Thursday, April 11, 2013

Inspectors Percy and Sam

Hey, Rusty here.  It's a kind of blah day today and I'm trying to stay awake, but before nap comes news, so here it is. 

Today is Thankful Thursday, so I'd like to post something we're all thankful for here.

A package arrived the other day from Anonymous (to you but not to us).  It had a little something for all of us.

Percy,  Sam & Buddy..  Any foodables included?
Notice who the first ones always are to check out new arrivals.  Just in case there are any edibles.  And to hog a photo op.  Yep, Percy and Sam  Surprisingly, Buddy showed up this time too.

Percy gets really into the inspection.
Each item has to meet with Percy's approval.

All the gifts.
Well, the food and the toy passed Percy's inspection. The hairball gook is okay too. The flea med, the grooming tools - especially the vacuum attachment for pets - didn't pass muster.  But Jan approved them.

We intend to hide everything Percy didn't approve of so Jan can't find them again. Hiding them from her will be easy.  She recently rearranged the kitchen and spent two days looking for something of size that was right in front of her.  Well, wedged among big cans, but the top was staring her right in the eyes.  So how hard can hiding small items be? 

Thanks for the nice gifts.   We do appreciate them and we won't really hide them from Jan. 

PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop code isn't up yet.  His human might be out of town.  But we'll post anyway. 


  1. Dat's a lot of stuffs there! Butt....where are all the treats??

  2. WOW Rusty.... that is a MAJOR SWAG Snag.

  3. Awwwwww what a wonderful package for all of you!!! Enjoy! Take care

  4. Wow look at all that good stuff!
    Benny & Lily

  5. way kewl awesum gifts guys...we like de mouz toy....veree nice oh annie mouz ta sends this pack age yur way...its a sekrit santa ! :)

  6. You sure did get a nice bunch of goodies!!!

  7. Total score!
    (And I would totally hide things if I could....)

  8. Thankful, indeed! Wow, that's some great stuff you got! :)

  9. That is a huge stash and it must have made you smile so much. I love that first picture of Rusty's sweet face.. Hugs GJ xx

  10. A nice package to be thankful for =^.^=

  11. Just wait for the post-blogpaws swag!


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