Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ruff Ride

This last year has been a "ruff ride" for humans and also for our furry friends. Many of them have been abandoned or turned into local shelters because owners have lost jobs, homes and hope. The 101 Lakemore Cats that were abandoned in a house in foreclosure are one example. We have written about them a number of times in recent months. Their story has a happy ending because a man named Eric cared enough to put his life on hold to rescue all of them.

But this post isn't about gloom and negativity. It's about a witty new book titled Ruff Ride by Shawn and Lynel Berryhill. We were pleased to receive a review copy of the book.

We enjoyed their humor and photos, poking fun at the economy and eliciting smiles all around. One canine depiction we particularly enjoyed was, "The wisdom of man never yet contrived a system of taxation that would operate with perfect equality." (Andrew Jackson) Visit their website to see the dog illustration that goes with it.

"Ruff ride is dedicated to preserving the quality of life for all our forgotten companions through a variety of charities, awareness efforts, and fund raising programs. Any Ruff Ride purchase you make is a direct contribution towards this cause."

The 8.5" x 8.5" paperback book is self-published and is available for the low price of $15 only on www.RuffRide.com.


  1. Tank woo fur sharing!

    We'll chekhk it out!


  2. You are right, 2009 was a really ruff year for us in more ways than one. We can only pray and hope that 2010 will be much better...

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful book!

  4. We'll check it out!

    I'd like to pass on to you the Superior Scribbler Award, which came to me from Cat of Nine Tales.

    Details about the award are on my Fuzzy Tales blog at

    Have fun!

  5. That looks like a vewy cool book..I'll have Mommi go check it out!!!
    Thanks fow telling us
    smoochie kisses

  6. Yep, it was a rough year, we all need to do our little part to make it better!

  7. Yes, it was a very sad year for our beloved companions everywhere.

  8. That sounds like a good read, mum will check it out.. Hugs GJ x

  9. We will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing!
    K and A

  10. We'll hafta check out that book!

  11. The mom and I are going to definately check that book out. Thanks for letting us know about it.
    Like the Zazzle thingie at the top of your blog. Good job. Don't know how you do all that stuff.

  12. Thanks for sharing it!
    I am going to tell my mom to check it!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing!

  14. We love it when our Mom reads to us. Thanks for telling us about that book, furriends.

  15. Jan--God bless you for having such a warm and caring heart! And thank you for your kind words!

  16. Now why didn't I think of that?

  17. We'll definitely take a look at it. Thank you for sharing :-)


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