Monday, January 11, 2010

Shelter Pet Project

We were going to post on the Shelter Pet Project a couple of months ago and we forgot about it. We know. We never forget! How could this happen? Okay, so we do forget once in a while. Well, every now and ... uh, what were we talking about?

As we have said before, it's all Jan's fault. She claims we got our collective bad memory on our own, but we know she adds Amnesia Spice to our food when we're not looking. It's probably that strange smelling weed she grows on the back patio we don't have.

We do have a soft spot for shelter pets, so we approve of campaigns that try to improve their image. The animals that go through a shelter are mutts, purebreds, lost, abandoned, abused, given up with heavy heart and many tears, very young, seniors, large, small, injured, healthy, well-trained, untrained ... Yes, there is a wide variety and one of them could be just right for your home.

The Shelter Pet Project is sponsored by The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie's Fund, and the Ad Council. It uses humor to make the point that animals end up in the shelter through no fault of their own. This is one of their videos from maddiesfund on YouTube.

If the video doesn't play, click here. You can find other videos from the campaign listed under "related videos."

We have a problem with the sound and video on the campaign's website introduction but once past that ... (It could have something to do with our browser or sound. Perhaps the sound and video will work without problem for you.) They are @shelterpets on twitter and are also on Facebook (must be a FB member to view page).


  1. Maybe woo khould find a Foster Home fur woo know who?


  2. Yay! I think that shelter pets are the best.

  3. We think the Shelter Pet Project is wonderful!

  4. We thinks the Shelter Project is great. Fenris came from a shelter and he is a wonderful doggie. ~The cats AS & S

    Thanks for letting people know shelter pets are great. ~Fenris

  5. This is a great project ^^

  6. We give them 20 paws up from our house!

  7. Great idea. We're shelter cats ourselves and we're almost normal ;-)

  8. Shelters are the best invention since kibble! Excellent project.

  9. Love the video! Now what is this strange weed you speak of? ;)


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