Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crystal's Friends

We would like to thank all of Crystal's friends -- old and new -- who have come by to leave a message since Crystal passed away Sunday morning. Since we post as the Funny Farm and not as individuals most of the time, we realize you barely know Crystal as an individual. But you do understand the loss of a furry friend. So we value each act of kindness, whether as a comment on the blog, an email, or a phone call. Yes, even the midnight phone call. One caring friend picked up the phone as soon as she read the email and called, despite the hour. She knew Jan would be upset. And then Jan went to bed and one of us -- (don't worry, Sam, we won't tell on you) -- leaped onto the bed, landing on Jan's painful toe again.

Gracie made this beautiful Rainbow Bridge graphic for Crystal.

Gracie also commissioned Olive (Opus' sister) to do a Vportrait of Crystal for his family. These portraits are currently being made to raise funds for Fiona's medical bills. (Link is on Gracie's blog.)

Ann the Zoolatry Human posted a tribute to Crystal on Collectibles by Zoolatry.

We were also touched by the way Perfectly Parker's family reached out. "We are so sorry for your loss, we have made a donation to Wayside Waifs in memory of Crystal so some little kitty might have a loving forever home." We're glad something good came out of our loss. Some little kitty is being helped.

Tristan & Crikey, Sammy (Samson), Karen Jo of Kitty Limericks, and Socks, Scylla, Artemisia & Fenris posted on or mentioned Crystal. (We don't expect you to visit all our links. We are trying to put all this information together so we don't lose it.)

It's hard to write about Crystal now, so we're just going to raid some older posts to tell you a little about him.

From our post Crystal is 10.
Crystal, you were so tiny when someone threw you and your twin out. You two went up and down the street trying to get someone to take you home. Somewhere along the way, you lost your twin.

Jan heard you crying outside her bedroom window. When she saw you, she stopped on a step and you raced over and leaped high into the air to reach her. Only you were too small and you crashed into the steps. So, of course, there was no way Jan was going to leave you there on the ground. She picked you up, brought you inside and broke her commitment that Jenny and Grayce would be the last animals she rescued.

She has never regretted taking you in. You immediately bonded with Grayce (it was not a mutual bond at first!) and were her closest companion until she died. To this day, your favorite sleeping spot is on Jan's pillow, occasionally reaching out to pat her face as you purr. Percy has taken your place as the alpha kitty, but you will always be Jan's number 1 greeter when company comes.

From the Meezers' Hams of the World Tour in September 2009

Crystal is on bottom left of the photo. We made the decision to send him on the tour because he was the oldest and we wanted him to have a big adventure.

A couple of months after Crystal's 11th birthday, we entered him in Boris' birthday contest.

My human, Jan, named me Crystal even though I'm a boy kitty because she said I am as handsome as crystal glassware is beautiful. My furry siblings think I should enter your contest. You see, I turned 11 years old on June 1st and I don't know how many days ... I mean years ... I have left, and I've never had a birthday party. That never bothered me before. I have an endless supply of crunchies, a roof over my old head, a warm bed in winter, a big family to keep me company, and a human who scoops my poop. What more could a kitty want?

Well, I hate to admit it, but before I go, I dream of having a birthday party where we all wear a silly hat, agile mice deliver my cake, balloons float freely, a huge table bends under the weight of food and beverages, and all the furries attending get a present -- not just me. So I think I'm going to start checking the couch for loose change so next year I can afford to invite all my friends and family to a big birthday party.

Crystal was one of 5 runner ups in Boris' birthday contest. We had no idea Crystal wouldn't be here for his next birthday. We would have liked to see his dream come true.

Crystal, It's hard to look at your freshly dug grave. It's so close to the new dog pen, but Jan wanted you buried next to Jenny and Grayce. We're sad you had to leave us but you will always be a part of the Funny Farm, as you will live on in our hearts and memories. You were a terrific brother and we all miss you.

We love you. Farewell, sweet Crystal!

Cotton, Merci, Cyndi, Percy, Cameron, Buddy, Rusty & Sam
& Jan


  1. Crystal was the one that kept kikhking litter into MY fluffy tail!


  2. What wonderful tributes everyone did. We are always so amazed at the creativity and thougtfulness of our community.

  3. We're so sorry for your loss, such a special girl. Fly high little one.

  4. I was so sorry to hear about Crystal. I am sending comforting purrs for Mom Jan.

  5. Beautiful and touching tributes. Sending healing Light and (((hugs))).

  6. (((hugs)))
    Crystal was a wonderful kitty!

  7. Wonderful tributes from his furriends but the most touching is of course from his long time companion. Hugs and headbutties to Jan.

  8. Thanks for reminding us a little about Crystal. He was a fine orange kitty, and our Mum has a soft spot for orange kitties. Gentle headbutts and soft purrs to Jan and the rest of you Funny Farmers,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  9. Beautiful tribute!
    My Mom knows the pain of losing a kitten, so we understand you.

  10. We were so saddened to learn of Crystal running off to the Bridge.
    The response from the blogosphere is always overwhelming and much appreciated.
    Definitely collect all the tributes and such into one or two posts, they will be priceless as the years move on.
    We are all sending you purrs and purrayers...
    Mommy ML and Six Kitties

    pee ess: Yes, unfortunately, most of us do know the pain of loss of a beloved fur baby, but that never makes it any easier.

