Friday, December 09, 2011

Featured Friday Funny Farmers

Hey, Cotton here with some news.  We just learned that we're the Featured Friday blog on PetMoz today.  We had tears of laughter running as we read about ourselves. 

We've never been described as a big orange before but we think it means that we're at least somewhat accomplishing our goal to be individuals in the whole.  We realized when our ginger boy Crystal died in January 2010 that bloggers knew us as the Funny Farmers and not as individuals, so we've been trying to introduce ourselves often so you get to know each of us. We hope we're succeeding.

You can read about us at Featured Friday: Jan's Funny Farm: Full of Life, Love & Laughter.  And that's our Percy sacked out, snoozing and snoring amid all the cushions. 

Thank you, PetMoz for making Jan laugh when she got on the computer.  Because while she was reading about us, we were holding a barf contest around the house (it's cold) and now she has to clean it all up.  Yep, us Funny Farmers.definitely keep things lively around here.


  1. Cool! We are going to go and check out your feature at PetMoz now! Hey, did you tell Moosey you were having a barf contest? Because he's been sick the past couple of days, and he was definitely with you in (yacking) spirit. :(

  2. Congratulations! We'll check it out!

    We hope you all have a safe and happy--and barf-free--weekend.

  3. Concatulations. We will have to get over there and read all about you!

  4. Congrats!! We'll be checking this out!
    Strange, we are having a barf contest, too because some of us got out an open door last night. Mom almost fainted, but we were on the carport (after eating some of The Boyz hay..thus the contest).
    Happy Friday!
    ~ The Bunch

  5. That was fun to read! We like "a big orange" too, although we were worried at first it meant a giant ginger tabby.

  6. It's not the Brady Bunch, it's the Crazy Bunch! Very funny. I won't be able to look at an orange in quite the same way again! :)

  7. How cool, I am headed that way! Happy weekend everyone!

  8. Awwww me and Charlie are singing along to the Brady Bunch tune!! Yay!!!! Here's a story of a lovely lady...!!! Yay!

    Fantastic piece - awww but cousin Andy is lovely too!

    Take care x

  9. WE have already checked it out. It's a cool write up, especially the 'song'.

    Have a great weekend.

    SS is working and I am home alone this weekend, only during the day, thank COD!

  10. Concatulationz Guyz ~
    We went and checked it owt...... dat waz Really nice ^..^ we nefur thought ov an Orange dat way ,,, but dat'z pretty Cool ^..^


  11. Glad you enjoyed it... It was a fun post to put together. :)

  12. What a great feature! You all are such great friends and was nice to read the good things sad all about you! Way to go!!
    We have a marching band in the area and they go by the same "BOP", Big Orange Pride. That is what you all are at your place. Wonderful friends and I am so proud to be your friend.

  13. You made us larf about the barf competition ~ we do that sumtimes too. MOL!

  14. Hi again....

    Gabriel here: 4 legged

    ^..^ ::humph::
    Not purring today :(

  15. Hi Cotton, nice to meet you! We will go over and check out the story.

    Thanks for your purrs for Taffy. We don't have the results yet, but she ate better today.

    Laura and Taffy

  16. Khongrats!!!

    This means woo are furry famous!!!

    Khan I please have your pawtographs?


  17. Its hard keepin track sometimes. Which is why we appreciate the pictures and names in the Header! That helps...

  18. We clicked onda link and read da bloggie about you! concatulationz!!

    Datz furry good mewz!

    Unfurshunatsly, the Mom haz bad newz.

    Some bad bug bit our pooter and broke da operating system. So weze ams borrowing a nuver one.

    We bin keeping most of our files on a separate hard drive (D) from the C drive. Wif Miri'z help, We waz ables to move da files on C to D in Safe Mode, so we gotted effurting!! And weze got a back up of almost alla da files at!

    We just had to put our D drive ina nuther pooter! Now we just gotta finds out how to keep saving our filez n stuffs from a difurnt pooter. The Mom will talk to da Carbonite folks tomorrow.

    Purrz, Tommy da Daddy cat...
    (snoozing in my brother's computer chair)


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