Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rusty on Animal Welfare

Hi, I'm Rusty. I have been very fortunate and have never known abuse like so many furries do. I had a good home but was turned in to the local shelter when I was a year old. If a home had not been found for me when my time was up, my owner was prepared to come back to rescue me.  She was an older woman who was afraid of falling and breaking bones because I liked to tell her how much I loved her by rubbing against her legs.

But Jan came racing into the shelter one day after seeing my photo in the newspaper and adopted me -- sight unseen. She thought I would be perfect company for her mother since her mother's skin was delicate and I don't have front claws.. Boy, did she get a shock when she came back to lift me out of one of the top cages.  I'm huge. But I was the perfect cat.  I could rub against her mother's legs all I wanted without tripping her and I wasn't afraid of her wheelchair. We only had about ten months together but we really bonded. Even though I have a good life now with a big family, I still miss her.

Since I'm having a good life, I want every furry to have a happy life too. Lots of cuddling, treats, good food, a warm bed in winter, a good brushing when I'm in the mood and the opportunity to give the human a swat when I'm not, a screen door when the weather is nice.and a window when the weather is bad.

Jan has told us repeatedly that she believes in animal welfare but not animal rights. Why? Because she deeply believes that humans should treat animals with kindness, not abuse them or slaughter animals to be used for food inhumanely, and that teaching children to be kind to pets helps mold better character and develop empathy.

We all believe here that animal welfare and animal rights are not synonymous. We understand them to have different agendas, programs and goals.

We came across this video titled The Truth About HSUS  (the Humane Society of the United States). Perhaps it will help a little to explain why we are for promoting the welfare of animals but we do not support the animal rights movement.

UPDATE: Wednesday 11:PM We learned this video has been removed by the user from YouTube. It's been making the rounds. Wonder why it was pulled?

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We've been asked by a friend to mention an abandoned kitty in the Mobile, Alabama area that has adopted a family that can't keep him and he needs a home. Very pretty, friendly cat. Can you rescue it or adopt it?  He has a wound in his side and hasn't been neutered, so he would need some vetting. You can read the details here.

Don't forget to enter our kids and pet photo contest. It closes at noon EDT on April 26.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. And that is yet another reason Mom and I do what we khan lokhally...

    Khan woo imagine how much good THAT money would have done fur a zillion lokhal shelters and/or reskhues?


  2. that figures... why else would they be lie about how many animals are actually put to sleep?

  3. Jan is so right... Our mom believes in this quote by some famous man called Gandi -

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
    - Mahatma Gandhi

    A lot of countries (ours included) call themselves 'developed' nations, but from the reports on animal abuse/ neglect, apparently not!!

  4. Oh that poor abandoned kitty over at is so adorable and friendly and lovely!

    I hope he finds a forever home - he really is gorgeous!

    p.s. hello sweet Rusty!

    take care

  5. our the mom totally agrees wif Jan.

  6. Rusty, I'm so glad you have a wonderful forever home.

    I watched the video but can't comment, since I'm in Canada. I wonder what our situation is here. We have the SPCA and its various provincial branches and affiliates. The branches spend a lot of donation $ on euthanizing-as do some of the affiliates (depends on the affiliate). But I don't think we have the same kind of behind-the-scenes law-making going on. It's something I should investigate!

  7. We wishes the money had been spent on the cats and dogs who needed it. (Sigh) Mommy says we can't rant as she has places to go.

    We can't personally help the kitty in Mobile but as we live close by we will look into it and try to find someone who can. ~AFSS

  8. Rusty, we are so happy you were rescued by Jan - we bet you made her mom very happy. We applaud all who do so much for the welfare of animals.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Congrats on your new loving forever home!

  10. Oh I loves me a big purring kitty!

  11. I sure am happy that it all worked out for you Rusty!

  12. We are so happy that things worked out PURRfectly for your Rusty!

  13. Handsome Rusty, thanks so much for posting the video... We're not happy about the figure and what else we might not know about the organization!! The happy thing is that you found a great forever home!

    Momo & Pinot

  14. Our mewmie doesn't support the HSUS either and would rather donate to Tabby's Place or Blind Cat Rescue or Best Friends Santuary than a "corportation" that isn't what they sell themselves to be!

  15. Dear Funnies at the Farm, Well today's topic is certainly not funny, but very provoktive, which meens makes you think. Which can lead to hedaches if you are not careful. Rusty you are one big cat but frankly very adorbil and that sez something sintz we are DOGS! Love, your PaLs, Lulu and LoLLy. Dog Blog

  16. Your mum is a realy special mum.. You are a lucky kitty to live with her. Mum is cooing at you as she loves gingers.. Hugs GJ xx

  17. Good post and good video. There are so many people who care about the welfare of pets and they need our support, not some multi-million dollar organization that doesn't.

  18. Mommy's eyes got all leaky when she read your story, Rusty. We're so glad Jan found you. I'm sure you were a great comfort to her mother. We know Jan loves you so much.


  19. We are so happy that Rusty found a forever home.

    What a compelling video.

    My husband and I are thinking about adopting another kitty from a local shelter. Our three kitties found us from two local no-kill shelters. Those people are working so hard and trying everything they can to find homes for all the animals they rescued.

    They don't promote what they do at all. They just keep rescuing animals and saving lives.

  20. Hi, Rusty!
    Sure is great that Jan found you!
    Kisses and hugs

  21. Jan, just popped in and the video has been removed by user.

    Rusty, I understand your first mom's fears (I have a friend who tripped over her furkid and broke her hip) and I'm so glad she was ready to come take you back if needed... and so glad Jan came along and that you got to spend time with her mom. Even though we sometimes only have a short time with those we love, it's always good to have loved... hugs, hon.

  22. Hi Rusty! You are so handsome! We are so happy that you have such a great home!

    Purrs from uSSSSS!


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