Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cesar Millan And The Demon Dog

Posted by Darwin Garza

If you have not yet watched the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel you don't know what you are missing. I like to watch this program on Satellite TV Channels because we can't get it on cable. We found this program one evening when we were looking for something different to watch. Once we started watching, we understood that we could throw out everything we ever thought we knew about dogs.

We had a little chihuahua that thought she owned the house and everyone in it. She especially thought that I was her possession and nobody else could get close. This was awkward whenever somebody came to visit. We could not even hug or shake hands without her trying to bite their hands off.

After we started watching the Dog Whisperer we learned so much from the techniques that he used with dogs that behaved pretty much the same way she was acting. I remember the episode about the demon dog. This little chihuahua was doing the same thing that our Susie was doing. We didn't leave the room while this episode aired.

After watching this one we used the same techniques Cesar did and soon had her acting like a regular dog. She no longer tries to bite friends and family and actually acts like she likes them

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Cesar Milan!! I think his Dog Whisperer show is amazing!!! Unfortunately his show is no longer available on the freebie channels here but while it was, I was hooked and watched every episode!! I love how he lives in this poor bit of LA with his pack of very calm and happy doggies!!!! I love that he teaches the humans too and I especially love how the doggies really respond to him!!! I think he's just brilliant! I wish they'd show his programmes again on freebie TV in in the UK! take care

  2. Wonders if dat show would help any of my pack mates???? I, of course, is purrfectly behaved!

  3. He is one cool dude! Amazing with the woofies!

  4. I've only seen this guy once but he was fun. I like the tiger man from New Zealand too. Amazing people.

  5. Please look at at least one of these links before you seriously hurt your dog and/or your relationship with your dog.

  6. I watch Cesar sometimes. I enjoy watching him, he is great with dogs. Hugs

  7. We have watched some episodes of his program.
    We have heard good and not so good things about him.
    Hmmm.... I guess I prefer to be a wild girl!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I wont let Mum comment on your post because we really do not agree with his methods but I just came by to tell you that 'yes! I think you should get treats for opening doors!' I think you should get treats for everything!

  9. We gat that here and think that amazing work is done. I am glad that your little one was made to see the error of her ways and therefore was able to enjoy her life better. Mums sister had a little dog like that years ago and made everyone who came near her miserable because she would snap and snarl and even nip, not good when the kids came along, her sister just used to say she was being protective and not go near her. Not a good situation for anyone. We love our pets but they also need to know how to behave. Hugs GJ x


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