Thursday, November 08, 2012

Buddy Hits Delete and Harry Wins

Shhhhhhh, Buddy here.  I don't want Jan to recognize me, but it's really me.  I came across this terrifying video of Jesse.  You remember Jesse, the dog that performs "useful" tricks and all the humans think he's wonderful.  Well, he isn't!  He's could end life as we dogs presently know it.  We could all end up having to ... shudder ... w-o-r-k for our kibble.

Yeah, Jesse is cute but he's been brainwashed into thinking he's having fun.  Whatever you do, do not .... not ...not let your human watch this video.  But you furries need to watch it so you'll know what you're up against.  When you're done, hit the delete button and don't let on you've ever even heard of this video.

Can you imagine Jan expecting Sam and I to ... do housework?  That's fine for Merci.  She's a girl.  But we're big manly woofies.  Well, neither Sam nor I would mind carrying Jan's breakfast to her plate since it would have an accident on the way.  And we wouldn't mind washing dishes the old fashioned way.  But real housework?  Naaaaah. 

Is your human out of the room?  Okay, hit the play button.  .

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Now hit DELETE!  Quick, before your human arrives.

Congratulations to Harry Spotter for winning the Presidential Election by a landslide.  All 8 of us voted for him cause we think he had the best platform.  


  1. Well now.... THAT is just SHOCKING. I could hardly watch. Trust me... Ernie and I are BOTH glad that WE don't have to do all that work.. INSIDE.. We have ENOUGH Yard and Garden work to do.. already. WHEW.

  2. Holy Moley, deleted that quick, if Humom saw that, my life would be over..BOL Dam clever pooch though..BOL xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  3. Misty the alpha Poodle said:

    People keep sending vids of Jesse to our Jan. We think he is a blight on dogdom.

  4. Work? What's that? MOL!

  5. We are hitting delete now!! LOL!! Awwww we love your disguise Buddy - you look like Humphrey Bogart!! Yay! take care

  6. Good grief! We didn't realise you were showing a horror film! We need a nap now to recover.

  7. Sorry, Buddy - I LOVE that video! And maybe he can be trained to pull out the cat food and change the litter box for us kitties too.

  8. Let's face it. We're just little bums.

  9. ooooooh, a trained woofie of our very own. Just THINK of the possibilities....!

  10. Oh My Dog! I want Jesse to come live at my house. Maybe then Mom will quit yelling at us to pick up our toys! Geez!

  11. Oh My Cod! Me has to agree with yous Hairy Slobberies on this one! Me is sooo furry happy that our Mommy and Daddy did NOT see this! and thanks yous for bringing it to our attention. Me has used the BLOCK function so my humans will never, ever sees it

  12. This is a great video. When we heard Mama laughing we knew we didn't get to the delete key fast enough.

    Have a good weekend, everyone.

    Love -

    Hershey and Kaci

  13. Whew, I'm so glad my mom person didn't see that video!!

    How scary!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  14. OMD!!! That's terrifying! Mom has talked about wanting to teach me to get a drink for her out of the frig, but now I see that's only the beginning! I promise I will resist. We must put an end to this type of behavior immediately! The thought of doing chores and waiting on mom rather than her waiting on me is just too much to bear!

    your pal,

  15. hello funny farmers its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is trooly horrifiing!!! bad enuf evrybuddy else is wurking for the weekend we dogs do not need to be wurking for the weekend too!!! ok bye


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