Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Carrol & Cards

Carrol Crocker has 20 dogs remaining. These dogs are in critical need of adoption, foster or rescue. Keep spreading the word. And keep checking the Green Acres site for updates. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see photos of those that remain, as well as those that have been rescued.

We have noticed that a number of you have posted information on your blogs for a Christmas card exchange. We like all of you and thought about signing up since we like all of you. But Jan sat us down and gave us "the talk." No, not that one, the one about finances.

She said we can either exchange cards with bloggers or we can send a few cards to those friends and strangers we can't contact by phone or email/internet. But we can't do both. We thought of folks like Judi who is basically bedridden and lives way out in the Kansas country. Humans like her definitely must get a card! And we want to participate in sending cards to our military overseas.

Speaking of the military, Zoolatry made this lovely graphic for bloggers to post. But before you send a card to the address listed, be sure to click on the link -- Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes site -- because there are very specific rules for sending cards and if they are not followed, your cards will not reach any military person.


  1. We'd still like to send a card to you. We'd love your snail mail address!

  2. My mom said similiar things. It is good that you name the problem! Ehem, did you come by my blog recently? There is a little cange and I don't like it that much...
    Purrs, Siena

  3. Us too. We're jus' gonna wish efurry kitty a Purry Christmas from our bloggies. Purrs!

  4. We are happy to learn that more of Carroll's dogs have been rescued. We will continue to purr for the remaining 20.

    ~S,S & C

  5. w00f's JFF, me still got me paws crossed fur the last 20 pups..aND me will send some cards to the service people..wonder whatt they will think gettin a card from a doggie??

    b safe,

  6. 20 more to go is great, lets hope they get good homes quickly!!


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