Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry, We'll be back ASAP

A quick message to let everyone know Jan's computer is down. One drive died, taking all her pictures and stories -- and the backup to the main drive. Either the other drive is about to die too or the motherboard or .... is going. Her brother will help her as soon as he can. How long we will be gone will depend on what it is and what he needs to do.

We did read the updates on Moki and Momo and we are purring and wagging tails like crazy for both of them. Please keep us in the loop too. We won't be able to visit blogs but we will try to read email when we can, even if we can't reply.

Don't forget us. We will return. Soon, we hope!


  1. We hope you get things fixed soon. Good luck.

  2. We hope your computer is soon mended and your photos and stories can be retrieved.

  3. Oh no!!!! Jan, we iz soo soree for da comphooter problemz. Dat iz not good. We will starts purrin' immeedately.

  4. Oh noes! We do not like computer problems. Mom has 3 computers... one for work, one for home, and one 'just in case'! We hope you did not lose all your photos!

  5. We'll be here. HOpe you don't lose important stuff, especially those pictures.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  6. Hope it can be fixed real fast.

    Yes, my mom has emailed Hope 4 dogs about transporting--but none of them come through our area yet.

    Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

    love & wags,

  7. We totally empathize! Ours crashed and burned. ;(
    Good luck!

  8. Mom said computers are great when the work and a pain in the (censored!) when they are don't! She used the real word but I censored it ... tee hee!

    Hope you get it fixed soon.

  9. We hope your computer is easy to fix and everything can be retrived. We will miss you while you are on your enforced blogging vacation. Hopefully you will get to spend lots of time cuddling with Jan to make up for not being able to blog. ~S,S & C

  10. We hope your puter gets fixed real soon! We are purr-raying for Moki and Momo too!


  11. We hope you guys are back up and running soon! If we don't see you before, have a great Turkey day!

  12. i know green papers are in short supply at your house, but Mom uses to back up her computer. It costs 5 green papers a month to back up all her pictures and files. She says it is a lifesaver.

    She even uses it on the computers at her day hunting gig, she likes it so much.

    good luck!

  13. Oh no! Hope you're back soon, and that you can retrieve your photos.

  14. I do hopes your compoooter comes alive again very soon!


  15. We're so sorry you are having computer problems. We went through that a couple of months ago and it really is annoying (and expensive, since we had to buy a new computer!) GOOD LUCK!


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