Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rusty Smoking

We hope you all had a nice Christmas.  We did.  Until Jan's cousin called late Christmas night to let her know her cousin's younger sister died unexpectedly at their extended family gathering.  That does put a damper on a celebration!

And then yesterday, Jan learned we have not only a cat hater but a cat killer living too close for comfort.  She is so relieved none of us go outside, but sad for anyone who has lost a cat or cats to him, especially the neighbor who confronted him and was angrily told he'd kill any *&^# cat coming on his property and had already killed 44.  We're not sure whether that number includes the ones he had city animal control trap and take to the shelter to kill a few months ago or that's the number he's trapped and killed on his own.  Either way, that man is evil!  And breaking the law.  We will see what comes of this.

Recently Jan smelled something burning and couldn't find what it was.  Until Rusty came strolling through the room with his floofy, ginger and white tail black on one side.  (This is why Jan HATES these gas space heaters, which sit on the floor.) She grabbed a cold wet cloth and a camera.  These are the best photos she could manage while trying to hold a squirming dog-size cat with one hand and take photos with the other. 

And this picture with flash..

We all laughed at the look on Jan's face when she wiped Rusty's tail with the wet cloth a few times.  All the black came off and his tail was fine. 

And lastly, this is why Jan rarely shares her food with any of us.  (Or so she says.  We think she just wants to eat it all herself.)  Not that we don't manage to steal some once in a while.  Like the raisin bran muffin Jan brought home last week and set on the table for a few minutes.  Neither Buddy nor Sam will admit to stealing and eating the muffin, paper and all.  Not even a burp for a hint. But this is the story of a dog named Buddy and the $10,000 burrito

Oh, and PS - regarding the question we asked about Blogger and Picasa in our last post.  We have had to resort to uploading these photos to an album of OUR choice in Picasa.  This is not our idea of a solution but it's the only way we can post photos now. 


  1. We are glad that Rusty is okay. Our purrs to Jan for her loss-

  2. Oops! We has gas heat, but it's "central" an the warm vents never get that hot! Rusty, you needs to quit smokin. Sorry bout yur loss an dat awful cat hater. May he return in his next life as a mouse.

  3. ooops - poor Rusty. Our angel kitty Tigger lost a few tail furs one winter when he walked too close to a candle. :)

    Hiss to that evil person - hope he gets what is coming to him.

    and purrs to your family.....

  4. Oh dear Rusty we are so glad YOU are alright!
    We can't think of one nice thing to say about that monster so we will refrain. But we do hope that all cat owners will not let their cats wander with this menace around.
    We don't know what is going on with blogger/picasa/reader. It is so strange.

  5. Can this guy be prosecuted? I hope so!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Glad your tail is okay Rusty!
    The cat hater/killer is pure evil.

  7. It khould be time fur a fur transplant -

    If woo need more, I've got it to send -

    PeeEssWoo: Sorry fur the loss - that would be khwite the bummer - and that khat killer - I vote he and V*** meet in their after life

  8. Oh Jan...Jan...Jan...I has dis mental image in my head of you freakin' at da sight of Rusty...and I so hates to laugh. Thankfully he was okays though.

    44 kittehs? He's a serial killer and crazy as a loon.


  9. Oh wow Rusty your poor tail I am glad your mum acted quickly to put it out. That neighbour is hateful and I hope he get what is coming to him.Hugs GJ xx

  10. Oh dear! Rusty! Your tail! Awww but me and Charlie are so glad you are ok! Hugs to Jan for the loss of her cousin's younger sister. We send prayers and purrs to all the family.

    We are horrified about this hateful man. We hope the law does do something to stop him. :-(

    Hugs to all of you!! Take care

  11. This cat killer needs to be arrested. What he's doing isn't legal, is it? Too bad animal control or a shelter won't intervene and get him on animal cruelty charges.

    Oh, Rusty, Rusty. You gotta give up smoking and giving Jan a heart attack!

  12. Horrible news! Me is sure this will be one that you will not want repeated! It is so good your cats is inside cats and Rusty, smoking cats gives heart attacks to friends!

