Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Funny Words, Purrs and Bum Knee

Hey, Cotton here.  Jan chopped off the top of my head in this photo but it's me.  It's been rather tense around here the past couple of weeks, so I decided it's time to have some fun.  I looked up some recent keywords used to find our blog.  

janschihwawas - We have no clue what Jan did with her chihwawas.  We weren't even aware she'd ever had any. 

sam s farm - No, this is not Sam's  farm. We're the funny farmers and we all own this virtual farm.

modkat siberian  - We didn't realize a litter box can have a nationality.

modkat peeing on lid  -  We have a modkat but there has been no peeing on lid allowed or attempted.

blinking photos of dog - What about blinking photos of cats?

logos that don't translate well  - This would be an interesting topic, but perhaps we better move on.

pets love twix - Well, we'd love Twix too but it's a chocolate candy bar and we aren't allowed to have chocolate.

funny farm cards by Hallmark - And we're not getting royalties?

goat breakaway collar  - We have posted on goats, but they climbed trees sans collars. .

Rusty is awesome- This was a popular one and Rusty's head is about 2 sizes larger now.

Clydesdale donkey  - A new breed of Clydesdale?  We have a little trouble imagining donkeys replacing the awesome Budweiser Clydesdales. 

melted kettle on stove  - Did someone else melt a kettle on the stove or has word spread about Jan's?.

missing bear poster examples - Seriously, how man times have we posted on a missing bear?  We keep ours in the closet so he'll never come up missing.

bell shaped rabies tag silencer - We remember a post about bell-shaped rabies tags, but with a silencer?  We just mentioned they didn't hold up for the 3 year life of the rabies vaccinations.  We never threatened to shoot anyone over it, with or without a silencer. 

funny sombrero - Only kind Jan wears.  She doesn't allow sad or angry sombreros in the house. 

We are thinking of Poppy Vic and Ann of Zoolatry today and tomorrow, as he undergoes a procedure called TACE to treat his cancer.

"Studies show TACE has better results, less side effects, and is easier on the patient, and safer in general.  RFA uses radioactive substances which have on occasion "spilled over" into surrounding areas (not good) ... and after RFA no hugs or close contact with anyone for several days as you're radioactive!
It is "trans aerterial chemo embolization"; they go in through arteries in the groin area; guided imagery; and inject a variety of drugs (including chemotherapeutic drugs) directly into the core of the tumors in the liver, and some of this "cocktail" of drugs is also targeted to surrounding tissue.  The cocktail serves to cut off the blood supply to the live cancer cells, in effect killing them, preventing their continued growth and spread.
He has five active tumors in the liver to be treated.  The tumors present in the lung will still require standard chemotherapy; but that will be postponed until sometime after this procedure." 

We are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers and we know you are too.

Jan has finished/posted the new auction graphics and the auction for Coco's patellar luxation surgery will begin sometime today, just as soon as Marg is finished posting the items. (That's a lot of work!)  You can grab the graphic for your sidebar to help spread the word.

Teri of Curlz and Swirlz has made a special page describing Coco's "bum knee" journey.  Stop by the Furriends of the CB Auction sometime today and check out the items as they're posted.

And now I better close or Jan will sit on me.  She's antsy and wants - says she needs the computer back.  I don't know why.  She'll just forget what she wanted it for.  But if we don't humor her, she'll forget to feed us.


  1. Awww Rusty is awesome!! Yay! Cotton you are lovely too!

    What a fun way to see what words lead to your blog!

    We're sorry to hear all is tense at your place - we hope things soon get brighter and better!

    We continue to purr and pray for Poppy Vic.

    Take care

  2. OMC - that was pretty awesome. Now mom wants to go check that on ours....

    We keep sending purrs for Poppy Vic.

  3. Thanks for our chuckle. We ought to look up our words too. :-)

    Purrs and purrayers for All Beings in need at this time.

  4. Austin wants to know how to look up words to the blog? He’s nosy like that and I’m thick as two short planks nailed together! Made me chuckle :)

    Purrs and prayers for poor Poppy Vic :(

  5. I and Mommy totally loved this blog. We always do but today we both have a permanent smiles on. How do you find those words? Mommy is useless as she once said, mammary glands on a boar hog.

  6. We are all purring for Poppy Vic. Hey, I wanna see that kind of donkey!

  7. Those are pretty strange keywords to find your blog! My favorite is Clydesdale Donkey. Humans are sooo weird! Luv, Tux the Cat

  8. My mom is famous for melting things (that she is not supposed to) on the stove, toaster oven, etc.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Wowwie Zowwie! Me is afraid to looks at the key words peoples uses to find mes.
    Cotton and Rusty, yous pawsome and we is purraying for Poppy Vic! Also Jan, me loves the work yous did for the auction!

  10. Wowy...dat's a lot of keywords.

    We sending our prayers to Pappa Vic and we'll post bout da auction on our next post. My assistant has been busy with da artwork for da new Rainbow blog so her has been kinda busy lately.


  11. that was purrty funny
    Benny & Lily

  12. Wow, we dont EVER get neat keyword searches like those!

  13. hilarious keywords.we want to know how to look those up? pounce us an email bout it. pwease. how fun.

    very good post.

  14. Some very interesting keywords!lol
    Don't know why we are laughin ours can't even work our how to us keywords!lol
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  15. That was so funny! We want to go check keyword searches for our blog now, too. :)

    We're purring and praying for Poppy Vic, too. We sure hope the TACE treatment works.

  16. Mom is laffin and laffin at your comments to the searches! She does not know how to do this, maybe someone can 'splain it to her :)
    ~ Timothy

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog! My mommy is surprised she didn't gag herself. Those are funny keywords, thanks for sharing them.

  18. *giggles* Have a good day everybody!


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