Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sam Models his Thundershirt

Hey, I'm back, just as I said I would be, with my personal Thankful Thursday post.  I just hope Jan doesn't come near the computer before I get this finished and scheduled or you'll all get another blank post.

Oh, speaking of publishing a blank post, it seems from the comments that lots (if not all) of you have a human as klutzy as Jan who has done the same or similar.  This is good to know.  It means we won't have to fire her.  This time.

So what am I thankful for?  Well, as you already know, I became terrified of thunderstorms last year.  Jan knows one is coming when she turns around and trips over me.  See, I go sit beside her, as close as I can get without touching her, but I do it so quietly she doesn't realize I'm there.  That's okay if she's sitting down, but if she's standing, she'll turn and trip.

Last Thursday I got a package from Khyra.  She was one of those who won some neat prizes in a drawing.  Whatever she wouldn't need, she offered to the first one to contact her.  Fortunately, Jan was still on the computer, even though it was late, and she snagged 3 items we dogs need - 1 for each of us.  Khyra went ahead and sent me this new outfit since she knows about my fear.

So here I am in my new Thundershirt.  Aren't I a red-eyed hunk of handsomeness!

Merci thinks I look cute.  Aw, golly, I'm blushing.

The question is, though, does the thundershirt help?  The package arrived just a few hours ahead of some bad weather last Thursday.  When I came and sat beside the computer chair, Jan knew it was time to test the shirt.  She also gave me two calming tablets. 

It was chilly so Mercy, Buddy and Percy did a cuddle pile.  I lay between them and Jan's chair.  At bedtime, I whined when Jan tried to put up the gate to the bedroom.  (She knows if she locks me out during a storm, I'll go from one gate to the other and whine so loud she won't get any sleep.)  So she let me in and I climbed up onto my meager sliver of bed.  Last storm the bed  vibrated so hard Jan almost fell out.  This time all was peaceful.

Until the storm got close enough Jan could hear it.  There was a loud boom and the bed started vibrating so violently I had to stand up to keep from rolling off the edge.  It was hard to keep my balance but I persevered until the storm passed over. Then I lay down and went to sleep.

We had another storm nearby after that and Jan put me in my new thundershirt when I sat beside her, acting embarrassed.  I did okay, even went for a walk.  She had to take it off me first so I could pee. 

I heard some dogs have no problem while wearing a thundershirt and others are not helped by it.  Guess I'm half and half.  So far, it seems to help me stay calm as long as the storm is not overhead or too close, which Jan says is a big improvement!.

Khyra, thank you so much for sharing your prize with me.  I feel really dressed up in my new (and only) shirt.  Jan is thankful it goes on with velcro since none of us like to be dressed by putting our feet through holes in material.  I think I look pretty spiffy in it.

We're joining PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday Blog Hop as soon as we can grab the code.  What are you thankful for this week?


  1. Whisky has a Thundershirt and I find it works better if I put it on her BEFORE the thunder starts (which can be tricky). I would say it's a half and half for her too.

  2. Khyra was so awesome to send you that shirt! We are glad to here it is helping!


  3. Sam, we're glad you have your thundershirt now and hope it helps more than 50/50. We've seen these before, mentioned around the CB, though don't quite understand how they help. Our human will have to Google!

  4. Khyra is a WONDERFUL and KIND and GENEROUS furend fur sure!!

    I (Frankie Furter) have a ThunderShirt. Mine is a bit different from the one you have. I wore it to help me with Thunderstorms and my hatred of Jennifer the Jeep. It REALLY REALLY helped with the Jeep thingy... and SOME with the thunderstorms. Even it it only helps SOME... it is well worth it.
    Mom discovered that she has to get it on WAY EARLY... BEFORE even I (Frankie Furter) know a storm is coming. Just sayin.

  5. We are so lucky that our dog isn't upset during stormy weather. Years ago we had a pup who was so frightened she hid in the bathtub. They didn't have thundershirts then. Happy Thursday!

  6. That is wonderful news - even if it's 50/50 helping. I've heard so many good things about them too. I told M maybe she should think about one for me cuz I run to the basement when it storms really loud. But she says I'm a cat, and cats usually don't like clothes. So, stay tuned to see what she does.

  7. way awesum oh khyra ta sends ewe this shirt sam....N ya due look good in it...mite take a couple oh trys bee for it werks...bein a "new thing" purrhaps ewe could wear it when all is calm a few times sew ya associate it de shirt with...calm... ????

  8. Very nice modeling shots. We are thinking about trying that thing
    Benny & Lily

  9. Sorta works is better than doesn't work at all! You look very cute in it!

  10. I am glad it works some, that beats being frightened all of the time Sam!

  11. SAm, we are glad the shirt has helped you some of the time. Our doggie, Ande is scared to death of storms too. She shakes through the whole thing. Take care.

  12. Do they make thundershirts for humans? Dawn is more scared of storms than me!


    P.S. We are having a book giveaway on our blog this week. If you are interested, stop by!

  13. The Thundershirt Khompany needs to see how handsome woo are in their produkht!

    I'm furry glad to have been able to help!

    I'll keep the paws khrossed it will help woo!

    PeeEssWoo: More stuff has arrived this week but not the other items heading to GA

  14. We gots one of those for my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon last summer! It has helped the same like you! When it is storming except when it is right overhead!
    Me is so glad it works 50/50 for yous too!
    PS wes trying Feedly. Wes keeps accidentally marking ALL the unread blogs as read though! THanks for telling us about it!

  15. We love Khyra, and you guys look great in your new outfits!

  16. Oh Samaritan, you look very handsome in your new thundershirt, we are glad it does help you somewhat. That was so awesome of Khyra to send it to you, how cool! Purrs to you pal, storms and being scared of storms is no fun so we hope it will work even better in the future for you.

  17. I shall have to tell my sister - she loves in Tacoma WA, close to joint base Lewis/McCord - there is always lots of noise coming from there and then when there are storms her dog is a basket case. Thanks for modeling the thundershirt Sam. T.

  18. PepiSmartDog:
    WooHoo! You look very handsome and very tough in your muscle-thunder shirt!
    It's not well known but even though I was a tough guy I was terrified of thunder. *blushing* I'd even hurt myself at times. Thundershirts weren't available but in the end mum worked out a good system.
    I had doggy prozac for a while but they almost mafde me worse, cause my body went slow but my mind was still worrying. *look of horror*
    Have you tried your shirt without pills? I'd recommend you give it a go...
    Thank you for joining Thankful Thursday again and I look forward to your next post. *waves paw* :=o)


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