  13. How awful that you have that lower-than-dirty-kitty litter human as a neighbor! In my world, he would be tried as a serial killer (he clearly enjoys committing murder, just as human serial killers do) and get the death penalty!

    I am sorry to hear about Jan's cousin's sister - what an awful thing to happen during a holiday get together. I hope the New Year is a big improvement over the way 2011 seems to be going out.

  14. It makes us very sad that someone is killing cats in your neighborhood. We hopes they gets arrested for animal abuse. We are assuming your state has animal abuse laws, Mississippi FINALLY got some.

    Glad Rusty's tail was OK, that was a scary tale.

  15. We are very sad about Jan's cousin's sister, please give her family our condolences.

  16. We are so happy all you cats are insiders and we hope that man will somehow be stopped from trapping and killing innocent cats. Mean man!!!

    So sorry for the loss...how awful to have someone pass at a family gathering.

    Sweet Rusty you guard that beautiful tail of yours with care...we are so happy your mom took care of it and got all that black off. Happy you were not burned.

    Hugs and nose kisses

  17. Oh my goodness Rusty don't scare us
    Benny & Lily

  18. We hope the cat hater has his comupance. We can see sushing them from your property, but killing them, that is another story.

    Glad rusty is okay.

    As for photo, we haven't had any problem, so not sure what is going on with you.

    Essex & Sherman

  19. Re Picassa. I do that too. I created an album just for blog pics. I don't really understand how picassa and picnik work!!

    Very sorry about you loss, Jan. A bit of a shock for you and the family! My condolences.

    There are some very angry cat hating people out there. We have them too :(

    I thought Rusty was on a pack a day until I read further, lol. Glad he is ok!

  20. Verry sorry about your cousin and I'm not even sure what to say about the evil person living near by. I can't imagine why someone would do that. Okay... Rusty please stop smoking.

  21. Oh gosh, we are really sorry to hear about Jan's family's loss. That is very sad, and we send purrs and prayers.

    We are relieved that Rusty is okay! That was SCARY!

    That cat killer in your neighborhood is a miserable excuse for a human. We sure hope he gets caught, and charged for animal cruelty.

  22. We feels so sad fur your fambily. They are in our purrs, is always hard to loose a younger one, is even harder during the holidays.
    As fur the cat killer, all me can says is "Karma is a bitch!"
    Scuse me while me puts soaps in my mouth... but is true!
    Me is so glad Rusty is ok.
    Love, TK

  23. So relieved Rusty is ok!
    Sending our condolences for Jan's family loss.
    As for the horrid Cat Killer... best not say what we think!
    Big Nose POkes
    The Thugletsx

  24. Oh dear poor Rusty! And that wicked neighbour. Sometimes rebirth and karma seem very attractive...

  25. Oh Bast, you have all been havin some hard days! We are sorry about the cousin, and offer purrs to all the fambly.

    TBT had a co-worker who once bragged that he liked to shoot neighborhood cats. TBT never spoke a single word to that co-worker ever again and explained why to other co-workers. When the co-worker died a few year later, painfully of cancer, TBT did. not. shed. a. single. tear. Fortunately, we do not have anny evil Beins like that around here.

    Oh goodness, we are glad to hear Rusty's tail is OK! We are now more appreciative of our central heating vents. We can sit on them as long as we want.

  26. So sorry to hear about Jan's relative. What a terrible shock that must have been for all. Purrs.

    We too have a hateful cat-hating neighbour ~ who threatens to poison any cat that goes in her garden. That's why we are only allowed out on a harness. Apparently our nasty neighbour is alcoholic and is vile to humans as well as animals. Mom said she is being punished already though, as so many people avoid her and want nothing to do with her.

  27. We are sorry to hear some very bad news over the holiday. This cruel kitty killer has be dumped somewhere cold, wet and smelly!!

    Rusky, we're glad that you're ok!!! What a horrible accident you had to deal with!!

    Your friends,
    Momo & Pinot


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