Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jenny and Squillion Day

I don't believe I know any of you.  I'm Jenny, one of the founding Funny Farmers. I passed away in 2007 at age 17.  I never got to meet Rusty or Sam, but I hear they fit right in and help keep Jan unsteady on her feet and searching for her reading glasses.  They even helped hide Jan's slippers for an entire month and had her convinced she was losing more than a pair of slippers, if you catch my drift.

Well, as you can see, I'm not really Jenny.  I'm a Missy You VSquillion Jan and my siblings adopted in my memory a couple of years ago.  It's nice to know I'm still remembered.

I'm here to celebrate Squillion Day with Derby and Ducky. and also the Cat Bllogosphere, which as far as we know is still in exile (on Blogger) since the CB Wordpress blog was hacked Saturday.  Now Derby & Ducky and KC have real squillions but we are virtual ones JFF adopted from the VSquillion Shelter.

Above is the banner displayed at the bottom of this blog.   (Left to right)  Angel Crystal and then Missy You Crystal. Many of you knew my handsome brother Crystal.  Next is our sister Grayce.  We were together for 13 years, even moved cross country together, but Cotton is the only surviving furry of JFF who was privileged to meet her.. There I am to the left of Viola.  Viola was the first virtual Funny Farmer.  They adopted her from the VShelter because even a virtual squillion needs a home. 

It was nice to meet all of you.  Thank you for coming by and helping us celebrate today.  Perhaps the next time the VShelter holds an adoption, you'll consider giving a VSquillion a home.  A literal one is always nice to have but we don't know how to adopt one of them.

Here's the graphic for Jimmy's auction, if you'd like to use it for your blog.

Jan finished the graphics for Furriends of the CB auction for Jimmy of Criz Cats Sanctuary.  Marg expects to open the auction sometime today., Tuesday  Stop by and check it out.  New items will be added periodically.

Criz lost Jeremy and Jerry to the same thing Jimmy is being treated for.- FLUTD (feline lower urinary tract disease).    Mama Jessica survived it.  Jimmy has spent the last few days at the vet's and Criz hopes to have him home soon. 

Criz lives in Malaysia and helps feral cats whenever he can, plus takes care of his own furry J Family..  

We received this email yesterday and even though we weren't interested, it raised some red flags so we did a search and found a lot of bloggers are receiving this message and the consensus of opinion is it appears to be a scam. The email address is from purebloggerss, with a double ss on the end. If you receive this message and are tempted to respond, research it well before visiting. We don't want to send anyone to their site by posting the link, thus we divided up their url.

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  1. Angel Jenny! Me and Charlie are honoured to meet you! We know you are looking out for the Funny Farmers and especially lovely Jan!

    Take care

  2. OH man...I appreciated the warning and had mom read it twice (you kbow how SHE is) so that she wouldn't wonder what on earth is going on. They used your name! I hope something can be done but don't know who a person could appeal to. FGlad you know about it and won't get another surprise if someone asks you.

  3. Hello pretty Jenny! Thanks fur the heads up on the latest scam. Hey, I adopted a squillion but she has been hiding somewhere!

  4. Probably stuff like this accounts for all the recent hackings going on.

  5. Happy squiilion day, though not sure what it means, but I'm a bit fick!!!

    I've had quite a few of those emails from purebloggers and have ignored them. My policy is never click on a link in unsolicited emails from an unknown sender.

  6. Thanks fur warning everybuddy. I got that email LAST week and it went right in the Spam Can!!! I should have put up a warning.. Sorry I didn't think of it. YOU are Grrrreat fur doing it. Thanks THANKS.

  7. Jenny sounds a sweet girl. We're shocked that the cb was hacked! Who would do such an evil thing?!

  8. That totally sounds like a scam. We got something like that, and spammed it immediately!

    Jenny sounds like a sweetheart. We have some squillions, too, and we love, love, love them.

  9. Our vSquillion Lightpaw Laplander says "Hello and thanks for reminding the Beins about me".

  10. Dear Funny Farmers!
    Thanks yous so muuch for telling mes about the vSquillions, me has always wanted to knows. Yes we has gots that silly email many times, An me hates the new word verification too! Thanks for the helpful hints to tells people how to turn it off.

  11. Hiya, Jenny! Good to meet you and hear some of the history of the JFFs.

  12. It was so nice to meet you Jenny!!! Our fur babies really never leave us we just can't see them any more, we just can FEEL them!!!!

  13. That does sound like a scam.

    Thanks for the warning :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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