Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Buddy's Missing Kidneys

Chance is about to lose his hoohas and when we stopped by to help him feel better about it, we got into a heated discussion. So, we'd like to share this with you and see who wins the arg -- um, discussion.

Buddy: Don't worry, Chance. I survived when my kidneys were farmed.

Merci: Buddy, how many times must I remind you the correct word is harvested. Your kidneys were harvested.

Cotton: Can't you woofies ever get it right? His kidneys weren't involved.

Buddy: Yes, they were. They're missing. See, I'll show you.

Cyndi: Buddy, don't you dare show any ladies where your, um....

Percy: Hoohas.

Cyndi: Hoohas? Go ahead, Buddy, show everyone where your kidneys used to be.

Buddy: No, I'm not going to show you anything now. My kidneys were stolen and I want them back!

Crystal: You're all scaring Chance. We're supposed to be making him feel better about losing his hoohas.

Buddy: No, not his hoohas. His kidneys! You can read Buddy is Farmed here. And then please tell my siblings they're wrong! Our kidneys are very important to us and we don't want them stolen. So, run, Chance, run!


  1. Oh Buddy, I could see how you made that mistake. Hoohas look very similar to kid-knees.

  2. "Oh" Poor Chance I hope all goes well...Hugs Ariel

  3. Hehehe that was a hilarious story!!!!!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  4. Um, Buddy - I think the kidneys are on the inside dude! In either case, I don't think you're getting them back (at least I didn't get mine back).


  5. We are laughing so hard over the post Buddy is Farmed, guys are so silly about their .........brains.

    ~S,S & C

  6. Heeheehee!!! That was a funny story!
    Poor Buddy :)
    I'm glad though, that they are not really taking his kidneys. I'm sure Chance will be OK!!
    Purrs Mickey

  7. LOL, that was funny. We'll be thinking about Chance!

  8. We love the Buddy is farmed link to the photo. :)

  9. w00f's, will go wish chance good wishes fur surgery, and me went to tell Moki me hopes he feels better soon..

    b safe,

  10. This reminds my mom of what she tells her supervisor (in jest) "You may have *said* that but that's not what I HEARD."

    love & wags,

  11. Oh,Chance...don't let those woofies scare you about losing your kidneys...we mean hoohas...whatever!

  12. Haha that was the funniest story about Buddy's 'kidneys'.

  13. Dear Chance,

    Do not worry about your hoohas. Worry about whether or not your furs might be stolen.

    Yr friend,


  14. Oh, we are so sorry about your kidneys, Buddy! But, being girls we don't know about kidneys or hoohas. We don't think we have them! good luck to you, Chance. Maybe those hoohas aren't really necessary.

  15. Best of luck to ya Chance! Roscoe and I had our hoohas stolen at the same time!!!! But we were okay. And all of these years later, I don't even notice the difference.

    good luck!

  16. Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately I did not run fast enough. Mommie caught me and rudely stuffed me in the PTU and then left me with these strange aliens with masks and some funny gas. Now my hoohas are gone, but I guess it's okay. I'll let you know once the funny gas and yucky pain meds wear off.




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