Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Mayzie, Shrunk the Pig, TCC

We don't want to forget to mention Mayzie's Wag n' Swag fundraiser..  It will run through this week.

The fundraiser is to help furry victims of Superstorm Sandy.  Stop by Mayzie's blog for complete details.

Hey, we got the Honey I Shrunk the Pig award from Miss Bassie.

It's because we're a multi-animal household but we think it's cute. And of course we're soooooo deserving. :)

We'd like to pass it on and hope these bloggers haven't already received it.
        Thanks for sharing with us, Mizz Bassie.

        Oh, and we - Percy, Rusty and Micah - would like to remind you The Tabby Cat Club is holding an Open House tomorrow (Thursday, November 15) to celebrate our 1-year anniversary.  Plan to stop by.  If we know Gracie, there will be lots of food and fun.

        Good thing Gracie's mom takes care of the food and Jan only had to make the header.  If Jan was fixing the food,  you'd all starve unless you like peanut butter and crackers.  Jan forgets to cook.  Can you believe that?  Is it any wonder we furries are all skin and bones?.  No pot roast, no mashed taters and gravy, no chicken and dumplings, no cheesecake with real whipped cream ....  We better stop here.  We're getting hungry.  Maybe we can call for take-out and delivery?  Hey, guys, any of you know where to find a dollar around here?

        Plan to stop by the Tabby Cat Club tomorrow. 


        1. That pig face cracks me up.

        2. Our mom doesn't cook either. We're used to seeing the peanut butter sandwiches.

        3. Thanks for the award. That is so cute and we hadn't even heard of it yet.

          See you at the TCC tomorrow. We loves peanutbutter and crackers. We will trade you, you can come eat the sausage and sauerkraut Mommy made and we will eat your peanutbutter and crackers.

        4. That is such a cute award, congrats!!! Hey, I'm gonna go pig out!

        5. thanx mew everee one for menshunin uz; N we DUE like a nice pork roast everrree now N then....chops, link sausage !!!!!

          thanx mew :)

        6. ConCATulations on your great award! It's really cute!

          Good reminder about the fundraiser. We will remind the humans to go and check that out SOON.

          We'll be there at the TCC tomorrow. Wow, it's already been a year???

        7. OOooo thanks for reminding us about the fundraiser!

        8. Congrats on the award!!

          Oink oink,
          Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

        9. We love this award! Thanks for passing it on to us!!

        10. Haha! That awardie is SO Most Adorable! Congratulations!

          And thank you ever so much for helping spread the word abouts our FUN-raiser. You guys are the BEST!

          Wiggles & Wags,

        11. Thank you for giving us this fun award, now we have passed it on to others!

          Now we'll go to the Tabby Cat Club, thanks for the reminder.


        12. Mowzers guys! Thanks so much for the award!! We sure do hope you gets food real soon so's you're not TOTAL skin -n- bones. That's just awful, no cheeeeesecake?!? CRIMINAL, we sez. Yup.

        13. Mom's getting tired of cooking! :)
          That was a super award and that face makes us smile.

        14. Hmmm... Find Mom's credit card and call a chicken farm. Or a sssnakie store that sells mousies...


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