Thursday, April 22, 2010

Entertainment Coming Soon

It's my turn to post today. I'm Cameron and I have some fun news.

The Funny Farmer kitties will soon be ordering a scratching post. We cats and dogs got together and asked Jan if we can have an entertainment center but she said a fancy scratching post for the kitties and the Romper Room for us woofies is all the entertainment we're getting.

Okay, so we won't be getting an entertainment center any time soon  We're still really looking forward to trying out our scratching tree. It's much taller than our current posts.  At the moment our favorite scratching post is anything handy we're not supposed to scratch.

There is, however, one hitch we foresee for Jan. We figure the scratching post is too tall to be shipped as all one piece, so it will undoubtedly arrive in pieces to be assembled  And we all know how adept Jan isn't at assembling things. She doesn't know it yet but we're already planning to pop corn, pour niptinis and tuna juice, and fall off the furniture while laughing like hyenas. 

Oh, wait.  Guess this means we are getting an entertainment center after all. Neat! Excuse me a minute, I'm just going to go check to make sure we have plenty of popcorn on hand. This will be one show we won't want to be late for. We might even sell tickets or hold a raffle to watch Jan entertain us as she tries to put the cat tree together by herself.

The abandoned kitty in need of vetting and a home we mentioned in yesterday's post was adopted.-- by the humans who were trying to find him a home because they couldn't keep him. Some folks are just a little slow to catch on when we felines find the home of our choice. They've been calling him Gutter Kitty. Now they're taking a vote to pick an actual name. You can view the choices and vote here if you'd like.

Don't forget to enter our kids and pet photo contest. It closes at noon EDT on April 26.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Oh please oh please oh please

    Do try and rekhord this fur how viewing pleasure!


  2. Hi Cameron!
    Hey how'd you talk Jan into buying a tree for your house? I wonder if I can get my mom to get me an indoor tree? Hmmm not the same for dogs!

    I hope you get a video of the tree building paw tee could be a great film festival entry,

  3. Oh that should be fun. You are so lucky to get a cat tree. I have been asking and asking but I still haven't gotten one!

  4. We had ta think this through a bit, but we agree that if Jan is puttin somethin tagether, ya must be getting the thing she is puttin tagether. Right? We hope thats right...

  5. Oh Cameron!!

    Yay!! you are all having entertainment centres!! Brilliant!

    Poor Jan though!! I hope you help her eventually - as my mum says: many paws make light work!


    Wonderful news about Gutter Kitty!! yay!! I voted for Phukat and Catmandu because they made me laugh!

    Take care

  6. Oh wow! That is so furry exciting!

  7. Hi Cameron!!! That is exciting news indeed! Thanks for reporting!

    Purrs from all of uSSSSS!

  8. Congrats on the cat tree. We can't wait to read the review. Paws crossed Jan gets it assembled without any problems.

    Scylla is in the ring at Kitty Fight Club today. ~AFSS

  9. I hope you get it assembled ok.. Should make interesting viewing.. lol HUgs GJ x

  10. Wow, there is just all kind of good news here today!

  11. Scratching posts are for kitties, but TD is so itchy in the spring, Mom says maybe he needs one of those.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Good luck assembling the post! :)

  13. i am looking forward to seeing the entertainment! MAYBE i will let the little monster creature watch with me. but only if it stays all the way over THERE.

  14. Oh, and the instructions that come with cat trees to put them together are always written CLEARLY and all the parts are included...NOT! Have fun...hee hee!
    xx Lounge Kats

  15. I'mmmmmmmmmmmm out!!!!!! The mom is letting me visit a little today. She hasn't been too much fun but think she is feeling a little better. The back just isn't what it used to be. This was the worse time it has given her. Enough of her. Anyway I can hardly wait to see the photos of the Jan putting something together. That will be soooooooo much fun, for us that is. Poor Jan. Oh well.
    I am going to next start to work on my contest post as soon as I leave here.

  16. It's me again. The mom has my post up for your contest. Is this all that I have to do to let you know that I have entered? Also, for some reason she couldn't get the link thingie to link to the post that has the rules on it. Could you send her the code. She tried it several times then just decided to link to your place. She cannot figure out what she was doing wrong. I will also email you about this too.

  17. I am sure Jan will do it great and you will enjoy it a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. What is CSN- we haven't heard of it. Is it the cat shopping network? It sounds like a good idea if it is!!


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