Friday, November 16, 2012

Chatting with Katie Isabella

The beautiful mousie killer, Katie Isabella, is our guest today.  She is an animated conversationalist and we had a good time. You can meet her or learn more about her in her Mousebreath interview by our Funny Farmer Felines.  And then stop by Katie's blog to say hello. 

We should be changing our FFF badge soon to add Micah.  He is very much a part of the FFF, even if he and Percy are still soooooo far from being friends..They're both adopted so they're brothers.

Don't forget to contact Marg if you have any items for the auction.  It starts Monday.

Oh, dear, we finished this a while ago and Jan took over the computer before we could publish it.  Thankfully, it's still here, didn't get deleted. You'd think if she can steal our typing chair, she could hit publish for us.  But we hadn't titled it yet, so good thing she didn't decide to "help" us.

Since she  interrupted us, we'll tell a tail ... um, tale on her.  The other morning she put the filter and coffee in the coffee machine, like she does every morning.  After she'd walked the woofies and fed all of us, she started the coffee and eggs.  But the coffee was clear.  Where did she put the coffee grounds?  Not in the coffeemaker or the fridge!  Oh, the jar was on the table.  She started a pot of actual coffee and then found coffee grounds in her empty cup.  We're getting almost afraid to let her out of our sight.  Anyone know where we can get a leash and harness large enough for her?


  1. I gotta go read Katie's interview! Have a great weekend everyone!

  2. can't wait to read the interview - you guys do such a great job. :)

    thanks again for your help with the auction.

    and yeah - our mom could use a leash sometimes too....

  3. Poor mom! I'm here to tell you a certain human around here has done the same thing!

    You find a leash big enough, let me know! hehe


    (we're off to read the interview. I know we'll enjoy it!)

  4. Listen kitties a few weeks ago Mom started a pot of chili mixed it all up and put the top on the stock pot and left it, only she forgot to turn down the heat. When she went back she had burnt the chili and the pot and the burner. She had never seen anything that hot. Of course she ruined dinner. She was so upset cuz it was the first time she had used this new stockpot.
    Going right over to read all about Miss Katie.

  5. Loved the interview with Katie :) For some reason my comments never get accepted onto Mousebreath?? :(

    Don't worry about the coffee Jan, problems start when you drink the liquid and still don't realise!!!

  6. That was funny about the coffee! We are going to read Katie's interview now. See you over there!

  7. We LOVE Katie, so we will go right now to read your interview of her. We bet it's GREAT! :)

    We didn't have anything to donate for the auction, but we will go and see if we can bid on some stuff!


  8. Katie LOVED being interviewed. She is so grateful for that chance. She got to make a few friends too. New ones.

    My momma has times like YOUR momma does...I think they are getting addled by inhaling too many of our furs.


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