rounds to sniff everything again. Hmmm, they smelled much better, even the bathroom drapes which had sported a musty odor since there is no ventilation in that room.

Cotton followed behind to double-check and gave everything her paw of approval. She said I have a keen sense of smell for a youngster, which made my fur stand on end until I realized she meant young compared to her. I guess it was intended as a compliment.

What we like most about Clean+Green products is the ingredients are non-toxic and harmless to pets and people: And another plus is that it is non-flammable. Jan had to stop using aerosol sprays in the winter because they turned the gas space heater pilot light flames orange and occasionally extinguished one. And once they're out, she often can't relight them. But she can use Clean+Green products year round.

We couldn't test this product with the gas heat on because our budget is such that when we had a warm spell last month Jan worried about the financial waste of the space heater pilots and finally turned them off. Of course there was an immediate change in the weather but since she can't turn them on without help and they need to have the dust/hair blown out first, we have been without heat for 2 or 3 weeks.

Jan did okay spraying the drapes so we won't fire her for that, but we were certainly contemplating it this morning when it was 50F in here.

We don't pee on the furniture - and certainly not on the drapes - but should we have an accident, the Furniture Refresher is supposed to clean and eliminate the odor. You can learn more about Clean+Green products here.

This is not a paid product review, but we did receive a can of the product to test.


  1. OMD...I haves to say dis was very interesting cuz my mum is a clean freak...I mean FREAK! And da problem withs dis is all da chemicals and stuffs her has had to clean withs. And da other problem was if it ain't gots chemicals can it really be clean? Thanks a ton furs dis information!


  2. thanks for all the updates Percy. This one won't stop cleaning either
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S love the header

  3. Well, we just have to checks dat out!

  4. Beautiful Percy and lovely Cotton!! Yay for your review of this product!!! Thank you!! Yay for not firing Jan either! LOL! Me and Charlie think she did a grand job using this product to refresh your furniture!!

    Take care

  5. Percy you did a great job of getting Jan around to all those places where hidden odor lurks. Keep up the good work.


  6. Sure sounds like a wonderful product!

  7. You did a good job with the review, guys. And Jan was a big help, too, I see. It's always good to hear about things that can might help out keeping our homes nice.

  8. We got the Deskunker to try. It makes Fenris smell better but he isn't fond of being sprayed.

    And Mommy gave the Furniture Refresher a paws up when Scylla sprayed the mattress in the Master Bedroom. MOL

  9. What a pawesome reviewer woo are!



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