Thursday, April 04, 2013

Thankful for Jan Day


Cyndi: Today is Thankful Thursday. I think maybe we should be thankful for Jan.

Merci: Why, did she buy us a present?

Cyndi: No, but she's been working so hard at spring cleaning, I figure we should do something nice for her.

Merci: You mean before she makes us help?

Cyndi:  No. A lot of the stuff she's moving around belongs to us and we are responsible for some of the mess she's cleaning.

Merci:  Hmmmm. You're right. We do tend to make a mess.  Fur everywhere.  Barf anywhere. Beds dragged into the walking area.  Large bags of food and litter to store in a small house.  Toys, brushes ... Yeah, guess we are a little work for her.

Cyndi:  It's a lot harder since she hasn't been able to do it for several years.  At least three.

Merci:  Let's see, in 2010, Jan had the injured toe that got infected and she could barely walk for several months.  In 2011, she again tried  to fly while you, Buddy & Sam were walking her, and she crash landed on the sidewalk.  It's taken two years for her to get back to "normal."  In part, because last March she fell while trimming along the front walk.  I can't remember what happened prior to 2010, but I know she was laid up with something.

Cyndi:  Do you notice a pattern?

Merci:  Yes, Jan's a klutz.  We've mentioned that before. Nothing has changed.  She's just a cleaning klutz now, trying to finish before sauna weather arrives. 

Cyndi:  So today will be Thankful for Jan Day.  Do we have to buy her a present?

Merci:  I don't think so.  I think we just have to make her a plaque to hang on her wall.  Or do something nice for her.

Cyndi:  How about if we do a post for her from all of us Funny Farmers and our present will be that we won't post her picture?  And we won't mention she's a klutz.  Or that she hasn't done any spring cleaning in years.  We'll just say we're glad she's still on her feet this year.

Merci:  Yes, that will work.  Let's go tell the others.

Cyndi:  And when they stop laughing, we'll write Jan a nice post.

PS - The other day our Google Reader went POOF!  Every trace of it disappeared, so we have no idea what is going on around the blogs right now.  It's strange because Google said it wouldn't close until July 1. .

We need to find a new reader and set it up as soon as we can fit it into our schedule.  Not sure where to go to find one that will be as convenient.  Anyone know a good easy to set up reader?

We are joining Pepi Smart Dog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop.


  1. We think your present to Jan could be staying barf and mess-free for oh, at least half a day. :-)

    We're still using Reader, but we installed Feedly for both Firefox and Chrome already. It's okay, it will just take some getting used to and the human doesn't want to change until she absolutely has to.

  2. What a nice thing to do for your lady. A thank you for all her work! Now, I know you meant to be funny (Funny Farm, get it?) and you truly love her, and your love takes the form of humor. So she should be very proud of your present as it is very well done!
    What's a Reader? Do I have it? Do I need to change whatever it is?
    Inquiring kitty wants to know.

  3. Gotta help Jan. we don't want anymore injuries. Plus she is the hand that feeds you, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. Aw, very nice! And hopefully she wont get injured again!

  5. Yay for Thankful Jan Day! We are glad she is feeling so much better than in past years.

    There are a few Readers. We do like Feedly so far. The best thing, if you open up an account with them they seamlessly integrated Google's Reader.

    But here are some others I have seen suggested:

  6. trooly we dont noe what a reeder hole skewl thing...N uz bee inn reeely good at lunch brake...

    N merci N cyndi...N all de FFF...

    if ewe wanna get yur mom a reeeeeeeely nice gift; trout iz de gift for any reezon in any seezon


    say it all with trout

    N now a werd frum R sponsorz

    wait, we dont haz sponsorz

  7. UR Jan sounds ALOT I mean ALOT like our mom, they could have the same genetic makeup......yep .....
    stella rose and mags

  8. Happy Jan Day! We think she is very deserving of a special day. But, she should just put her feat up and enjoy!

  9. Awwwwww of course you must do something gorgeous for Jan!! Yay!! And this is such a lovely blog post dedicated to her!! Take care

  10. Jan really does need a Jan day. Jan knows you all love her and that you will do your best. You all must do something for her. Hugs GJ xx

  11. I think Jan Day is a wonderful idea! Hey, tell Jan that reader is still there, they just hid it. Go to and she should find it.

  12. You guys should really be thankful for Jan! We are, for being such a kind, thoughtful and caring friend. We are just sorry she had so many set backs in the last few years. Hope life improve for Jan and all the JFFs from now on.

  13. We are thankful for Jan, too! :)

    We're using Feedly, and like it so far...

  14. Jan does the work of an army for all her animals. She has literally risked life & limb, for them throughout the years. She deserves to get humongous smooch from all the dogs & cats at the Funny farm. Love & companionship is the best gift pets can give their Human. Love doesn't cost any monies and no one is allergic to love & love causes no physical harm.
    You guyscould try barfing on a mopable surface and not on the carpet or the furniture. Do not fight with one another. Do not give Jan any cuts, bites or infections. Do not trip her or cause her to fall on her head. If she falls one more time, she may not remember who any of you guys are or that she needs to feed you. Jan may be a bit of a klutz, who isn't, but you guys take advantage of it when you wrap leashes around her legs and get in front of her legs & trips her.
    Everybody at Jan's Funny Farm should continue to be funny so Jan can write about it. When jan is finished with her big Spring cleaning you should all line up & tell Jan how much you appreciate all the things she does for you. What's that Cindi....oh I forgot that you all love Jan very much and always appreciate everthing she does to make a great life for all of you. The best way you can thank Jan for all she does is by continuing with all the usual craziness that does on at the Funny Farm so Jan can write it in her blog for the rest of us to read & enjoy.
    Thanks Jan for everything you do for all the animals.


  15. Fanks fer coming to my Burpday page day!

    I is Jake!

  16. Thanks everso for stopping by our bloggie to read our mews! We know your mom is always busy but somehow she finds time to blog, unlike our mom!

    Holy Fish Flakes! Your mom needs a purrsonal assistant to keep her upright, hahameow! Teri broke her big toe a few years back and it's never been the same. And she did something to another toe a couple of weeks ago that she can't even remember doing but it's all black and blue and stiff. She is old and wobbly, and we promise we didn't trip her!

  17. Mes wants to thanks yous to Jan too! Mes LOVES that she helps yous do your weekly interviews (they is so good) and me loves reading about your antics. Now, do yous thinks mes could get Jan form yous guys? My assistant has been very NOT helpful lately.

  18. I think we all should be thankful to Jan for all that she does - And if she can figure out how to keep her crew from barfin on the carpet, I hope she'll pass the info along - I'd like to know - ha ha ha...

    Happy Jan Day! T.

  19. PepiSmartDog:
    Oh my goodness - poor Jan's ouchies!!!
    Nice to see all the gang helping! *raises one eyebrow*
    Hope she feels better soon so she get back to her 24 hour full time service instead of just 18 hours cause she's unwell. BOL! (poor Jan!)
    Thanks for posting on my Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. Sorry my comment’s late but I’ve been overseas. Hope to see you join in again. Look forward to more posts from you. :=o)

  20. Here's something you guys can give to Jan!

    Tell her she won a Versatile Blogger Award!

    Nikita and Elvira


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