Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dog vs Cat, TCC and Dr. Seuss

Hey, Merci here with today's post.  I don't know if it's my turn yet but the typing chair was empty when I came by so I hopped on and here I am. 

I have a funny video for you today.  We all just love it.   Dog versus cat. Which do you think won?

This doesn't happen around here.  Sam does leap and bark at us cats to try to make us run so he can chase us but we've never paid attention to him.   Well, as long as his one-ton brick paw doesn't land on any of us.  That would be hard to ignore.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

The Tabby Cat Club (TCC) is having a Sisfurs and Brofurss~Love ‘em or Leave ‘em. Or something like that. Rusty and Percy are members, so we'll try to come up with something.  Stop by there tomorrow and check it out. New tabby members are always welcome.

We are so grateful to all who have responded positively to any blogger's suggestion to turn off word verification. We noticed Blogger has now taken out the black background behind the non-word but it still took us half a dozen tries on one blog this morning so we could let them know they had wv on. We were sure we got it right the first time. We were absolutely positive we had it wrong on the last try but it posted. It would be so much easier if all blogs had an email contact in the profile or in the sidebar so we could avoid dealing with wv.

If any blogger can't find the hidden word verification off button, we posted the directions on Monday.

We are going to try to remember to accept Zoolatry & Amber's Dr. Seuss Day Challenge on March 2nd. Actually, we're going to try to remember a lot of things, but since we inherited Jan's memory, don't count on it.  sigh

Well, Jan wants to use the computer and threatened to sit on me if I don't move, so I guess this is it until next time I find the chair empty and manage to get in a post. 


  1. Well, me is so hap-pee dat you got to post today! WooHoo!

    Da wordy ting drives me nuts too! Not seein dat many of dem today so maybe me can get through the rest of the day without being cross-eyed!

  2. Dere's still some that use it. OH what an awful thing to get thru. xoxox

  3. We hope everybuddy turns WV off too ~ it's driving us nuts. xx

  4. AGAIN.. THANK YOU fur putting up the info for how to TURN off the WV thingy. I am going to be tawkin about it AGAIN on Saturday an I will be sendin folks to your blog fur the way to get rid of them.
    Hope you don't mind.

    I am joining YOU and Amber fur the Dr. Seuss thingy on March 2nd.. My mom used to be the head Elem. School Librarian and she was BIG on Dr. Seuss.. She also taught K-1-2-& 3rd. grades over the years. PLUS some OTHER stuffs.

  5. We has been thinking about the Dr Seuss but Mommy is really busy, Sigh! Me thoughts blogging was much more important than working.

  6. Thanks for the smile Merci!

    We believe we have the word verification off - if it`s not, let us know!!

  7. ok, we think it's HYSTERICAL that the woofie screams like a little girl.

    hmmmm Miles does too. MILES IS A WOOFIE

  8. Merci that video gave us lots of smiles.
    We agree with you about the WV and also about the email contact. We have to admit we were reluctant at first to leave a contact but then Mom set up our very own acct. So now she can get epawmail for us. It really is useful you are absolutely correct.

  9. That is one funny video!!!

  10. Awwwww my goodness that cute little woofie can scream - oh dear!! Awww hope the spat was forgotten and all are now bestest furriends!

    Take care

  11. i got your message. and i will turn off that stupid thingy!

    Viva la Resistance!

    The Chihuahua Mafia & The Cavalier Head Hunter

  12. Merci, that was a really good post! We sure are glad the posting chair was empty. :)

    We've noticed lots of bloggers have turned off their WV thingy, too. Awesome!

  13. What up Merci! You is lookin' luverly today!

    I has seen dat video but I still thinks dat doggie is a tad "touched"...hehehe.


  14. What's a Dr Suess Challenge. Guess I'll have to find out. I didn't want to turn off the funny words & already I've had to delete spam. They just seem to find me. Thanks for visiting me today. You made a good point about TW having to open my food with her hands.

  15. Now that is something that NEVER happens in our house - not even when Rosie wakes up in bad mood and chases me across the house.

    Your pal, Pip

  16. Hi Jan,
    Just came from Frankie & Ernie's and I haven't read your Monday post yet but will in a minute!!
    It was so nice of Frankie to send us to you to help us get rid if the WV thing!!! We hate it!!!!! Really hate it!!! I am going to look for your follow button and follow your blog too!!!
    Thanks Jan!!!

  17. Would you check and see if the Word Verification for my blog is still showing up please?

  18. WTG Merci! Me glad you gets to post. Me laff and laff at the bideo!
    Fanks for stopping by to wishes mine furend Emily a "Happy Birfday".
    You should gets to bloggie all the time!

  19. Mommy laughed and laughed and laughed till and had tears streaming down her face from watching that video!

    We would like to join the Tabby Cat Club, please let us know how we can do so?
    Love, Cosmo and Ling


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