  11. We are so sad Crystal didn't get his birthday party, before he went to the bridge. He certainly was as handsome as the finest crystal. ~AFSS

  12. We didn't know Crystal very well at all, but thanks to such wonderful tributes we will remember Crystal forever!

  13. We've just heard the news (been out of touch for a bit) and were so sorry to hear about Crystal's passing. Our hearts go out to you Jan and all the Funny Farm gang.
    Freckles and Deb

  14. Such a beautiful post for such a sweet kitty....Hugs

  15. So sorry about Crystal, but I really love that you named HIM Crystal. That is awesome and he had a great life.

  16. A lovely tribute for Crystal. I always thought he beed very cool cos my rabbit-dog brother has a 'girls' name too, he called Molly.
    ~lickies, Ludo

  17. What a beautiful tribute to Crystal! We bet he has a fantastic birthday party with all his furiends across the Rainbow Bridge.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  18. That is a lovely tribute to Crystal. We will all miss him.

  19. We were so sorry to hear about Crystal. Purrs and Prayers to all of you at Jan's farm. He deserved all the tributes he has gotten. Rest in Peace sweet Crystal.

    Casper, Cleo, Patches and Mom

  20. So touching! Crystal was a sweetheart, and what a lovely rescue story. Thank you for sharing Jan.

  21. We didn't know your Crystal, but our hearts feel your pain. Your stories show a happy life... the stuff of which cat dreams are made.

    Glogirly & Katie

  22. What a lovefurly tribute to your daer Crystal. Mom's sitting hear trying to type through tears. We've met you under those terrible circumstances but we are glad to be able to offer comforting words to you all.

  23. Jan, we are very sorry. A past few days our pup brudder had a little health issue so we weren't visiting anyone and didn't know about your loss until now. Yes, we all understand the pain of loss....

    It's wonderful to see what many friends tribute. Beautiful Crystal will be remembered.

    Momo & Pinot

  24. It's so hard to lose a family member.
    This was a great tribute to her!!!
    Tail wags,

  25. I am so sorry for your loss Jan and kitties!! I know how much Chrystal meant to all of you and it just breaks my heart to know that you're hurting now. Know that I am thinking of you and sending you my thoughts and prayers. I surely wish that I had gotten to know Chrystal a little bit better but he seemed like a wonderful kitty and he was meant to come to you.
    Thinking of you,
    XOXOXOXO Puddin

  26. Every time one of the furries runs off to the Bridge it breaks my Momma's heart one little piece at a time.So she knows how much it tears and breaks Momma Jan's heart. We are so sorry we didn't know Crystal better...our brofur Ping is a beautiful golden tabby boy and so we have special spots in our hearts for tabbies...we are all purrin for you Momma Jan...

    purry purrs
    Abby,Boo,Ping,Jinx, Gracie & Momma Debra

  27. They are all very sweet and touching tributes to Crystal...He was a beautiful boy.

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  29. What a beautiful tribute to Crystal. He was such a sweetie pie. He will be missed but know that he will be kept close to all that knew him and loved him by keeping him in our thoughts and in our heart. I have no doubt that Roscoe was waiting to greet him and show him around. Someday we will see Crystal again.

  30. What beautiful and touching tributes. It's so, so evident how much Crystal was loved. Purrs.

  31. Lovely tribute!
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Kisses and hugs

  32. It's a lovely tribute to a beautiful kitty. Purrs to ease your loss.

  33. Obviously you loved your girl. If her twin crossed the bridge all those years ago, at least they are together again.

  34. We are so sorry we only just found out about Crystal.. We are so annoyed with our secretary that we have a good mind to stomp on her toe!

    Sorry to hear of your loss.. You gave Crystal a great life and lots of love, and he gave you all his love back in return. I am sure he'll be missed and one day, we'll all be reunited with our furkids.

    it must have been so so hard. Don't know what words to write, so here's a giant hug from all of us to you from across the miles.

  35. A beautiful post. We understand just how much you will always miss Crystal. Hold on to those lovely memories ~ Crystal will always be in your heart.

  36. what a wonderful post. We promise this year to wear funny hats on our purrfdays in rememberance of Crystal.

  37. Oh no, we are so sorry to have just read about this news. We are so so sorry Crystal has gone to the Bridge. We are sending tons of purrs and hugs over to you all, and Jan we hope you are doing ok. We know it is never easy to lose a furry loved one.
    JB, Chester, CB, Armani, Gaia, Charli and mom Deb

  38. We all know the pain you feel right now and hope that we can help you thru this doing whatever we can. Mom is sending healing energy to you and all the furry ones.

  39. Ut oh, the mom has leaky eyes again.

    Purrs and headbutts

    I is Jake!

    The Mom, Laure

  40. That was a nice tribute to Crystal. We remember Crystal from the Hams of the World Tour.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  41. I'm so sorry I'm arriving late to send you comforting wiry hugs for the sad leaving of your lovely boy Crystal. What a wonderful loving life he had with you, that was a very special tribute for him.
    Catch my wiry love blowing on the wind to you...Eric xx

  42. That was a wonderful tribute to Crystal and now my mum is crying all over again.

  43. Our beans know the pain of losing a furry one. Our thoughts are with you! Shrek & Family

  44. I am glad that you liked my mention of Crystal and Rusty's limerick. He was a very special kitty.

  45. A lovely tribute!
    Crystal was a very special and much loved kitty!

  46. The wound on you hearts from Crystal will heal somewhat but there will always be a small scar to remember him by. He will always be a Funny Farmer and he will always be your beautiful boy and your brother. He lives on in all of your hearts.
    - TBH&K

  47. This is a beautiful tribute to darling Crystal. To see so much of his blogging (and learn of his beginnings) in one post is great. Don't worry, Crystal will have a truely glorious birthday party at The Bridge. Our Angel will be there giving him a nose kiss and sharing her secret stash of nip and valerian with him - showing him how to party hard :)

    Rumbly purrs and love to you all

    & Mum


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