Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cotton has Giveaway News

It's me, Cotton, the senior Funny Farmer, with a post on a fundraiser/giveaway.We love giveaways and we enjoy helping animals in need. 

Many of you know Pet Care Bev and her dog Tyler. Well, Tyler has a twin known as Flat Tyler who not only travels around and gets his picture taken, but Flat Tyler has his own blog and he's having a giveaway.

First, we want to tell you that Bev and Tyler are raising funds for veterinary bills for Small paws Rescue. Tyler knows the rescue well. He and Bev came together through Small Paws.

Bev says: Even before Tyler, Small Paws has been important to me. Small Paws is a courageous group of 800 volunteers and 6,000 supporting global members. Over the past 12 years they’ve helped over 8,000 Bichons, Bichon Blends, and dogs who have had a passing affiliation with a Bichon to find forever homes. Volunteers foster dogs in their homes across the United States. Small Paws Rescue embraces the philosophy of  “no-kill”–nearly all their donations go to pay vet bills. And the little fluffy dogs that Small Paws rescues usually come from horrible situations. So there’s always vet bills.

So, during the month of March, to encourage people to donate to Small Paws Rescue (and to increase the flat pet population), Bev will give away 4 flat pets.

Also, Karen Nichols, a Catster blogger and Skeezix's Food Lady, not to mention the owner of the famous, traveling Flat Skeezix, has also offered to create one of her amazing, personalized mixed media pet portraits to use as a give-away during the Flat Tyler Small Paws Fundraiser! This is an incredible prize worth $100.00! You can see some examples at Karen's Etsy shop. The pet portrait will be given away at the end of March.

You can find the details at Flat Tyler's or at

For some reason, we were unable to access Flat Tyler's blog for the longest time today. The page kept "loading" blank. Eventually it did load but it is very slow for us and we have no idea of why. So if you have the same problem, just go to the firstgiving link. It has the same information and loaded quickly for us.


  1. We thinks blogger must be updating. We have had problems visiting other blogs and posting on our own.

  2. we agree with updating...your very own giveaway Cotton...sounds fun
    Benny & Lily

  3. Yep, blogger boogers! We'll check it you...but I have two flat mes!

  4. Cotton, thank you for the news! Sounds like a very worth while cause! The Funny Farm is always good tot the animals! :)

  5. Cotton,
    Thank you so much for the heads up on the neat giveaway.


  6. Cotton
    Thank you for the update!


  7. Lovely Cotton - great to see you!! Me and Charlie wish all at Small Paws Rescue the very best!!!!!

    Take care

  8. What a great fundraising idea!

  9. Cotton, that sounds pretty neat, so thanks for letting us know. We'll have to go check it out!

    Thank you all for being our friends. Your kind and thoughtful comments, and woofs, purrs and prayers during Maggie's illness and passing have been (and continue to be) such an encouragement.

    We love you guys!


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