Friday, December 16, 2011

Prayers for Houston Pittie Pack

We are devastated to learn the news of the Houston Pittie Pack.

As Sandra, mom to the Pittie Pack, posted on Facebook:
"please pray for us our home is destroyed by fire we have lost everything including our pack members the only survivors are brinks and bella......shelby,guero,coco chanel,lucky and tiger have gone to the rainbow bridge..."

Mayzie's Dog Blog has a short post with the information and links in it. We can only imagine the horror their mom is living right now. Shelby, one of the dogs lost in the fire, was rescued, abused and pregnant, only a year or so ago. 

They blog as Kissa-bull.

UPDATE:  A Chip In has been organized to help Sandra through this horrible tragedy. We have added it to our sidebar.

We are still teary after losing our friend Admiral Hestorb yesterday.  


  1. so much sadness....we can't imagine something terrible like that fire....we are purrin' extra loud!

  2. Admirals Mom here: I came to thank you for your love and compassion and to tell you I love you as well and I'll be here as myself as time passes and when another baby comes to me, she or he will start anew. But I don't want to lose her dear are each one special and loved.

  3. So Sad to hear this news. We will be praying here.

  4. Such horrible new and sad beyond belief.

  5. The news is so awful and I can only imagine the pain. I send love and hope for them to get through this. xxx

  6. That is a terrible tragedy. We have just sent them our condolences.

  7. OMC, what a terrible, unimaginable tragedy. Our loudest purrs and purrayers for them, asking the universe for blessings for them, for whatever it is they need to get through this.

  8. This has left so much pain in Blogville. We can only imagine how Sandra is feeling. We send our prayers.

  9. So Much Sadness around CBD . Purrs for all. and seriously I miss Miss Admiral !!!!! Soft warm purrs send to both family.
    and Hugs to you

    PS : Thanks so much to purrs and paws crossed for me, It means a lots to me and my mom. You always has been a great friends for me.

  10. Oh we are so sorry to hear this. There is just no end to the sadness.
    We know that there is still much shock and sadness over Miss ADmiral and it will be awhile before we all are our normal selves.


  11. We visited them and gave a small donation. I cannot imagine their pain right now and hope they are surrounded by love so they can heal. We left our sympathy on their blog, too.

  12. We are still so numb -

    Thanks for sharing it here -

    Khyra and Phyll

  13. How terrible! We can't make a donation, but we are sending purrrs, purrayers & prayers. God bless them all.

  14. We're shocked to hear the horrible news about the Houston Pittie Pack.
    What a tragedy! What a heartbreak!
    We've followed Shelby from the day she was rescued from a parking lot.
    We thought she had a happy ending!
    We continue to support her and her family, thanks for posting the sad news.
    We love you more for your kindness and true friendship to everyone.

  15. Such terrible news.

  16. What a devastating thing to happen! I can't imagine the horror and the sorrow! This has indeed been a very sad week :(

  17. We were shattered when we heard the tragic news. Such a dreadful week.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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