Monday, March 21, 2011

Percy on Springing a Leak

So this is what a peeing car looks like. Not very impressive, is it? Now, Sam, he really knows how to take a leak.

Oh, sorry, I forgot to identify myself. This is Percy. No, not the photo below. I'm the kitty in the photo above.

The car's radiator level has been dropping and Jan's brother did find and fix a leaking radiator whatchamacallit last Friday. So Jan went to Walmart yesterday to buy some more coolant. But she got right back in the car and came home empty-handed after she saw the puddle forming underneath. She raced in the house, grabbed the camera and ran back out the door.

She thought that white line was a string and when she tried to pull it off in the Wal-mart parking lot, her finger went right through it. It was warm and wet. Thankfully, not hot!

It's a good thing she noticed the leak because two or three hours later, after she was sure the engine was cool (actually because she finally remembered), the radiator was full when she checked it. And since she is parked on the lawn, she wouldn't have known about the engine draining.

Since this is the only kind of entertainment Jan's had this year, maybe we need to get a job to cheer her up. Anyone looking to hire some adorable furries? We can eat and sleep and play and journal, so between us we have lots of experience.That should make us worth lots of green papers.

Not right now? Well, keep us in mind. We'll go practice sleeping some more so we don't forget how. You know the old saying, use it or lose it. Or should that be snooze it? zzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Me thinks woo need The Little Dutch Boy with a kevlar finger to plug THAT leak -

    Jan is furry lukhky to have noticed when she did -

    Once an engine is khooked, they khan be hard to heal -


  2. That is more entertaining that our Jan has been all day.

    booorrriiinng around here.

  3. That leak looks nasty; you furries need to snoopervise more often! We'd hire you anyday as cheering up fuzzies.

  4. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? can only get better.

  5. Glad she noticed it in time!
    Issues with cars are scary!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hi Funny Farmers! Sorry I haven't visited in ages - things have been a bit manic recently! :-)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your car machine troubles! Poor Jan! She must be feeling like everything is falling on top of her at the moment!

    Honey the Great Dane

  7. Leaky is NOT good. Not with the big old gosomeplace machine.

    Enjoyed to story and hope there will be no more leaks.

    Just sayin .....

  8. I don't think leaking cars are to much of an entertainment. It's better to go in the car to get entertainment. But guess if car has a big leak you can't go anywhere until leak is fixed. So no entertainment. Anyway, we want to thak you very much for your purrs and prayers for Patches and rising river. So good they both turned out on a postive note. Again thank you. Am trying to figure out if rising river was entertainment??

    Casper, Patches too.

  9. Me and Charlie haven't a clue about cars and engines and such things because we don't drive (well if Charlie does he is keeping very quiet about it! LOL!)!! But if we could we would hire you gorgeous kitties and woofies on the spot just for being super clever and lovely! Take care

  10. Oh, we are so sorry for Jan. Car problems are no fun. Hope she can get the leak fixed soon. We are glad she noticed it in time.

  11. Poor Jan. Car problems are no fun at all. Mom has had plenty in her time 'cos she always drives old cars (we were gonna say "heaps of sh**" but mom said it was rude).

  12. She's furry observant! And, it is a good thing too. Sending some healing purrs for Jan's engine!

  13. Cars break down at teh worst times!
    The only time it is "convenient" for one to break down is if a v-e-t appt. is scheduled!

  14. That car needs a really, really big litter box!

  15. We love Milo and Alfi's mom's comment. Heap's of sh**. Cars are just like a computer. Nothing but problems. We are sending tons of purrs that you figure out how to fix that darn leak. No fun. Take care.

  16. Oh..oh..
    My Mommy knows nothing from cars :(

    Hugs to all
    Kareltje =^.^= ♥ Betsie >^.^<


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