Monday, January 04, 2010

Furry Funny Farm

Jan is going to hog the computer again today so we thought we would post a new collection of odd keywords used to find us here at JFF. Whenever we read the list, we wonder whether Google has a drug and alcohol problem, but we don't ask because we're grateful it sends folks to our blog. We hope when they arrive, they stay to visit and bookmark us to return.

funny cat picture "i barfed" --Not on our blog, you don't! Go barf elsewhere.

sassy kitty cat build a bear retired -- Go ahead, we dare you to try to explain this one. We haven't a clue!

cat litter box harry cooper -- Does Harry Cooper need to borrow a litter box or has he found his own? He can stop by to use ours if it's an emergency.

i want to play farm villy but i don't have a facebook -- Well, that's simple. Get a facebook!

medical staple remover burglar -- Dr. Buddy, do you know anything about this one? We think it's for you.

Whiskas Temptations cat on porch picnic -- Is this a Whiskas Temptations ad? There are 6 cats here that would volunteer to be in it. (We assume it's all you can eat Temptations?)

canary farm -- We thought canaries were hatched, not planted.

pee and -- Okay, what's with this one? We are No pee and poop allowed on here!

funny random thoughts -- Hey, we get those once in a while. There's a special on them this week.

list of toxic foods for pigs -- This must be related to a post we did on 2 subjects, titled "Mini Pigs and Toxic Foods." We would never feed toxic food to any pig! It's the government that allows pet food companies to feed toxic food to pets -- and probably to pigs too.

the fun theory -- We think Buddy swallowed that when he was a pup. He ate everything. Could explain why he's different - but fun.

furry funny farm -- Finally, someone got it right! We are a furry funny farm!

That's it for today, kits and pups. Hope you all return soon. Bring some Temptations and we kits can party on the porch. The pups can have a biscuit festival in our pups' exercise pen.


  1. LOL! Too funny!!!! We're gonna have to try that with our blog!

  2. This has to be one of the funniest posts ever!

    The Humans laughed so much their eyes watered.

    Thanks for posting :-D

  3. Yours are much better than mine... I get "how to steal ham"... As IF!

  4. Snikhkering here!

    PeeEssWoo: As fur my khonfession, akhtually it wasn't akhtually snow - it was akhtually frost and 25 degrees a few Novembers ago - I nevFUR knew she khould run like the 6Million Dollar Woman in just sweats and a t-shirt!

  5. One has to wonder whether some sort of substance has been taken by most of these searchers, heh heh!

    Happy New Year all you Funny Farmers! :)xxx

  6. Ha! Great key words again.
    We wish all of you a Happy New Year!

  7. Pee and = now THAT is funny.

    We don't have a tracker on ours, but it sure sounds like a lot of fun.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder

  8. Really cute and funny. Now I know all of you really well and I know for sure there is plenty of pee and poop at your place. If there isn't then the bunch of you should all get into the vet doctor or have Dr. Buddy look at you all.

  9. Great post...made us all chuckle!

  10. Hee hee! Thanks for the laugh ... great way to start the work week. :)

  11. pee and
    Humans are weird sometimes, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Hahahaha. Now I have to go and find out what mine is.
    This is rich!

  13. Yep, I agree, that post was a hoot!!!

  14. See, we keep saying dat human beans is weerd. Now we haf proof!

  15. That is odd and funny.....hee hee.
    I will bring a backpack of Temptations over right away!

  16. Great funny lines. We hope you have a Great 2010.

    Casper and crew


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