Monday, December 19, 2011

Tober Treats Funny Farmers

In case any of you think we're joking when we say we're waaaaaaay behind in everything, we won Tober the Thorntown Library cat's poster contest a month ago and we are finally doing our prize post. Jan's excuse is that it took a while for the prize to arrive. Our explanation is that it took Jan forever to take photos of the prize and finally download them from the camera.

This is our winning poster.

We were quite excited when Tober said his Assistant Bosses would donate $50 to a charity of our choice.  Since Jan helped us, we let her choose and she picked All Creatures Are Truly Special (All C.A.T.S.)

We also got a box of goodies. Jan left the Certificate of Awesomeness lying on top of the open box and Percy smelled the treats and left fang marks when he tasted the paper.  Did she take photos then?  No, she stuck our Certificate inside a plastic protector and made us wait even longer.

Percy checked to make sure everything was there when Jan opened the box again.

And then San moved in to check out the contents. 

Percy got a whiff of the Kong Kickeroo and moved in for the attack.

See the blur of his head as he executes the kill.

Uh-oh, Percy pretty much cleared the footrest when he attacked.

Percy:  Oh, well, if the KK is dead, I might as well check out the box.
Rusty:  I don't know.  That KK doesn't look quite dead to me.

Rusty: Nope, I still hear a heartbeat

Rusty:  I'm not sure whether to kill it or perform CPR..   

Cyndi:  Well, the guys are obviously incompetent hunters.  I'll have to dispatch this KK myself.  . 

Sam:  Is it treat time now?  I'm first.  I'm first.  I'm first.  ** Keeps licking his chops as he slides his butt  and head an inch per move closer to Jan and the bag of Natural Duck Tenders she's opening so she can't get a photo cause his face is right in the camera lens**

Merci:  Is it my turn now?

Sam:  It's my turn.  I'm next.
Buddy:  Don't you dare give my treat to Sam!  He's been first, second and line, and I haven't had one yet.
(Jan says not to pay any attention to the mess in the living room.  We drag our beds around the room.  Jan calls it messy.  We call if homey.)

Merci:  These are the duck tenders treats Jan was so stingy with.  They are yummy.  She tried to get photos of the cats enjoying their treats but they won't beg like we dogs do.  We tried begging for them too but Jan wouldn't let us have any.  But rest assured, Tober, the kitties are enjoying their prize treats

Please continue to pray for Sandra and her family after losing their home and 5 of her 7 Houston Pittie Pack dogs in a house fire early Friday morning.  The two weekend commentathons  we posted on Saturday did well.  And the Chip In started by Mayzie's mom (the Chip In button will remain in our sidebar until the Chip In closes) has raised over $6500.00 so far. 

If any of you would like to send a Walmart or a Target gift card to help the family, email us for the address. Gift cards would be more welcome than gifts, as they can purchase what they need.

Two Pitties in the City wrote a lovely post on the dogs and how loved they were. Worth a couple minutes of your time.


  1. What a bunch of nice goodies. Can me come to your house?

  2. What an awesome prize! Congrats!!

  3. That is cool! Pre Christmas Preasents! And it was worth the wait guys.

  4. That is cool! Pre Christmas Preasents! And it was worth the wait guys.

  5. those are some fantastic prizes! enjoy! You are better than me...I have been known to have boxes in my office that remain unopened for TWO months (disgusting, I know!) I am behind on some "thank yous" as well!

  6. Congratulations on winning Tober's contest! He is one cool cat, isn't he?

  7. How AWESOME!!! What a cool poster and what great prizes!

  8. Your poster was terrific ... and how great you took (well deserved) first prize! The farmers were sure happy about it, too.
    (and a terrific post here)

  9. Great winning poster! CONGRATULATIONS! And what a prize package! Enjoy your Kickeroo and yummy treats! Take care

  10. Well done indeed! Great post "I'm not sure whether to kill it or perform CPR.. " lolol

    And yes the poster was first class. A worthy winner I would say :)

  11. What a pawsome prize! We love our Kong Kickeroo too and we would love a taste of that duck tenders treats.

  12. A big congrats on you great win. Those look like some terrific toys and treats.It is like an early Christmas. Take care.

  13. Oh Dog! Those duck jerky treats are my favorites! You are SO lucky!

  14. You sure got some pawsome stuff. Hope you have a grrreat time with all of it.

    Essex & Sherman

  15. Hey that's a pawsome load of gifts! Concats to you all.

  16. What a fabulous prize package! Concats on winning it!

    Happy birthday to Cyndi! We hope she has an extra-special day!

  17. I'm glad you like your stuff! My personal shopper was clueless about buying for woofies, so she's relieved that the duck jerky was a hit!

    My staff got a giggle out of the poor, hungry, begging woofies. They look like pros at making "sad eyes."

  18. Congratulations on you great win/

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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