Friday, April 16, 2010

First Entry and Tiger Lily

Merci, here with some good news.

We received our first kids and pet photo by email shortly after we posted about the contest. Sherry.doesn't have a blog, so we are posting her entry here.

I just had to send this photo of Michel when he was visiting with us Thanksgiving.  He is in our back yard running with Jazz.  One reason this is so special is he had a Golden Retriever who had to be put to sleep a couple of years ago and he misses Maggie so much.  It brings so much joy to my heart when he comes, for Benji and Jazz love him to pieces.  He snuggles with them and they just eat it up.  The other photo is of Michael and Maggie, Robin (his mother) has put it in the entryway of her home so you see it when you first come in.  I absolutely love it!  She is so creative!

Noll's Nip left a link to their entry (which is on his own blog) this morning.  Thanks, Sherry and Noll for getting this off to a great start. You can find the giveaway details on yesterday's post..

Tiger Lily's mom has posted a beautiful tribute to her dad. We are sad for her loss.  If you haven't already, perhaps you can stop by and leave a comment.  You can visit her here.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Hi everybody at Jan's!
    Thanks for stopping by my new little blog to say hello! I thought it might be lonely over there, but there wuz lotz of kitties who came by today!

  2. They were both very cute entries!

  3. No kids here - but this is still fun to follow. Great idea Jan!

  4. What a great photo of Michel and Jazz. So cute!

  5. Oh my!

    How special!

    We saw Noll's post earlier -

    Furry nice too!

    We'll visit Tiger Lily's blog now -


  6. Awwww - great pic of Michael running with Jazz and such lovely words from his mum.

    It's very sad and beautiful at Tiger's Lily's - just been and am very sorry for her loss.

    Take care

  7. Great first entry. We are working on the Mom to let us do one but she isn't being very cooperative. ~AFSS

  8. This was great and so was Noll's photo and story; I can see this contest is probably going to make me cry every time I read an entry=the loss of beloved animals is just heartbreaking to me.

  9. THat has to be the sweetest picutre ever!! ANd PL2 has been in hysterics over the video of the dog driving the car!!! TOO FUNNY!!( we don't think so we drive around all the time when she isn't home) She hasn't gotten around to changing the template yet as you can see!!!!!! love A+A

  10. I look forward to seeing the entries!

  11. That is a great picture of Jazz and Michel! That is wonderful! We thinks that is one thing Monty wishes he had! A boy to romp with!! There is just a bunch of girls here!

  12. Oh! I just went to your previous post to check out the details and was sorry to read that it's only for doggies in the US! :-(

    But we shall enjoy looking at all the photo entries!

    Honey the Great Dane


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