Friday, November 29, 2013

Carmine, Milita and Jewel

Our special guests this week are the lovely kitties Carmine, Milita and Jewel from the Fur Everywhere blog. 

It's great to see Jewel enjoying her now-permanent senior years home.  All the kitties are loved and happy, as every kitty and dog should be. 

You can read their story, Purrs and Fur ... Everywhere, at Mousebreath, the ezine by cats for cats and cat lovers.

We hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  Jan brought us home turkey crumbs.  We think she's fibbing and she's eaten the turkey and we get the crumbs as an afterthought.  Yes, she would do that.  We'd share with her, but does she reciprocate?  Nooooooooo! 

So we're about to have breakfast and we are definitely NOT sharing our canned roasted turkey with her.  Not even if she begs.  (Well, if she begs, she might get a moist crumb.) 

We are joining the Pet Parade blog hop *17 at Rascal and Rocco's.  Stop by and join too.


  1. Great article Jan!!!
    Well crumbs is better than no crumbs, right? Tee hee

  2. Bowsers, I would have finished it before the post.


  3. Our humans are big slackers. Mine left me all day and didn't even bring anything home for me - plus my dinnertime was late! Sigh. We're going over now to read your interview.

  4. I haven't seen their blog before. Looking forward to getting to know them and checking them out!

  5. Our people went to a friends house and didn't bring back even one scrap of turkey. Mom said she was going to ask for a leftover bit, but then she forgot!!!!!

  6. Turkey "crumbs"?! Well, we think you should all go out and catch yer OWN turkey and offer JAN the crumbs left over...

  7. Crumbs? Is that the best she can do? That’s OK cos when my peeps go out to eat, they don’t bring me anything.

  8. Typical humans to give us the crumbls !


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