Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cotton's Meme

Hi, This is Cotton. I have never done a post on my own, but Pearl over at PB&J picked some of her Tough A*S Tortie (TATA) sisters for the 8 Random Things Meme. So, I'm going to take a deep breath and pretend all my siblings are sitting here helping me write this.

Merci: Psssst, Cotton, we are sitting here helping you write this. Or at least we're sitting here for moral support.

The rules are:

- Each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
- People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
- At the end of your blogpost, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their name.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged and to read your blog.

Okay, I'll try.
1) Since Jenny died, I am the matriarch of this feline-canine family. In case that sounds fancy, it just means I'm the oldest and bossiest!

2) I like to be up high. So in winter, Jan puts my warm bed on top of the fridge. I don't mind if one of the other kitties naps in it while I'm elsewhere, but if he -- Yes, he! Cyndi isn't into high places. But if he doesn't move when I return, I whap him up beside the head a few times and he moves.

3) Sometimes I like to sleep in Jan's closet. It's dark and warm in there and it smells like Jan's shoes. Well, it does, Percy! She has her shoes hanging on the door.

4) When Jan is washing the dishes, I like to stand on the washing machine and rub against her arm. I almost fell in the sink a couple of times when she moved her arm suddenly, though.

5) And I like to cuddle with her when she's on the computer. Course you can't see her here. She's typing. I'm keeping her desk warm.

6) I don't like to sleep on the big bed. It gets too crowded and Buddy grumbles if I step on him.

7) I don't like to be brushed except very gently and for a short time.

8) I'm glad Auntie Deb invited me to join TATA, but then she got sick and the club has been on hold. I wish I could go visit Auntie Deb but she is too far away and she can't navigate the stairs to the computer room so I can't email her. I think I'll call her. Does anyone know her number? Yes, Cameron, I know she's #1 with all of us. But that's not her phone number. But don't worry, Auntie Deb, I'll find you.

I have to pass it on to 8. If any of you have already done this one, don't worry about it.

Halloween, Khyra, JB, Milo, Dave of the Ao4, Angus Mohr, Chef & River


  1. I loved your Meme Cotton!

  2. Ha ha! This reminds me of Catzee.

  3. Glad to see that your computer is working today. Hope it didn't crash that is never a good thing. Just like the stock market, not a good thing to crash.
    This was a great meme and I got to know a little more about you. I still don't understand why you would want to smell the shoes of Jan?

  4. Cotton you did a great job and it was wonderful to learn more about you. ~S,S & C

  5. That was a great meme Cotton. I agree, cuddling on the computer when your mum is using it is the best. I didn't like being brushed either until I saw how much Eric likes the Zoom Groom. Now I love it too.

  6. Cotton is was lovely to get to know you better. I see you are quite good about keeping things warm.

  7. Cotton, this sounds fun so I'll do it tomorrow (Sunday). Thanks for tagging me!

  8. Cotton!

    Ya know, you look much like one of the cats in my family, her name is Marble. She likes to be up high too. She sleeps on top of the fridge and the wardrobe.

    I enjoyed reading this post!


  9. Cotton, we love the picture of you keeping the desk warm! Great meme.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  10. Twas nice getting to know more about woo - even if woo are a KHAT!

    Tank woo fur the tag!

    Diamond's Lair tagged me too - I'll get khrakhking on MeMe'ing myself!

    Happy Saturday!


  11. w00f's JFF, pawsome answers on the meme there Cotton, diamonds lair taggeded me gots to git to doing it..

    b safe,

  12. Great meme, Cotton! Thanks so much for the soft purrs and tail wags! We miss Caddy Caddy very much!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  13. Shoes are fun. We love to attack them!

    Abby & Stygia

  14. Kind of quiet here at your place. Hope you are all staying out of trouble.

  15. That was a great meme and good things to know about you. I will try to get my mom to help me do this meme!

  16. We dun really like bein brushed effur. BUT mommeh gifs us temtayshuns wif one hand an we stand dere tryin ta git it while she brushes. Sneaky mommeh.

  17. Cotton, you did q wonderful job all on your own! We hope you do not have to wield the power of the whap too often to reclaim your special spot!

  18. Oh! I didn't know I was tagged... that looks like fun. I really enjoyed reading your meme, Cotton. That's how we really get to know our friends.

    I'm going to to start thinking about mine... thanks~!



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