Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Buddy Runs A Marathon

Hey, Buddy here.  I bet you aren't aware my dream is to become a marathon runner.  I've tried to teach Jan to run but her run is closer to a tortoise crawl than a finish line crossing pace. So I'm a bit jealous that a dog named Dozer ran most of the Maryland Half Marathon and raised more money for the cancer center than any of the two-leggers did. 

Wow!  And he wasn't even entered in the race.

I'm going to watch it with you.  This time I'm going to close my eyes and imagine myself running free, the wind billowing my ears, and -  Hey, who tripped me?

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. Woof! Woof! Maybe a sweet tasty treat (cute outfit too) might entice her. You got to check out my post today. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to run ... well I am a retriever. As a senior dog, I still got it. Don't give up ... just have to try fun tings and shell join you for a run soon. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Dr Buddy, mine mostest favoritest Dr in the whole wide werld, I would give you a million kissies and headbutts to see you running free wif the wind in your ears!

  3. This works on my turtle-paced Mom every time. Get something nice and slimy and gross and start chasing your Mom with it. Just watch her run!

  4. WHEW, I is tired nows from just watchin' Dozer. And I not gets tired easily.
    Buddy, if you wants to be a runnr I will glady support you. I will along with you in a pace car...hehehe.


  5. BUDDY !!! You had better NOT let "HER" see that you compared her Runs to those of a TURTLE !! Just sayin.

    Think about it... SHE might withhold all of your TREATS !!!

  6. keep dreemim buddy coz next yeerz rite round de korner....tell yur mom ta start practiss inn NOW, an by next yeer ewe both will be all set ta go :)


  7. Buddy, take heart, your mom isn't the only one who is moving at a turtle's pace these days. ;-p

    The video was awesome, we're glad Dozer made it home safe and sound. He's certainly an amazing fundraiser! LOL.

    BTW, we're not sure who spilled the beans re: our human's birthday, but she says thank you for the good wishes!

  8. Wow! My Mommy usede to run (before she hads an accident)
    She really misses it. Even after 13 years.

  9. Dozer the wonder dog! Thank you for sharing the awesome video.

  10. Thanks for the comment Jen, your words mean as much as dollars do. This is a fun post - I love the way dogs just simply LOVE TO RUN!


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