Monday, April 15, 2013

Not My Fault

It was not my fault!  Honest.  I'm Sam, the Silly but I would never deliberately publish a blank post.

It was Jan who published the blank post in our name today.  (This doesn't really look like Jan cause there are no wrinkles and the hair isn't gray, but she's delusional and so this is her avatar.) 

See, I had a bad case of writer's block when I sat down to write a post for today.  So I thought, I know, I'll go get a drink of water and check the kitchen floor for crumbs.  That should jump start my brain. 

Well, it worked.  But just as I was headed back to the computer to write my post, Jan sat down in my chair and clicked "publish."  Publish?  The page was blank.  Not even a title!

She says it was an accident; she actually intended to hit "Save," and hit the wrong button.  Honestly, why would she think I'd believe that?  Who saves a blank page?  I say she should never have messed with my post! 

After that heart-stopping scare, the idea for my post just flew out the window.  So I apologize for not having a post today.  I hope you won't hold it against me. 

I am beyond embarrassed that some of you have seen a naked post from us in your Reader or in your email subscription.  If you have any ideas of a proper penitence for Jan, let me know. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm exhausted and need some zzzzs.  I'll try to recover from this in time for Thankful Thursday cause I have a thankful to report.  Let's just hope Jan isn't home when I write it.


  1. HahahaMeow! Our Mommy pulls this one all the time! She's so happy to learn she's not the only one.

  2. Oh, no!! That has happened to you too. We thought Mumsy was the only one that did things like that. Most times Mumsy says it is her mind that is blank though and she just can't type for us in that do you believe that excuse? Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Awwwww sweet Sam!! We blame the weather! Yay! Jan's avatar is lovely!! Take care

  4. Poor Sam. Our mom is like that sometimes too. But hey - the fear is what if we get a worse model if we trade her in?? :)

  5. We understand, Sam. Humans do some pretty crazy stuff sometimes.

    You could've just called that blank post "the whiteout blizzard post," or something like that.

  6. Dear Sam, some things are beyond yur control, we understand. Thanks for explaining though, and have a great day.


  7. Bottom line, it's all Jan's fault
    Benny & Lily

  8. It has happened HERE... TWICE !! Think nothing of it.

  9. sam...dinna matter coz we could knot have reeded yur blank post any mew coz we hit de sign out button by miss take !! :)

  10. Sometimes we've just drawn a blank too gsng!

  11. MOL! Ok, humans having thumbs is a good thing most of the time, but when they're all thumbs! hee hee, sorry Jan!
    Perhaps you need some extra snacks to make up for the blank post? Or a blank check at the pet toy store! Whoo hoo!

  12. Sheesh you just cant get the human staff. But it happens to us all and no harm done. Glad you forgave Jan.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Our mum has nearly done that several times but luckily up to now she has only saved blank drafts.

  14. What! NO POST TODAY....Sam, Me's lookin at your postee right now. And you did a great job of covering up for Jan!


  15. Sometimes the humans just can't help themselves.

  16. My mom's avatar doesn't really like much like her either!

    Your pal, Pip

  17. Sam!
    My Mommy just about did the same thing yesterday. She helped mes write this great post about FeedDemon to takes the place of Google Reader and me hit some buttons when she went to change the laundry and when she came back, it was gone! And me was to exausted to writes my whole post again.
    What is it with Mommys (that and not wanting peoples to knows they has grey hairs and wrinkles...)

  18. We do that too! let's pretend it's an existentialist move ;-)

  19. We would be impressed if our secretary published any post...even a blank post. We assumed your blank post was some sort of social commentary or performance art. We stared at it for a very long time to immerse ourselves in the experience. We thought were were being very sophisticated.

  20. Oh you folks are so funny & cute! Moral of the story Sam is "no drinking on the job"!


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