Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the Thief Is

Crystal: Okay, this is the last straw .... uh, package we're not getting part of.

Cotton: Maybe we should start from the beginning. One of us has been climbing on the shelves and knocking things down into the litter pans.

Rusty: Yeah, and leaving ripped up packages of Temptations! Which we didn't get a share of.

Crystal: It's happened twice so far. Jan found the second package this morning. It was empty! Not even a crumb left.

Cyndi: Jan is pretty upset. She says we're supposed to share.

Cameron: And she's worried about what kind of health effect eating so many Temptations at a time will have on the perpetrator.

Cotton: The first time she found the package while only half eaten and we did each get a couple. So did the dogs. Temptations were falling out the bottom, the middle, the sides of the bag. She didn't have enough fingers to plug the holes.

Cyndi: Jan says she knows which one of us is guilty because she not only knows which one of us is the most agile but she saw the gymnast plotting a course and making a map of the easiest way to access the shelf where she hides the treats. Of course, she didn't realize what was happening at the time.

Rusty: The same suspect has been uprooting the aloe vera plant Jan's friend sent her for emergencies. It doesn't stay in the pot long enough to grown roots, even though Jan hid the pot in the most "remote" region of the shelves.

Cameron: So, since this is cutting into our Temptation stash, we held a meeting and decided to confirm the identity of the thief for Jan. If you haven't guessed by now, the thief is --

Percy, tapping keyboard keys rapidly: Sorry, guys, technical problems. The browser is shutting dow-


PS from Buddy, Merci & Sam: No, Jan hasn't found her funny bone yet, but she did give us permission to post, as long as we do it while she is out of paw reach. Her eye is doing better but her toe is swollen, painful and infected, and she is ... um, how do we put this ... oh, yeah, crabby as hockey! Or do we mean crabby as h-e-double hockey stick? Whichever, we advise you to keep your distance. Especially from her toe. And yes, we do have something to do with that. We said we're sorry and buddy has tried to doctor it but she goes hysterical if we so much as look her way. So we're lying low and collecting surgical supplies in case Dr. Buddy has to operate.


  1. Merdie and I nevFUR left the neighbourhood...

    Twasn't us!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. It wasn't me, but I wouldn't tell even if I knew.

    Hope Jan's toe is better soon.

  3. Thats the beauty of having siblings you can blame each other.. I do hope Jan's toe is feeling better soon.. No wonder she is grouchy.. HUgs GJ x

  4. A mystery! What about mousies! We eat them. They eat our Temptations?

  5. I guess that was a big snack attack!

  6. Isn't that why they are called Temptations?

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

    Pee Ess, hope Jan's toe is doing better, we don't need another Dr. Buddy adventure:)

  7. We don't thinks eating a whole bag of Temptations will hurt you. Other then you might get to fat to out run your angry siblings and Jan. We thinks you should stop. Scylla does that too only she gets in the huge bags of food, so Mommy has to put them way up high and then let Fenris guard them. The treats are so well hidden that sometimes even Mommy can't find them.

    Jan we are sorry you are still injured. Have you been soaking your infected toe in Epsom salt? for some reason the doctors are always telling youngest boy bean to do that when he gets infected ingrown toenails after they yanks them out. ~AFSS

  8. Yeah, that was pretty rotten of the culprit not to share with the rest of you. :(

    We hope Jan's toe feels better soon.

  9. Does Dr. Buddy do counseling?
    He needs to get Percy on the couch to find the source of this behavior.

  10. Wow. You guys are smart. I'm impressed. I hope that your person starts getting better so that she can give you temptations so you don't have to go and get them yourselves.

  11. Well if I'd been there I might have been responsible for this grave misgiving - but I wasn't there so I'm free from blame - yea.
    Party mix is just soooooooooooooo good who can blame the poor thiefy.


  12. Isn't it nice to have brofers and sisfurs to blame things on?

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. Good vibes for Jan! I hope her toe get better soon!
    I wonder who is the thief! Hmmm....
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Arghhhhh! The mom hasn't been kind to me this week about visiting, said she had things that she needed to do. Imagine that. Anyway I am sorry that Percy has technical problems, ha, ha. Now I will never know who gets into the treats huh PERCY?!
    And now I must read your older posts to see what all have done to poor Jan's toes and all.
    Come on you all, take it easy on her please!

  15. hello evrybuddy its dennis the vizsla dog hay this luks like my brother tuckers handiwork to me!!! ok bye

  16. Hope Jan is getting better. It's been a while, hasn't it? Purrs +++++ from me.

    Uh, Percy, is the computer fixed? Can we continue to unravel the mystery?

  17. No one can resist Temptations!

  18. OH, well they're not called Temptations for nothing!!! :-)

  19. We were all locked up in the pen and paddock so we are most definitely NOT the guilty parties; Percy perhaps? Tell ms. Jan to keep her distance from all you crazies and to get well soon.
    - TBH&K


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