Monday, February 06, 2012

Funny Human Day and Bridge

 It's about time I got another turn.  In case you've forgotten what I look like, I'm Percy, the handsomest dude on the Funny Farm.  I'm happy to announce that today is Funny Human Day ...

**Excuse me once second, please.  Cotton, it is too Funny Human Day!  How do I know?  Because I just made it up, that's how!**

Where was I?  Oh, yes, I have a special video to prove how easy it is to fool humans. Furries, you can't do this same trick, but you can hide their glasses under the couch, move the bath mat into the kitchen, drag the food lady's purse into a different room than she left it - You know, things we can handle with out opposable thumbs.

Now enjoy a little crazy grandma fun. We can't picture Jan doing anything like this. What about your human?  Jan would be afraid someone would think she's gone gaga. Really?

If the video doesn't play, click here.

 Graphic by KC of the CB

Sweet Yuki of the Kazoku Neko blog has gone to the bridge after a health battle with her kidneys.  We send a pawhugs to her sad family.

 Graphic by Ann of Zoolatry.

Our Rainbow Friends is a brand new blog where -- You get the idea.  Each month they will publish those submitted that were lost the previous month. 

The following information is from Amber DaWeenie's 2/3/12 post: Our Rainbow Friends will be accepting notices of January 2012 losses until the end of February. The post will be published the first week of March. Thereafter, the deadline for submissions will be the 10th of the following month with the post being released by the 15th of the month.

If the blog gets some more volunteers, others from 2011 or so might be added too. 


  1. I was sad to hear the news about Yuki and stopped by.

  2. Good job, Percy. We think we'll try some of those tricks sometime real soon. MOL

    We were sad to hear about Yuki going to the Bridge, too. We are purring and praying for her mom for sure.

  3. Percy I think you did real good and good to see you. More sad news today with Yuki and I send love to the family.. HUgs GJ xx

  4. BWhahahahaha...oh dat was a good video. Da looks on their faces was priceless when they thoughts dat lady was crazy...yep, then they thoughts they was crazy! Hehehehehe!


  5. Oh we're so very sorry to hear about Yuki. Hugs & purrs to her family....

    (and Mommy laffed out loud at the crazy lady wif da flashy box!)

  6. Awww Percy you were just perfect here! Yay!!!

    Love the crazy grandma clip - especially when the pics were taken!! Kind of sweet the people who took the pics were most obliging!

    So so sad about Yuki! Take care

  7. Percy, you so handsome. I fink I loves you.

    I go by and see Yuki family. xoxox

  8. It's ways funny human day over here
    Benny & Lily

  9. We were so sorry to hear about Yuki. we are glad to hear about the blog for the angel kitties.


  10. Hey Percy,
    That was very funny video. - I could see Pellie doing something silly like that and not even batting an eyelash at what other people thought.


  11. Wowwie Zowwie! Percey yous IS the handsomest Man Cat! Me could fall for a guy like yous and what a sence of humor yous has. Me likes that in a man cat.
    Me was saddened to read about Yuki. it is so hard for us to lets our friends and loved ones go. Me knows she was met by those who went before.

  12. BWHahahahah....Peeps are so funny!

    Very sorry to hear about Yuki. Our prayers to his family.

  13. Thank you for mentioning the new "Our Rainbow Friends" blog. We're trying to reach as many folks as we can so they know this blog exists.

  14. That video was hysterical!!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S.: I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Yuki.

  15. I really had a good chuckle at that video!!! That was Jan, wasn't it? ;)

    We're very sorry to hear about Yuki. X

  16. Pewcy
    I could nevew fowget youw handsome self, now any of the funny Fawmews..I know I've been missing fow a while now, but I'm twying to visit mowe fwom now on.
    I'm so sowwy about Yuki..I hope hew family feels evewyone's love and can mend theiw heawts.

    those hoomans awe vewy funny, and gullibull, hehehehe
    smoochie kisses

  17. Sorry, Carolyn, it wasn't Jan. Jan only likes to be behind the camera, not if front. :)


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